Joe Biden: pick Tara Reade as your running mate!

In exchange for her silence!

Big boost for the Biden campaign: Enabler-in-Chief Hillary Clinton has endorsed Joe “Believe All Women” Biden.

Hillary !!!


Hillary’s Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Once again, Mrs. Clinton’s timing is impeccable. Just as Tara Reade’s accusations of second-degree rape threatened to sidetrack Mr. McFeely’s march to the White House, Hillary staked her sterling reputation for fearless honesty on the Democrats’ truly hands-on candidate.

Now, everything is in place for a Joe Biden sweep of the 50 states. Mrs. Clinton is universally admired for her financial ethics, rapid response to crises, and steady moral compass. No exceptions to her high standards of sexual conduct — this lady holds even Presidents accountable (except when trailer trash is involved). Unlike many of us here in fly-over country, Hillary Clinton is not Deplorable.

Pander to identity politics, get pounded by identity politics.

Don’t ask, don’t tell

Joe Biden has yet to personally address Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation. Not that anyone is really askingThe Wall Street Journal reports that in the last month, Joe Biden has submitted to 20 televised interviews — not one of which asked about Tara Reade. Google “Tara Reade, MSNBC” — you’ll come up empty. The New York Times? Nothing since April 16 when editor Dean Baquet tried to justify why his newspaper took 19 days to even address the accusation against Joe Biden.

Biden memeBut jumped into shyster lawyer Michael Avenatti/Julie Swetnik’s lurid accusations against Brett Kavanaugh. Erick Erickson at The Insurgent:

The story of Tara Reade and Joe Biden is not a story of a woman sexually assaulted by Joe Biden thirty years ago. … The story is of a media that only two years ago used a nearly 40-year-old story with no witnesses to try to destroy a Supreme Court nominee and, after demanding the public “believe all women,” is changing its standards for a Democrat.

The reaction to Christine Blasey Ford is “believe all women.” Ms. Ford had no witnesses, no corroboration at the time of the incident, a fuzzy memory of the incident, and all the people she claimed might be witnesses turned out not to be. She also coordinated with a partisan Democrat attorney who in turn said Ford came forward out of concerns over Roe v. Wade.

⇒ “Joe Biden’s campaign is twisting a New York Times story to defend against the Tara Reade allegations.” — Chris Cillizza in The Point.
⇒ “Judge dismisses sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden on grounds that he is not a Republican.” — Babylon Bee.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Joe Biden promises to name a woman of the female persuasion as his running mate. Joe, drop a dime. “Tara? It’s Joe. Remember me? No hard feelings? (So to speak! Ha!) Listen, I’ve got a job opening that would be just right for you … I’d like to feel you out about it. Say, 6-ish over cocktails?”

What do YOU think?

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8 Responses to Joe Biden: pick Tara Reade as your running mate!

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    (bolds/caps/italics mine throughout)
    “Former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar, and Michigan Dictator (Governor) Gretchen Whitmer, ALL women, ALL feminists, ALL #MeToo supporters, and ALL reportedly being considering as a potential running-mate for Biden, appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press, CNN’s “State of the Union,” and /or ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos.


    Lefty media bias? There AIN’T no stinkin’ Lefty media bias!!

    The Gotch

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  2. Good Dog,Happy Man says:


    In the narrow-minded world of Leftist identity politics, Gropin’ Joe Bribem needs to check more than one box of diversity. While Stacey “Tank” Abrams would be a twofer, Michelle Obama could be a “treefer”.

    What’s a treefer? It’s what Gov. Gretchen Whitmer planted in Michigan on Arbor Day, so her Leftist jackbooted NotSees could march in the shade. Ever seen the movie, “The Producers”, and heard the song, “Springtime for Whitmer in Michigan.” ?

    So much #MeToo hypocrisy, … such little time.


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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Sing it Dawg!!

      Lefty Thought (The Gotch uses THAT term with extreme caution!) Process:

      Believe all women
      Believe all wome
      Believe all wom
      Believe all wo
      Believe all w
      Believe all
      Believe al
      Believe a
      Believe J
      Believe Jo
      Believe Joe
      Believe Joe B
      Believe Joe Bi
      Believe Joe Bid
      Believe Joe Bide
      Believe Joe Biden

      The Gotch

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    • Batman says:

      That is some good $#!t


  3. Gene Larson says:

    only if the orange coward picks Stormy


    • Batman says:

      You’re only half right G. Larson, it is Orange Master and he is the first Prez to take on the Chinese which is why the little totalitarian pricks spread covid-19 via millions of unsuspecting Chinese people traveling all over the world to share the magic and btw, Batman along with untold other real men (not lefty soyboys) choose the lovely and multi–talented Ms. Daniels over the herd of two legged heffers that jabbering joe is licking his lips over.

      And that’s a wrap!

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    • Sprocket says:

      Lefties seem a bit salty Trump bangs porn stars and models, while all their guys can manage is raping the help. But then again, leftism is all about helping yourself to what isn’t yours.

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