Three SJWs arrested for downtown shakedowns

Thank god for the Feds!

The MPD has arrested three men in connection with recent crimes made against downtown business owners on federal charges of extortion brought by the U.S. Attorney’s office.

The men are alleged to have demanded free food and drink in return for not having a business destroyed by protesters, and – in one case – having an employee injured.


Nice place you got here .. be a shame if anything happened to it.

As he did at Coopers Tavern, Devonere (with the street name “Jeshua Musa” wielded a baseball bat. The federal complaint says that on Monday 06-22-2020, Johnson and another man were inside the business blasting music from a boom box. The complaint states Johnson said to the owner, “Give me money or we’ll break windows” and then added “Venmo me money.”

One of the men is Devonere A. Johnson, age 28, whose arrest Tuesday sparked the riots that injured State Sen. Tim Carpenter, firebombed the police chief’s office in the City County Building, toppled two statues on the Capitol grounds, and broke windows in the Capitol and elsewhere.

WMTV-15 is reporting that the two counts filed against Johnson in federal court Friday do not appear to be related to the same type of incident at Cooper’s Tavern on Wednesday 06-23-2020 but was the same modus operandi.

The criminal complaint state, that Johnson and others sought to extort Madison businesses by exploiting owners’ fear of looting, vandalism and rioting. 

At one business Johnson declared, “I can do whatever I want, we got [another business] shut down and we’ll do the same to you,” according to the complaint. Johnson then threatened to bring 600 people to the business and burn the business down.

Incredibly, Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway on the day of Johnson’s first arrest issued statement demanding his early release.

Satya Rhodes-Conway

I have asked for Devonere Johnson, also known as Yeshua Musa’s, initial appearance before a judge to be expedited so he can be released on bail. I recognize that we need better options to de-escalate situations and offer restorative justice in our community.”— Posted on Wednesday, Jun. 24, 2020 at 7:59 pm on the Mayor’s official city website.

Devonere facebookThis, then, is the hero that Madison’s mayor wanted back on the streets.

Also arrested in connection with Johnson’s shakedown scheme were Gregg A. James Jr., age 23, tentatively charged with threats to injure, and William T. Shanley, 25, tentatively charged with party to a crime of threats to injure. Devonere Johnson, aka “Yeshua Musa” was originally apprehended Tuesday. Video of his epic takedown here. His new mug shot, by the way, he’s not smiling any more.

The Werkes reported earlier that U.S. Attorney Scott C. Blader is appointed by the President and not a hostage to Madison progressivism.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We recognize Shanley from the Cops Out of School protests at Doyle administration building.

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19 Responses to Three SJWs arrested for downtown shakedowns

  1. carmine99g says:

    The Mayor will have them out quicker than you can say Liberal!

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  2. Joe Hanneman says:

    Mr. Johnson’s booking photo at the Dane County jail has changed since yesterday. He’s not smiling in the new photo…

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  3. madisonexpat says:

    Devonere will never be called Yeshua Mensa.

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  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Whaddya bet these PsOS have no visible means of support, and in a perverted Blanche DuBois sorta way, rely on the…um…kindness of strangers.

    The STRANGERS would be taxpayers, a group with which these PsOS will never be confused!

    The Gotch

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  5. madisonexpat says:

    Not to mention the massive amounts paid to Freedom Inc., BLM and every other racial grifter up from Chicago, It is a thriving franchise to beef about the racism Wisconsin is famous for.

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  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The above mentioned U.S. Attorney Scott Blader:

    “Those who attempt to take advantage of recent events to extort local businesses under the guise of community activism will be VIGOROUSLY PROSECUTED […] All citizens have a right to feel safe within their communities. EXTORTION IS NOT ACTIVISM, IT IS A CRIME AND IT WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.” (bolds/caps/italics mine)

    Couldn’t happen to nicer PsOS!

    The Gotch


  7. madisonexpat says:

    That’s double bad group think in Madison.


  8. White Hills says:

    Althea Bernstein

    As it turns out, Althea Bernstein was stopped in the vicinity of the City County building within minuets of it’s arson attempt. Security cameras in the area at the time captured an image of someone dousing the side of the CCB with what appears to be a Kingsford lighter fluid bottle. Althea Bernstein claims to have been doused with lighter fluid and lit on fire around that time. We have not heard if there was any signs of fire inside of her car. She is also is on record stating she didn’t seek immediate medial attention for lighter fluid burns.

    The Madison cops don’t seem to be pursuing this, probably by order. I do know the FBI and ATF have been notified about Althea Bernstein’s whereabouts at the time and her lighter fluid claims. It would be proper procedure to bring her in for questioning considering her affiliation with BLM and recent riots.

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  9. AdamC says:

    Mayor Satyaphatassdown is in league with murderers, extortionists, looters, and thieves. She is a disgrace.

    The BLM movement is an organization based on terroristic threats, Marxist ideology, and lies.

    We as a city are being subjected to the civic equivalent of domestic violence. If only you say the right words and submit, then the assaults on our civic thread will ease. This is the public equivalent of private domestic abuse!

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  10. MadTownGuy says:

    There’s a traffic cam at the corner of State and Gorham (same corner as Casa de Lara). Also, if cell phone location data can be used for contact tracing, why not use it to prove – or disprove – her accusation? Law enforcement might need a warrant to investigate, but if things happen as she described she could make her case.


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