Progressives champion the police state

To protect fools such as We the People.

America is jailing hairdressers and releasing criminals from prison over the coronavirus panic-demic. (And we remember when sex was dirty and the air was clean.)

COVID-19 has replaced Russian collusion and that Ukrainian telephone call as the fault line for America’s partisan divideAs always, progressives want “science” to rule and people to just shut the hell up and obey, never mind that even Dr. Fauci has been all over the place. Are face masks in or out this week?

China mask

The furloughed white labcoats at the Werkes have observed that ordinary citizens are deciding the issue for themselves — the experts be damned.  Such impertinence outrages progressive like our friend, the usually level-headed Greg Humphrey over at Caffeinated Politics.

Within an hour of the reckless and judicially unmoored ruling by the Wisconsin State Supreme Court drinkers were welded to a barstool and sloshing back beverages .. [a] side of Wisconsin that many in our state would rather not see broadcast to the whole nation.  

Actually, the head groundskeeper at the Werkes takes a perverse pride in upholding Wisconsin’s rascally reputation. We suspect that some of the Stately Manor’s indentured servants occupied some of those barstools. 

Why do social experiments fail?

Humanity may be better off without old John Barleycorn. But we tried that experiment a century ago; made matters worse. The national 55 mph speed limit in the 1970s saved lives and fuel. Drivers voted with their right foot to disobey. Americans make decisions based on their calculus of risk v. reward. It’s why sky diving; it’s why motorcycle riding, it’s why the foolish few wear MAGA hats on Madison’s State Street.

So it is good to see that National Review has come to the same conclusion with the same examples.

For better or worse, the people will ultimately decide how to strike the balance of public safety and convenience.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that the virus will determine the timetable for reopening, but that simply cannot be true. … Amid the most massive job losses since the Great Depression, people sense that some draconian health measures aren’t worth the squeeze.

Trump hatred bleeds over

Progressives hail Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and condemn Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, one of the first to open his state. The first is a Democrat, the second is a Republican. WI Gov. Evers, Democrat; Donald Trump, Republican. That is not happenstance.

“The almost mandatory take of pundits is that any protest of lockdown measures is troglodyte death wish,  writes independent thinker Matt Taibbi.

The after-effects of years of Russiagate/Trump coverage are seen everywhere: press outlets reflexively associate complaints of government overreach with Trump, treason, and racism, and conversely radiate a creepily gleeful tone when describing aggressive [coronavirus] emergency measures.

“Democrats have abandoned civil liberties,” Tabbai concludes.

‘The judge in the Flynn case is the kind of thing one would expect from a judge in Belarus.’

The Left’s embrace of coercion is not all that recent, as witness the campus speech codes of the 1990s and the later John Doe assault on conservative speech in Wisconsin. But it has metastasized in the Trump era. Take the Michael Flynn case — just one aspect of the Left’s Deep-State war of resistance. Taibbi writes:

  • A trio of former law enforcement and judicial officials saluted [Judge] Sullivan in the Washington Post, chirping, “The Flynn case isn’t over until a judge says it’s over.”
  • Yuppie icon Jeffrey Toobin of CNN and the New Yorker, one of the #Resistance crowd’s favored legal authorities, described Sullivan’s appointment of Judge John Gleeson as “brilliant.”
  • MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner said Americans owe Sullivan a “debt of gratitude.”

One had to search far and wide to find a non-conservative legal analyst willing to say the obvious, i.e. that Sullivan’s decision was the kind of thing one would expect from a judge in Belarus. …

Blaska’s Bottom Line: To that barber in Michigan, the governor didn’t take away your scissors, did she? A little off the sides, please.

What do YOU think (even if you’re not a scientist)?

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6 Responses to Progressives champion the police state

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    As a career Lefty in the employ of an unapologetic Lefty rag, well known for treating fact-checking and reality as SUGGESTIONS, the Taibbi piece is a MUST READ!

    Taibbi: “I can understand not caring about the plight of Michael Flynn, but cases like this have turned erstwhile liberals – people who just a decade ago were marching in the streets over the civil liberties implications of Cheney’s War on Terror apparatus – into defenders of the spy state.

    (Lefty) Politicians and pundits across the last four years have rolled their eyes at attorney-client privilege, the presumption of innocence, the right to face one’s accuser, the right to counsel and a host of other issues, REGULARLY DENOUNCING CIVIL RIGHTS WORRIES AS RED HERRING EXCUSES FOR TRUMPISM.” (bolds/italics/caps mine)

    If this can be done to someone like Flynn, a powerful, decorated General of means, what chance do mere commoners have?

    The Gotch

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  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    “For better or worse, the people will ultimately decide how to strike the balance of public safety and convenience.”

    And that’s the problem with constantly deferring to Dr. Fauci. He;s a public health official. He is paid to advocate for safety. There’s no balance there, and you shouldn’t expect to find it. There is NOTHING in it for Fauci to do anything other than preach safety, and try to prevent deaths. He will never receive criticism for being cautious, or even overly cautious. But he will be crucified if he suggests it’s safe, and there is a resurgence (and there probably will be.)

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  3. Pete says:

    You’re not getting it, Dave: If the leader of the country, compassionately and strategically made a clear plan and executed it with leadership and good faith, the people would listen and largely comply. But when he thinks there’s political hay to be made by pushing back against doctors and putting his own political fortunes ahead of the common good, well you’re going to have chaos. But who does chaos benefit? The Republicans. That’s the game. You’re clearly on board with it. What do you have to lose? It’s not like your retirement is riding on it. In other words: ok boomer.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Chaos benefits law-n-order/fall-in-line-not-in-LUV/by-the-book Righties?

      Who knew?

      All the months long Act 10 hissy fits, continual harassment of a duly elected Governor, the recall, and continuous Rotunda pudges caroling in the Key Of Me?

      Or the dangerous, yet voluntary, immersion into a catatonic, apoplectic, pillow-biting, pants $#!tting, bed wetting, wind-sucking, chest palpitating, vital sign goosing, mouth-breathing, fist-pounding, foot stomping, safe-space seeking, triggering, weenie-whiny, simpering-whimpering, complete metaphysical, emotional, existential, psychological, philosophical, full-throated, freaking out, melting down, totally collapsing free-fall of Le Resistance since riiiiiight around 11/08/2016?

      THAT’S chaos…Lefty Chaos!

      The Gotch

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  4. madisonexpat says:

    The Left has been and remains scared spitless since Trump won the presidency. They see boogeymen under every bed and in every closet. How have so many otherwise functional humans become so easily and often scared?
    Now a blizzard and cold front have become a Polar Vortex. An earth that has warmed repeatedly is now going to kill all humans. Every hurricane requires a mandatory evacuation.
    We humans have never had it so good in terms of global poverty, technology, opportunity, life expectancies and medical science. Why waste these blessings on useless anxieties, fear of things we can’t control?
    Life is good and getting better.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”Life is good and getting better.”

      A fearfully trembling Lefty would say you’re CRAZY!

      The Gotch, and a fact-based Reality? No so much.

      To wit:

      In the three (3) decades since 1990, what’s happened to the “fragile” Mother Gaia, supposedly on the brink of permanent destruction?

      ”*Global supplies of clean water have increased. In 1990, 76% of the world’s population had reasonable access to drinking water. By 2010 that had increased to 89%, according to a report from the Food and Agricultural Organization at the U.N.

      *The per-capita supply of fish worldwide climbed roughly 30% over those years.

      *World hunger and poverty have dropped dramatically. The share of the global population that is undernourished declined more than 40% between 1990 and 2015, U.N. data show. The share of the global population living in abject poverty went down by more than 35%.

      *Land has gotten far more productive, not less. In fact, the share of land devoted to agriculture hasn’t budged since 1990, according to the U.N. report. Think about that for a minute: We are able to feed 34% more people, and feed them better than ever, using the same amount of land!

      *In the U.S. at least, air pollution is down since 1992 for every single pollutant the EPA measures. And our CO2 emissions are down since the mid-1990s, thanks not to government regulations, but because of the fracking innovation.

      *That massive deforestation predicted by scientists? The amount of forest land in the world declined by just 3% from 1990 to 2010, the U.N. report says. (In the U.S., it’s increased.)

      *How about the warning that we were cutting off new medicines by destroying species? The pharmaceutical industry is in a golden age of innovation, with more than 5,000 new treatments in the production pipeline.”

      ‘Course, hankdog/old baldy, AnonyBob, Leo, et al, will try earnestly to get us to believe Lefty rather than our lying eyes.

      They have to; Lefty don’t traffic, nor can they make hay, in Good Times, am I right?

      The Gotch

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