Sen. Tim Carpenter had it coming

He’s Old. He’s White.

He disobeyed orders not to record the riot!

and the social justice warriors make no apologies
for their application of a little street justice!

As UW-Madison professor Walter C. Stern proved in the last episode of Days of Our Lives, the BLM/Antifa/Resistance that Stern defends is capable of justifying any atrocity in the name of “social justice.”

As further evidence for our doctoral thesis in Woke Grievance Studies we examine this accounting from one “Andi Janeway” posted on social media 06-24-2020 by an “Autumn Fearing” the evening after the beatings, burnings, and statue busting in Downtown Madison.

This is a revolution plywood

We  intersperse Janeway/Fearing with commentary from the gray labcoats at the Policy Werkes.

from @Andi Janeway


Organizers of the protest REPEATEDLY told protesters and bystanders not to film or take photos of the protest for our safety. For hours, they told us and anyone near us NOT TO TAKE PICTURES OR RECORD VIDEO. 

The Werkes: It was for their own good! For their own SAFETY! Because, otherwise, they would be beaten and driven to the ground. As State Sen. Tim Carpenter soon was to discover. The hard way.

Sen Carpenter down

What happens when you disobey safety instructions

Janeway: As the protest went on, several cars hit protesters as they attempted to literally drive THROUGH the protest, causing injuries and continuously threatening our safety. We were constantly reminded that our lives were in jeopardy simply by standing in the street.

Some of us learned  oh, about first grade  — that standing in the street is not recommended. Especially at night. Who knew that vehicles would attempt to drive through the streets of Madison going about their business. Including a black man trying to visit a friend in the hospital. He was beaten, too. 

No more than fifteen minutes before Sen. Carpenter showed up, someone with a gun fired at the crowd in an attempt to intimidate us. 

1) This is the only reference to gunfire we’ve heard and
2) Can one rule out the possibility/probability that it was friendly fire from the rioters? Or do they draw the line at molotov cocktails?

And then, an old white man appeared, and began filming us. No, he had not been previously attending the protest. No, he did not identify himself. He appeared, after midnight, on a random side street nowhere near a government building (as far as being downtown goes), with his car, and began filming a group of protesters who had just been SHOT AT.

He’s old. He’s white. (Age 60.) And then he appeared! No racists in this riot! (SNARK ALERT!) He did not identify himself. Here’s irony for you: BLM/Antifa does its own shoot first, ask questions later.

When he was told not to film, he attempted to pull rank by getting confrontational and shouting “Do you even know who I am?” No, we did not, and we were afraid for our lives.

Afraid of an old white man with a smart phone. Then again, criminals who commit arson, vandalize, assault and batter do not like their crimes recorded. As a rule.

He was not “assaulted,” he got into a fight, and was injured. 

Maybe the biggest whopper of them all. Which is why  his video shows two large people running full speed right at him. Looks like the fight came to him. Video here.Tim Carpenter TV news

Our medics attended to him and helped return his phone to his possession, at which point, after repeatedly insisting that he was “on our side” he DELIBERATELY DISOBEYED instructions from organizers and BETRAYED the trust of the people helping him by publishing the footage he had. Does that sound like an ally to you?

“Ally”? I think they mean co-defendant. A state senator sworn to uphold the law, elected by the people of multi-racial Milwaukee WI, “disobeyed” orders of people breaking the law. Be careful, Senator.

If you show up to a protest against systemic racism and police brutality and try to use your position of power within the system we are specifically protesting against …

You can expect to be the victim of Leftwing racism and mob brutality at the hands of the social justice warriors …

…  you simply cannot expect that we will bow down and hold your fragile hand.

Point made! Sen. Carpenter had it coming. No wonder Tony Evers has been such a wuss.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: If you’re not getting the point, Madison, the riots of Tuesday/Wednesday 06-23/24-2020 should offer an object lesson in exactly how Defund the Police and “community control” of policing works in practice: Mob rule. Like we say, No Peace, No Justice

Are YOU intimidated?

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9 Responses to Sen. Tim Carpenter had it coming

  1. Deborah Ann Moore says:

    I love reading the comments on the video you set in. The Senator removed his off his Facebook page, curious. What is happening to Madison is democrats flexing their muscles, they certainly do not know how to use their brains. Great breakdown of the situation. Thanks.


    • pANTIFArts says:

      ” They certainly do not know how to use their brains.” When ever they see a moving car, they all run out in front of it, like human squirrels.


  2. calypsofacto says:

    Serious question, Dave: Do you know what the recall process is for a Madison mayor? Tired of having my tax dollars going to pay for a local government that won’t protect it’s own citizens for mob vigilantes.


  3. patrickmoloughlin says:

    “He wasn’t assaulted, he got into a fight.”

    And nobody firebombed the government building, they “started a small fire.” (Wisconsin State Journal)

    Oh, I see. It was a teeny weeny fire. Just an itty bitty thing, hardly worth mentioning. Probably put it out by spitting on it.


  4. Pasco says:

    I will donate if there is a fund to recall the Mayor of Madison since I can’t sign.


  5. Sprocket says:

    It’s hard not to miss the central theme; do what we want or we’ll give you a beat down.

    I’m pretty sure the savages are unaware of what disparity of force mean in the context of self defense. Though they seem determined to acquire some real world knowledge of the concept.

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