You may be woke but you’re still white

It’s more than cosmetics

NextDoor social media is warning users:

It is time to expand our plan for improvements to our platform and our company. With our employees, neighbors, partners, and advisors, we are taking action. We will better educate our neighbors on what is — and is not — allowed on our platform, drawing a firm line against racist behavior and removing comments and members who violate the rules.

It will be interesting to discern the San Francisco-based social media site defines as “racist.” Blaska now fears that he will go the way of the New York Times opinion page editor — defenestrated for swimming upstream against the mob.  

•   A petition has been launched to change ‘racist’ name of Lynchburg, Virginia. Never mind that John Lynch, the founder, was a Quaker who believed in emancipation and freed all of his slaves.

•   In Philadelphia, a statue of outspoken abolitionist Matthias Baldwin was defaced with the messages “colonizer” and “murderer.” (More here.)

•   CVS and Walgreens will no longer lock beauty products for women of color behind closed cases. (More here.)

Attention whitey

Unless Black organizers have specified that you need to come to a rally for buffers against the police, as a legal observer, or to collect other white people, why are you going to a protest when you’re the oppressor? Then there’s the white folks that show up ready to antagonize us and insert their opinion about how Black people are navigating their pain and oppression. From “We all just need to love each other!” and “This is a class issue!” and “No more violence! *Insert MLK quote*” — WearYourVoice, a digital magazine for and by LGBTQIA+ Black, Indigenous, and people of color 

The Cancel Culture

On-line neighbor Meghan vents that she “is going to enjoy my Saturday without the poison you … seem to enjoy spreading. You’re not interested in learning AT ALL from my perspective.”

Actually, we ARE interested in Meghan’s perspective, which is why we read John Nichols and the other Marxists at The Nation. We even read what the New York Times allows us to read on its pages.

Meghan signed off vowing to “continue to try to protect ALL children by keeping police outside of learning spaces.” Which poses a topic of discussion for all Madison’s Meghans. Many activists want to keep police out of ALL spaces, not just learning. (See: Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, Seattle.) If cops are bad in schools, aren’t they bad everywhere else?

Why not potential police officers?

Paula, another neighbor of Meghan’s thinking, invites her neighbors to “ponder how we have evolved to view and treat youth in schools as potential criminals, rather than minor-aged students who are engaged in a process of growing and learning.”

•   “Potential criminals”? Myjee T. Sanders, age 15, is held over for trial in the August 25 shooting death of a 17-year-old at his home in Fitchburg. 

•   “Potential criminals”? Madison Police on Thursday 04-16-2020 arrested a 15-year-old Madison teen who was identified as the suspect in the Colony Drive burglary … 

•   “Potential criminals”? Khari Sanford, one of two 18-year olds charged with the execution-style murder of Dr. Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre on March 31— the parents of his girlfriend, two liberal white people who lent the minority lad their BMW. 

Did the police make them do it? (Innocent until proven … etc.)

Someone needs to explain how many Madison WI K-12 students have been traumatized by police versus how likely many more have been traumatized by an absent parent (whether through desertion or prison), domestic violence, substance abuse, criminal activity, the gangsta culture, and poor nutrition. And why do so many black people become police officers?

Notice something? New York Times apologizes for publishing an opinion  by U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton calling for the use of federal troops to quell rioting,  it has no problem with publishing a column calling for the abolishment of police, Jonathan Turley observes. And yes, they mean Abolish The Police.

How soon before Madison’s copycats
declare their own autonomous zone? 

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23 Responses to You may be woke but you’re still white

  1. jyvurentropy says:

    I agree with some of this, but this isn’t a nuanced take at all.
    Yes, white guilt and the demonizing of white people is out of control.
    Statues aren’t all that important. Neither are the names of towns. It’s all symbolism anyway. They have a first amendment right to peition for removal of statues and renaming of towns (it’s only when they take them down without going through the proper channels-and sometimes seriously injure bystanders-that I have a problem). Without doing my own research, off the top of my head, I can see why they’re upset about the name of the town Lychburg. Here is where you need to exercise some sensitivity. People don’t want to be reminded of brutal racial violence eveyr time they hear the name of a town. If we want conservatives to concede our rational points, we have to concede their rational points. Let them have this.

    Cherry-picking examples of crime does not, in any way, negate the fact that children are often criminalized in low-income school. I agree with libs here. Don’t treat children like criminals before they have ever done anything. Treat them human beings who are still developing cognitively and emotionally.

    Lastly, yes, abolish the police is definitely what they mean. It makes me sick that so many of them are denying it and trying to sneak their real agenda past us. Abolish the police is a horrible idea and really reveals their true purpose: anarchy.


    • jyvurentropy says:

      if we want liberals to concede our points*


    • sentient7 says:

      Obvious, you’ve never taught. You write: “Don’t treat children like criminals before they have ever done anything. Treat them human beings who are still developing cognitively and emotionally.”
      I taught low-income students, 99% of whom were white. Among the subjects that I taught was Civics. Class discussion today –> What is legal?
      Student responds, “Anything you can get away with.” Another adds, “Don’t NARC.”

      I argued ethics and responsibility all hour. The students remained unmoved.

      Situation arose many times over the decades. Basically, same conversation…same student attitude. Common culture of eM&eM’s rap, FiddyCent, etc., prevailed in their minds for too many. By the time they reach 7th grade, probably too late so save more than a small fraction. Black culture corrupts all other cultures.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        ”By the time they reach 7th grade, probably too late so save more than a small fraction.”

        True dat, sen!

        The Gotch recalls listening to a gang intervention team member stating that their mission was to get to youth early on to prevent them from going down the wrong road; by 12 years old or it was too late.

        Kids are 12 years old going into 7th grade, and he said this over 30 years ago. Have things gotten better, stayed the same, or gotten worse?

        Where was it you taught?

        The Gotch


        • sentient7 says:

          Where? –or how and how well? Various locations, in random order. Northland College; UW Superior’s off campus classes for credit; high school in Tom Tiffany’s Congressional District, north of HWY 8.


        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          Up Nort, eh? The Gotch’s second home. We have a place on Weber Lake in Iron County; heading up on Wednesday, can’t hardly wait!

          Actually having our last two pasties from last season’s Joe’s Pasty Shop stash tonight.

          LOT of school districts consolidating up your way.

          SIL used to work in the finance department at Northland.

          GO MIDGETS!!

          The Gotch


        • richard lesiak says:

          I worked my ass off to put my ex-wife throuh Northland. Lived there. Worked there .Loved it. Could you find it on a map?


    • Sprocket says:

      ‘How many fingers, Winston?’
      ‘Five! Five! Five!’
      ‘No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please?
      – 1984

      I can’t tell if you’re simply the slow kid in class or a well played concern troll, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Lynchburg is named Lynchburg because it was founded by a guy named John Lynch. It has no racial connotation. This is not a secret.
      The demand it be renamed is not “a rational point”. It is an attempt to demonstrate that they can force society to bend the knee for imaginary or irrational slights. It is simply a display of power.

      Once you can force people to pretend the irrational is rational, you can force them to do anything. This why the left make such an effort to control language and public discourse through the media and academia. It’s not so much that the issues themselves are important in and of themselves. What’s important is that you can publicly punish people who don’t concede women can have penises.

      If you think you think there is any end to what you will have to concede to people who sees everyone who disagrees with them as evil, seeks control the public square through violence, demands censorship of art, literature and film, and wants cities renamed for ideological purposes (perhaps they can call it Leningrad, I hear that name is up for grabs) you are mistaken or delusional. The left has made it clear, through word and action, that they loathe America to it’s core. They wish to see it dismantled and replaced with something different.

      The right needs to decide where the line is to be drawn and embrace the reality that concession buys them nothing. They also need need to be willing to use violence when that line is crossed, because the left is entirely comfortable using it achieve their ends. Barring an amicable national divorce, or a new found enthusiasm for federalism, this all probably ends in blood and fire.


    • “People don’t want to be reminded of brutal racial violence eveyr time they hear the name of a town.”

      I’m reminded of the time a Washington DC city councilman used the word “niggardly” in front of the council. Even after the offended members of the council were informed of the, you know, actual definition of the word, he was still forced to resign for being racially insensitive. I suppose now we will not only have to rename Lynchburg, henceforth all people with the last name of Lynch must also find new surnames. You can’t call anything a tar baby, even when it is the absolutely perfect analogy. The second hand store Digger’s Paradise changed their name, and had then had to awkwardly explain why.

      Words matter and history matters. If Lynchburg was named after a Grand Dragon of the KKK, I’d understand. But they are attacking statues of Abraham Lincoln and Columbus for crying out loud. There is no symbolism here, only anarchy.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    You Blaska, and you’re not alone, stand accused of “spreading poison;” how do you plead…?

    And don’t you need a permit for that…

    “A petition has been launched to change ‘racist’ name of Lynchburg, Virginia.”

    The Gotch spent time in Lynchburg 45 years ago as we speak while working the Mid-Atlantic/Piedmont-to-Tidewater regions; lush-n-beautiful!

    Anywho; HeyZeus Alou! No unit of measure exists to determine the amount of STOOPIDITY that completely saturates Lefty!

    Recall the suffocating morons, I mean “students” at Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania demanding the college rename ‘Lynch Memorial Hall,’ named for Dr. Clyde A. Lynch, the LVC’s president during the Depression?

    Then President Obama’s AG Loretta LYNCH must have been issued a pass…

    Cannon fodder!

    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      I lived in Ashland for 13 years, Year around. Not my “second home.” Weber Lake. Last two pasties. How cute. The only thing you didn’t say is who left all this to you in his will.


  3. dad29 says:

    NextDoor here in Carnation Country Oconomowoc has BANNED all “political discussion”. So we’re now asking/answering questions about where to find plumbers, good ‘net service, dog-grooming, pie-crust recipes, and car repairs.

    Too bad–the best discussion on that Board was about the Fauci-Fraud and subsequent Imprisonment.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “pie-crust recipes”

      EVIL White Flour need not apply!

      The Gotch


      • richard lesiak says:

        “Pie Crust Recipes”. About all your never-ending posts add up too. God bless your tri-deck dwelling.


    • richard lesiak says:

      BANNED ALL POLITICAL DISCUSSION. Nonsense. As relevant as a trump tweet and just as truthful.


      • dad29 says:

        Have you ever read the saying that it’s better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re stupid than to open it and remove all doubt?

        Let me be the first to give you that advice. And we don’t live in a tri-level, but how are things at Mendota?

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        • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

          “Have you ever READ“? (bolds/caps/italics mine)

          Considering whom you reference, an unsupportable assumption…

          The Gotch


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The Gotch, and he may not be alone on this, STRONGLY believes that a Dells Retardate Center’s computer’s password needs changing!

    The Gotch


  5. Robby White says:

    The copycats seem like an amateurish group without much capabilities. However, the Patchouli and hair-weave brigade could easily take over a local government installation. The Peeps Republic of Madisthan is lacking in a defensive perimeter that is comparable to the one Phnom Penh in 1975. The Supreme Commander Genderqueer General Satya will flee by Subaru or Prius to a safe zone to form a govt. in exile. I’m sure glad I live in Blooming Grove with it’s slightly lower taxes and a simplified more inclusive system of Government. Memphis Ave. will not be taken! We cannot vote for Mayor of Madisthan either so we aren’t to blame. On my block we have a Police Officer and a nice mix of conservatives and sane(r) moderate lefties. Most of us are also armed and since the crack-house next door recently was foreclosed on and just had the power turned off there isn’t a potential post for the Marxists. Some of the most dangerous criminals in the county have passed thru that house so we are not shaken. I’m more concerned about the Madison govt. annexing us in the BG. That will be a sad day…


  6. Leo says:

    The latest hotspotfor controversy is Columbus Wisconsin where a local do gooder want to lead
    the charge to tear down a statue o Christopehre Columbus in their fair city. Oh the horrow.


  7. Simple truth to the segment of the black community that is totally consumed by their anti-white racism, yes they are racists; those white people that are “woke” and standing up for black people are considered closet racists (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) all other white people are racists. I’ve been hearing this argument from blacks I know for too many years to not think that this racist attitude has infected most of the black community that is out protesting right now; the problem is that they don’t know they’re racists they think they are on the right side of history when in fact they are on the morally bankrupt side of history.


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