Trump resistance is back on its heels

The ‘science not politics’ scam

It’s buried at the bottom of Page A6 in today’s Wisconsin State Journal (05-14-2020), a brief item on the unmasking of Michael Flynn by virtually everyone in the Obama administration, including Joe Biden. While over at the Wall Street Journal, it’s page one news.

The local story, so as not to rile Madison WI progressives, downplays the Deep State’s Stalingrad-level resistance against the Trump administration thusly: 

Biden and the other officials had the full authority to seek the name of an unidentified person who had interacted with the Russian ambassador — it turned out to be Flynn. They did so through proper channels.

gomer-pyle-surpriseIt just turned out to be Flynn! Thirty-nine separate Obama administration factotums satisfied their apparent idle curiosity and filed the necessary paperwork to breach the protections and it just turned out to be Flynn! Amazing coincidence or conspiracy? You decide

Why, otherwise, did Obama Justice Dept holdovers like FBI director James Comey pursue Flynn, who met with the Russian as part of his duties as Trump’s incipient national security adviser. Why was the original conclusion after reviewing the transcript— that there were no red flags — ignored? Why did Comey dispatch FBI agents into the chaos of the still organizing White House (as he bragged) to entrap Flynn? Oh, but they filled out the necessary paperwork, so it’s kosher!

Why should the investigators be above suspicion?

The New York Times is even more desperate to cover for its complicity in furthering the hoax. High up in its whitewash job it quotes an “expert [albeit very obscure] on government classification:”

It is putting the spotlight on the investigators rather than the investigated. It is saying what is irregular here is not the extraordinary contacts with the Russian government but the attempt to understand them. 

There was no attempt to understand; the attempt was to further the hoax. 

Falsifying FISA applications, inserting the word “not” to the affirmation that Carter Page was keeping the CIA fully informed of his foreign contacts, pursuing the “manifestly preposterous Steele dossier” (in the words of Daniel Henninger), selectively leaking to the anti-Trump Washington Post?

“It seems everyone but the night janitor wanted to know to whom Mr. Flynn was talking. A stunning 39 separate officials snooped on Mr, Flynn” including several ambassadors” the Wall Street Journal observes.

All of which fed into the Russian collusion hoax and resulted in Flynn’s firing, A.G. Jeff Session’s recusal, and three years of rumors, innuendoes, and impeachment.

“They became what they thought Mr. Tump was,” Henninger writes, “subverters of the American system.”

Who elected Comey, Clapper & Brennan?

The Resistance news media vows that elected Presidents must follow the dictates of government “career professionals.” Remember the dismay of the career diplomats testifying before Adam Schiff’s committee? Because, of course, liberals, progressives, and socialists tend to go into government whereas conservatives and libertarians predominate in business (at least, in small businesses). 

This has always been the endgame of the progressive project: rule by experts. Marxism, after all, is touted as “scientific socialism.” Our Left-learning acquaintances (for they ARE our acquaintances) do not reflect on the assault on democracy that attitude entails. Indeed, they have marshaled most of mass media to delegitimize Trump’s elections and — here in Wisconsin, the Republican legislature. 

⇒ Reminds us of a Ronald Reagan story. A crisis arose early in his presidency (nature of which is immaterial to this story). Around the table, his aides advised him of what is usually done in such situations. Mr. Reagan listened respectfully, then declared that he had not been elected President to do things in the usual way.

Good job, Sen. Ron Johnson in unraveling this conspiracy. Keep it coming.

Colonial drinkers

Where’s the nearest open tavern?

The WI Supreme Court overturned Gov. Evers’ statewide quarantine order 05-13-2020. Evers need not huddle with Vos and Fitzgerald. The counties are filling in the breach organically by promulgating their own orders, as they should. Milwaukee County is different from Sawyer County. One more: Brian Hagedorn promised to be an independent jurist. He’s making good on that promise.

Just wondering

The Michael Flynn judge is asking for third-party, amicus curiae opinions on whether the defendant still should be prosecuted despite the U.S. Justice Dept dropping all charges. This is not a civil case where there might be other plaintiffs, as in a class-action lawsuit. This is a criminal case and only the government can bring a criminal case.

⇒ For further study:Mueller, Russia probe coverage‘ worst journalistic fiasco.'”

Where does Gov. Kemp go for an apology? Cases in Georgia are down, not up after he opened state on April 20.

Blaska’s Bottom LineIf Judge Sullivan’s order holds, Blaska wants to be able to weigh in on District Attorney Ismael Ozanne’s let-’em-go recommendations in Dane County Circuit Court. Not so fast, buddy!

What shoe do YOU think drops next?

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6 Responses to Trump resistance is back on its heels

  1. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Gov. Ever’s must be getting comfortably numb after repeatedly getting slapped down by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Wisconsin Is Open For Business. Private businesses, private schools and churches in Wisconsin can reopen whenever they’d like.

    ON WISCONSIN! Up churs, Tony. Eat Cheese, or Die!
    Life IS good in the Cheddarhood.

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  2. A Party of One says:

    I was ready to shout “Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God Almighty, I’m Free at Last!”
    But then Joe and Satya decided to keep the gulag gates closed.

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  3. Balboa says:

    Well not open in Dane County, so if Madison and government remains closed, why can’t legislator meet in a county that remains open. Get to work, columbia county at lake wisconsin sounds good. head to the Thirsty Moose, plenty of outdoor space, wear masks, enjoy a cocktail. PaPa Moose hopefully will open the tiki hut for the big weekend coming up.

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  4. dad29 says:

    This has always been the endgame of the progressive project: rule by experts. Marxism, after all, is touted as “scientific socialism.”

    Sneaking in an attack on Fauci while disguising it in an attack on Obozo?


  5. georgessson says:

    Started an “unmasking” doc today, in a new desktop folder: “The Beginning of the End”… As time progresses, that document will herald new docs, RE: new names & new illegal, or at least unwarranted, adventures in “investigation” by the Obama crew and cronies. Seems just a short while ago, some folks stepped on their…. ties.


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