You’re welcome, Mayor Satya

Unlike the Act 10 intifada
Reopen Wisconsin was’Completely stupid’

On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 1:42 PM Rhodes-Conway, Satya V. <> wrote:

Dear Madison Police Department –

Satya Rhodes-ConwayI wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for the dedicated and selfless service you provide to the people of this City.

As a City resident and your Mayor, I am deeply grateful that during this pandemic, our police officers, firefighters, EMTs are still on the front lines, keeping us safe.

Today and tomorrow, our city will be an unwilling host to two completely stupid events,  which I know you are prepared for. I’m sorry that these protesters and partiers have so little respect for you and their own health, and I wish we could do more to stop them from congregating. There is nothing we can do, of course, about a 1st Amendment demonstration on the Capitol grounds or elsewhere for that matter. Regarding Mifflin, we collectively —  the City, UW, Public Health, UWPD and the MPD command — have done everything we could do to prevent this from becoming an event at all this year.

Thank you everything you do to keep our city safe, especially in the face of events like these. An email feels entirely inadequate, but all the other ways I can think of to show my appreciation are contrary to public health recommendations, so please just know how sincere my thanks are. And please take care of yourselves.

Be well –

Mayor Satya


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