This man teaches crazy

… and he’s the rule not the exception!

Madison’s Kristallnacht and urban terror smashed its way
down State Street
from Bascom Hill

Like the contortionist at a seedy small-town carnival, the ability of the Left to justify the indefensible is a guilty pleasure. You admire the poor fellow’s pluck but you feel sorry for his mother.

Walter C. Stern

The Nutty Professor

Hoping that dear old mom didn’t scrub floors to see Walter C. Stern through college. He is a prof of educational policy studies and history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Which means he is teaching your kids’ teachers and, one suspects, many of the late-night visitors to State Street and Capitol Square this summer.

Professor Stern justifies the toppling of Wisconsin’s iconic Miss Forward statue in an op-ed in the Wisconsin State Journal. Because …

“… while the statue and the state motto it embodies represent progress, their vision of progress does not extend to all. That is because the “progress” [his snarky quotes] … is the advancement that white settlers achieved through the subordination of indigenous and Black people.”

Is that how UW professor Harry Steenbock found the cure for childhood rickets in 1923? Karl Paul Link’s blood thinner for heart patients in 1941? Howard Temin for discovering retroviruses in 1975 (particularly relevant during the current pandemic)? By subjugating indigenous and Black people?

Tenured professors like Stern supply the intellectual apologia for the tear-down of society. They sell the plywood, Menard’s just stocks it.

The Great Purge

This guy teaches history at Wisconsin’s flagship campus. To future teachers.  Correction: Sterns teaches graduate-level Victim and Grievance mongering. Sterns expostulates his overt racism with this bit of pretzel logic:

I use “Forward” in my UW-Madison classes to help students grasp how celebrations of conquest and white male domination became embedded within the daily fabric of American life. Like so many monuments, it discretely transforms a complex, violent and inequitable past into a seemingly palatable story of progress.”

Stop the presses! History is inequitable? Inequity is as old as Genesis! Just ask Abel. Even so, is the history professor aware that the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 banned slavery in the future state of Wisconsin? That we were a cog in the Underground Railroad to freedom? Bled more, per capita, than any other state fighting slavery and secession? A pioneer in worker’s comp and unemployment insurance? School vouchers, medicaid and gay rights?

Miss Forward street

The university’s summer school history project

Stern suggests our state should be given back to those indigenous peoples present during the first European contact — not that the Ojibway and Ho Chunk did not themselves displace other tribes before the 17th Century. Often violently.

It is also true that Miss Forward could not vote at the time of her sculpting, in 1893, by a noted female artist born in Menasha. Is that cause to topple this antecedent of the suffragist movement, restored by powerful Wisconsin women? (Its history, here.)

Today’s book burners

CommissarNo, Wisconsin is not perfect. Does the professor understand that “Forward” is a direction, not a final destination. That “progress” is not perfection? 

No wonder UW-Madison students want to tear down Abraham Lincoln! Who gets to replace him? Al Sharpton? Once upon a time, university professors decried the trashing of history lest they, themselves, be sent away to the gulag for re-education. Disappeared, like Miss Forward, for being insufficiently woke. 

Blaska’s Bottom LinePaging Tommy Thompson! Do you wonder why support for higher education is waning? Our state land grant university is churning out idiots who are tearing down the state you helped build.

How about defunding THIS?

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6 Responses to This man teaches crazy

  1. Mary says:

    Absolutely tragic to see what’s become of higher education. What should be a place to critically explore new concepts has become a breeding ground for cult-like indoctrination.

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  2. sentient7 says:

    Social Justice–>
    re-imagine Education.…………. reduce the tax burden by incentivizing free education. This can be done by de-funding the gaggle of educrats like Wally Stern. True educators care for their students and the search for truth. They are not motivated by extrinsic rewards. Therefore remuneration should not be more generous than a Woodman’s clerk. There is no public benefitto continue professorial benefits that replicate the economic splendor of Czarist apparatchiks, especially since their products are life-long intellectual frauds.

    Too many prof’s practice American Hate Crimes. They should be put on trial. Every lecture should be taped and made available to the public. Those who serve China, Iran, the Taliban, or Venezuela through their biased Anti-Americanism should be sent on permanent sabbatical to any of those foreign utopias. Let the people decide. A referendum of public approval for contract renewal for those who still claim allegiance to the taxpayers of this nation.

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  3. Dexter says:

    The FaceBook fundraiser for Alize (Zay) Carter – the alleged University at Frances twerker hit by a truck last weekend – isn’t going so well.

    Sire GQ had an earlier FaceBook fundraiser for Zay which he claimed had netted almost $15,000 before it was shut down. Sire GQ said money would be returned to donors.

    After two days, the new donation box has only $2350. Zay Carter says: “I think people taking me as a joke now you guys.” … “I needed that money.”

    Zay says Sire Gq told her “it might take ten days to get back all (money) it depends on your bank.”


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Here’s a rallying cry Wisconsinites (outside Madison) can get behind: DEFUND UW-MADISON.
    Someone should send a collection of quotes by UW-Madison professors like Stearns (and what a collection that would be) to every newspaper in Wisconsin reminding citizens that they are paying the slaries of these Marxist morons.


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  6. highhorseheels says:

    we get the Ed school newsletter as my spouse is an alum, and its nothing but race from front to back. Nothing about improving math scores, for sure.


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