Liberals: Only the Koch Boys want to reopen Wisconsin

WI Capitol rally Friday is just a minstrel show

This just in from the good folks at the New York Times:

‘Reopen Wisconsin’ is FAKE!

Ersatz. Astroturf. Piltdown Man. Hitler’s Diary. Jussie Smollet. Russian collusion. Adam Schiff. No one really thinks America should begin to reopen from the novel coronavirus lockdown! Why, it’s only good common sense that Chicago and Detroit should open a full month before Wisconsin’s North Woods — May 26 for Wisconsin; April 30 for Illinois and Michigan.

That rally planned for tomorrow, Friday (04-24-2020) on the grounds of the WI State Capitol? It’s a stage show, a carnival of colorful  characters — every one of them paid piece rate for their performance. Marionettes whose strings are being pulled by various Koch Bros., alive and dead.

Koch Bros 3

The 3 Koch Bros

‘The same feel’

That’s who’s really behind the ‘Reopen’ protests, Lisa Graves informs NY Times readers. “They are anything but spontaneous,” she assures.

… The protests playing out now [to protest against governors seeking to mitigate the Covid-19 death toll ] have the same feel as the Tea Party protests aided by Koch-financed Americans for Prosperity and others a decade ago — and with good reason: Early evidence suggests they are not organic but a brush fire being stoked by some of the same people and money that built the Tea Party.

That’s “early evidence” you can use to make sense of the news, thanks to experts carefully curated and vetted by the New York Times. Because it has “the same feel.”


You want proof? I got yer proof right here!

The Big Reveal!

Ms. Graves, a resident of the Town of Middleton WI, conjures the usual six degrees of separation that is supposed to prove causation. She’s got grocery string criss-crossing a dozen newspaper clippings, all thumb-tacked to her bulletin board like a hallucinogenic spider maze. Her Big Reveal: ReopenAmerica was created in the Koch Bros. lah-BOR-atory in service of The Great Conservative Conspiracy. Besides the Koch Bros. …

Reopen Business

The word ‘Business’ is code for ‘Koch Bros.’

Others are providing legal assistance as well … a Facebook group called Reopen NC has retained the legal services of Michael Best & Friedrich, a Wisconsin law firm whose clients include President Trump. The firm is well known for its work with dark-money groups that fought the recall of the Koch ally Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin and waged war on unions.

(Boo! Hiss!)

Then there’s the Convention of States, established in 2015 with a big contribution from the conservative hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer. … Stephen Moore — a fellow at the Heritage Foundation …

And on and on. Hillary’s Great Conservative Conspiracy hatched on orders “from the super-rich and their front groups” to profit off the deaths of the dumfuks stupid enough to vote Trump and shop at Walmart (which, BTW, remains open.) (Boos! Hiss!) All so the Koch Boys can sell more Koch.

The race card, of course

For good measure, Ms. Lisa Graves slips the race card out of her sleeve. When was the Tea Party formed? Why, “right after America elected its first black president.” (Boo! Hiss!)

Quarantine Chicago. “With 19 dead, 47 more wounded by gunfire, Chicago sees most violent 5-day span of 2020.” (More here.) H/T Paula Fitz.

Blaska’s Bottom LineHere’s how you know higher powers are NOT behind Friday’s Reopen Wisconsin rally: the dumfuks — a minority of a minority to be certain — will cater to the news media’s biases. They will hoist battle flags, show off their firearms, display placards of Tony in an SS uniform, and eschew face masks. A well financed and managed rally would stay on message. This one will not.

But they will pick up after themselves.

What do YOU think?


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22 Responses to Liberals: Only the Koch Boys want to reopen Wisconsin

  1. Balboa says:

    Quote, : “like I did some research or something, and the comparisons to Tony Evers and Hitler are so scary!” says no one on the hysterical fascist eco-leftists. Watch out don’t use that DNR boat ramp or the brown shirts will throw you up against the wall.

    Also, I choose, Turn off, Tune out, and drop in, their blithering idiocracy cannot get through a sports cast without being ‘woke’ or a weather forecast without blaming plant food for all the worlds problems.

    Done for the day.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    Mr. Krauthammer said about the Tea Party “it’s ironic that the Left can’t recognize the vanguard of the proletariat.”

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  3. Tom Paine says:

    Just another screaming, hair-on-fire” banshee that mirrors the emotional, illogical rants that are broadcast daily on WIBA. The rhetorical chorus, repeated over and over –> “The models were wrong, so wrong.”
    DUH, well of course the models were wrong…No history of a disease like this in which humans have no natural immunity. How can anyone EVER have assumed a model could be constructed about a virus that was NEW and still is not fully understood? That errant assumption compares to those who delight making stock/commodity price predictions. Got oil at $50/bbl?
    Second, to those who continue to scream “the models have failed,” I’ll ask: “So in your view, to whom should we have listened for guidance in not the specialists in infectious disease?” Victoria, the radio DJ?

    I mean really……..How could anyone think this was even a problem? Since the California studies now suggest Covid was here far earlier in January that we knew, on March 3, ONLY 2 people in the US had died. There was no need to do anything. The data told us we were immune.

    Oops….until we learned a few more have died.(now about 46,700). Who would have assumed on March 3rd such could have happened since the data “said.”

    “No worry mates,” the radio speaker blathers…..”most of Northern Wisconsin need not worry. Only a few deaths up there so far. Open the tourist traps. Open the bars. Open Paul Bunyan’s.”

    There is no reason to even consider that Northern Wisconsin can become at hot spot like Sioux Falls, SD. Everyone can see that Northern Wisconsin has a natural immunity, simply because it is rural. Send us the vacationing hordes from Illinois and Milwaukee. We are open for business and while we can’t expand the size of our 10-bed ICU facility, data shows there is nothing to fear by opening tourism, even from those in NYC. (We’re screaming…can you hear us, yet?)


    • AdamC says:

      They are openly inflating the death numbers to include “maybe” cases without even having tested them. New York City alone added thousands to their count based on no testing but just guessing.

      Wisconsin governor injected a strange requirement that flu symptoms decline 14 days in a row along with other conditions like 14 days of decline in “COVID- like” symptoms, before he would consider lifting business closure and virtual house arrest.

      How the hell did we get from slowing down COVID to staying in lockdown until flu like symptoms go away?? Are we going to burn down our economy every flu season from now on?

      If former Gov. Walker had done this you would be apoplectic with rage.


      • Sprocket says:

        Honestly, I don’t think they are “strange requirements”. The requirements are designed to provide political cover for an indefinite lock down. Thus they are vague and the criteria designed to produce a result of continued lock down.

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  4. Batman says:

    “Liberals: Only the Koch Boys want to reopen Wisconsin”

    Mr. Blaska; when did you first begin channeling bobo?


  5. Phil says:

    The only difference between this pants-pee and the solidarity “singers” is that the former uses their dryer sheets only once. Baby Boomers are killing us all, but at least they think they can get one more protest in before the renal failure kicks in.


  6. Maybe the news media might have a more informed opinion about the protest if they looked at their own publications and see which of their usual advertisers isn’t advertising now because of business decreases or closing. Of course, that would require them to be able to grasp that advertisers pay more of their salaries than subscribers.


  7. Hugh G. says:

    Maybe they will do a group injection of disinfectant in honor of their savior Jesus H. Trumpkin. Then we can see if his ideas are truly effective!


  8. dad29 says:

    UPDATE: Illinois will remain in lockdown through May 30th. “Non-essential” retailers may, however, accept and fill online orders for goods. Some Ill. parks will be opened.


    Pritzker is dead serious about that $40BN request for Free Money For Illinois Graft & Grift, by the way.


  9. Sprocket says:

    Of course they think the Koch’s are behind it. In leftie world, only galaxy brain lefties have agency, everyone else is either a supporting character or cattle.

    Though why the Kochs would be is sort of a mystery. The result of the economic dislocation the shut down farce has created is going to be devastation of small business, with the spoils going to large corporations. For the corporatists and their fluffers in congress, corona virus is a dream come true, an opportunity to amass economic an political power while a credulous public is the throes of panic.


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  11. Eric Z says:

    @AdamC and Sprocket——- Compare the White House/ President Trump guidelines to Gov Evers/Palm. Both speak to a 14 day decline.I’m curious how you can slander one and kiss the feet of the other. The 2 sets of guidelines mirror one another (for the most part). With that being said, I feel its unobtanium for at least a couple months and we dont have that kind of time to keep business idle. Also interesting to note yet again how the Wi Top court gives DHS a week to respond to the lawsuit. Then it prolly waits a week to issue a ruling. Is the “silent majority” silently giving its approval to what Comrade Evers has decreed? Sho looks like it to me.
    P.S. I’ve worked every week since this was instituted. No handouts here.

    Click to access p02653.pdf


    • Sprocket says:

      I never said I like Trumps plan. Strawman someone else clown shoes.


      • AdamC says:

        How quaint to see someone praising Evers for following Trumps leadership.

        In any event you are still WRONG as usual. Point me to where the president’s guidelines require 14 days of declining flu symptoms AND 14 days of declining COVID like symptoms AND 14 days of declining actual COVID cases AND 14 days of declining positive test result percentages.

        You can’t. BZZZZZT… Mwuh-mwuh-mwuh, your game is over.


  12. Eric Z says:

    Clown shoes. How original. When presented with factual information you result to name calling. Breaks over. Back to work.


    • Sprocket says:

      Attribute to someone a position they never held. When called out for being disingenuous crap weasel, circle back to the strawman. Your doing great champ, keep it up.


  13. cdbplc says:

    Blaska, Michigan is NOT reopening on April 30. The current set of gubernatorial orders expire on April 30, after which (she has clearly telegraphed) there will be an extension of the general shutdown. Incidentally, a couple of hours ago, Whitmer trimmed some of the details of her earlier orders. Rightly, I think, but that’s just me. I expect that the City of Detroit will continue many more severe closures and restrictions long after April 30.

    Anyway, I hope the protesters have a nice time and that there are lots of hugs all around and that they all have plenty of time to have some beer and grill some brats together. Lots and lots of them. Closely. And share heartfelt stories about the stresses of being a Trump supporter in 2020.


    • madisonexpat says:

      I appreciate good sarcasm but the only stresses I must endure, as a Trump fan, are sore stomach muscles from laughing as I watch the daily parade of TDS victims clutching their pearls on their way to wetting the fainting couch.
      How’s THAT for mixing a metaphor?


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