Molotov cocktails, shots fired, officers injured and more looting Monday night

“Black Lives Matter” stickers won’t protect
your store windows, Madison. 

Straight from acting Police Chief Vic Wahl:

On Monday (06-01-2020), a large group gathered in front of the City County Building to exercise their First Amendment rights.  The group marched to John Nolen Drive and blocked the intersection of John Nolen Drive and Northshore Drive.  MPD officers diverted traffic for several hours to facilitate the protest.  The group marched back to the City County Building and the event ended a short time later.  The protest was peaceful with no disturbances or issues.

Later in the evening, a group gathered at the top of State Street on the Capital Square to protest. The group grew during the evening. MPD elected not to engage the protest and allow for the First Amendment expression to continue. During the protest, some acts of graffiti occurred, and numerous items (barricades, construction fences, etc.) were moved into the roadway.

Shortly before 1 a.m. the formal gathering ended and the crowd began to disperse. Large groups immediately began moving down State Street, engaging in looting, graffiti, and property damage. One subject fired multiple shots in the air from a handgun, and two individuals were attacked and struck with a crowbar. Individuals were also observed attempting to light Molotov cocktails during the evening.

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Molly Beck photos shared on Facebook

Officers in protective gear deployed to State Street as a result of this behavior. Multiple officers were struck with rocks and projectiles as they moved to secure the street. Chemical agents were utilized in response.

For the third straight night, a number of individuals have come downtown not for the purpose of First Amendment expression, but to engage in violence, looting and property damage.  Fifteen arrests were made during the night. MPD is grateful to the many outside law enforcement agencies and National Guard personnel who assisted.

MPD also responded to a number of looting incidents elsewhere in the City.

What should be done?

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18 Responses to Molotov cocktails, shots fired, officers injured and more looting Monday night

  1. madisonexpat says:

    Issue paint ball guns. Shoot rioters w/indelible paint, pepper, stinky stuff. Round them up next day.


  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and the criminally-n-cluelessly insane thugs-in-training, I mean, aggrieved protesters trying to right racially unjust wrongs, will be held accountable for:

    *Court Costs
    *FULL restitution, and
    *THOUSANDS of hours of Community Service

    One more thing.

    Duct-Tape Brandi Grayson’s big yap!

    The Gotch


    • Batman says:

      “Duct-Tape Brandi Grayson’s big yap!”

      Pretty sure her boyfriend is on the job.


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        Was it you that posted that the talented Ms. Grayson eschewed the Community Policing concept when he beau was smacking her around?

        The Gotch


    • Ed says:

      That would be a novel idea for Dane County. In particular the current DA who is believes in disorganization and being cluess. Then you got the most forgiving judges. Plus the go fund me campaigns to raise bail and hire top defense attorneys.

      Here’s a better idea. We purchase the old Dudegon school and turn into affordable housing.

      30+ years of gentification and redevelopment of downtown Madison is goneway.

      A week ago I was going to vote Libertarian again for President, because it was shoot me or stab me. Now I am voting for Trump to send a measage.

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      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        “We purchase the old Dudegon school and turn into affordable housing.”


        The Gotch


      • Batman says:

        “A week ago I was going to vote Libertarian again for President, because it was shoot me or stab me. Now I am voting for Trump to send a measage sic.”

        Please clarify, especially the message sent if voting Trump.


        • Ed says:

          I am voting for Trump. I would never voted for Biden, because of the Bork hearings and being the senator from the CC industry.

          Trump has a great sense of humor and is great for calling out the Chinese on trade and IP stealing.

          I am just more pro immigration (legal) then him and find his remarks on Twitter to be child like.

          I love he is not P.C.

          Imagine the riots when he gets relected.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    You ask….”What should be done?”

    Shoot vermin with high powered pellet guns. Property damage? Yeah, trash the cars and apartments of those who break windows, loot, and paint graffiti. Conviction for rioting crimes = mandatory 10 year prison sentence.

    Government officials who accept property damage and excuse actors? Oh yeah, trash their cars and homes for toleration of anarchy.


  4. Batman says:

    Blaska asks “What should be done?”
    What ever it takes to protect people, property, and crush the looters, arsonists, and rioters.

    Tucker Carlson understands the existential threat our country is in the middle of that has been brewing for a long time and it’s refreshing that he identifies some of the rinos currently in power who are complicit in the downward spiral.


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  6. Sprocket says:

    One will note that this only happens where the state can protect them from the rest of us.


  7. Robby White says:

    I think these criminals need to be sprayed with that blue dye that is in those bank machines. It will be easier to ID them later. I also think that the worst Mayor in this cities history needs to be recalled.


  8. John says:

    I know the optics are all wrong, but large dogs and fire hoses actually are very good tools for clearing the street of looters and vandals.


  9. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Sorry, Lefty, your race card has been denied. Do you have any other form of argument?

    Some black lives matter more than others. Blacks who are murdered by other blacks aren’t as important as those killed by a bad white cop. or those thousand of black babies “choiced” (H/t: da Gotch) for convenience. If BLM really were interested in saving black lives, the most important thing you could do would be to make abortion illegal. Failing that, if you could at least make it much less prevalent, you could save more black lives in a month than the police would kill in 20 years.

    Beyond that, addressing out of wedlock births would dramatically reduce the number of murders in black communities. In fact, if the out-of-wedlock birth rate from black Americans dropped from 72% to the same 30% rate that white Americans have, the difference in murder rates between whites and blacks would largely disappear. Assuming nothing is done about the out-of-wedlock birth rate, the only other thing that seems likely to significantly reduce the number of black men who are murdering each other would be a dramatically increased police presence in black neighborhoods.

    The #BlackLiesMatter protesters don’t care about black babies being “choiced”, they don’t care about the out-of-wedlock birth rate and they certainly don’t care about reducing the number of black men killing each other. Neither do most Lefties.

    If the BLM racists had their way, the number of black men dying would INCREASE. That’s because when you boil it all down, the #BLM thugs have a simple agenda: They hate cops.

    This is most certainly true.


    • Batman says:

      Black grievance groups will not discuss anything involving personal responsibility especially sexual self control and out of wedlock procreation. I’ve tried multiple times without even acknowledgement of the multi-generational problem. If a subject is independent of white man bad, white man to blame, black grievance mongers will not engage but they will become really pissed off for daring to mention.

      This is most certainly true.


  10. georgessson says:

    Years ago, Madison DID call out the National Guard. No after-protest looting, no Police Chief, Mayor or folks in authority standing down to await the predictable chaos. Soggy Pants was a mere pup at the time, who knew…


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