Is it safe?

Pandemic, politicized, of course!

The state of Georgia is open for business again! Which will agitate our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances like a cock-eyed Maytag. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is opening gyms, nail salons, bowling alleys, dog houses, outhouses (or was that Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive?) and more on Friday. Restaurants and movie theaters next Monday. Biden for President headquarters next February.

Starting Tuesday, Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon and the rest of the Resistance news media will rush cameras (equipped with telephoto lenses) and boom microphones to every sick bed and former Obama official looking to score an on-air pundit contract. Joe Biden will move sore-loser Stacey Abrams up on his vice presidential leader board. (Abrams still won’t admit she lost to Kemp last November.)

Will someone in Georgia contract COVID-19 as a result? Of course they will!

If ‘Russian collusion’ and that Ukrainian phone call won’t bring down Trump,
then by GAWD, the Wuhan Woo Woo will!
Is it safe?

Is it safe?

Political score-keeping

Commentator Erick Ericson observes that “The partisans have decided to make death a partisan affair.”

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is breathlessly reporting that six Milwaukee voters and one poll worker have contracted COVID-19 since the April 7 election. Of course! 95,168 voted in the city — many of them (an unknown number) by mail — but too many squeezed into five polling places by the ineptitude of Milwaukee city government. Yet, the Associated Press reports:

There were no signs yet of a surge in cases from the election as some feared. Palm noted, however, that if cases do exist symptoms may not have appeared yet. Tuesday marks the 14th day since the election, which is a time frame during which health officials say symptoms typically appear.

Here is the point: NO activity is without risk. Every social contact is a risk of disease, accident, or disappointment. We don’t know who was infected with influenza in the November 2016 election, either. Or from eating at that table at Mickie D’s two years ago. Or rear-ended commuting on the Beltline. Every activity has a risk/benefit ratio. Deciding the tipping point between them is ultimately political.

A little common sense makes the medicine go down

Colorado will let its statewide stay-at-home order expire next week, allow a gradual reopening of non-essential businesses and permit non-elective surgical procedures and other activity suspended by the coronavirus fight as long as strict social distancing and other protective measures continue, Gov. Jared Polis said Monday.

Wisconsin, meanwhile, is opening the Merrimac ferry across Lake Wisconsin— but only for “essential travel.” You’re sitting in your car (or on your motorcycle), who are you going to infect?

Gov. Tony Evers has closed a lot of state parks and boat launches because … litter? Put out more garbage cans! Nothing social distances like a state park and a Wisconsin lake! 

Polk County sheriff joins Racine County sheriff.

The Nation (never subtle): “These people aren’t freedom fighters — They’re virus-spreading sociopaths.”

Christ leaving tomb

Is it safe?

Makes for great T.V.

Maybe we are getting cynical. (No “maybes” about it!) Our first thought, when CNN anchor Chris Cuomo quarantined himself in the basement of his tony mansion in the Hamptons, was: Great Ratings Gambit! (Our second thought: Your basement is nicer than my living room.)

Monday (04-20-2020), CNN played up the younger Cuomo emerging from his self-imposed quarantine like Christ leaving the tomb Easter morning. Dr. Fauci had laid on hands. It’s a miracle! Cuomo had been cleared by no less than the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention itself. He could embrace wife and play with his children once again if Barzini doesn’t shoot out his bedroom windows. Except, as the Washington Examiner reveals:

Cuomo has previously admitted that he broke quarantine on Easter Sunday to take his wife and children to look at an undeveloped property in East HamptonNew York — a full 30-minute drive from their home in Southampton. As Lucy Van Pelt likes to say, “Real Estate!”

The Examiner’s Bottom Line: Is this part of an elaborate prank? No, This is CNN!

What do YOU think?

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  1. dad29 says:

    by the ineptitude of Milwaukee city government.

    Sure. Pretending not to have known about the National Guard’s offer–then closing 90% of polling stations– is “inept.” Are you Barrett’s Madistan-area propaganda- meister?

    Barrett deliberately disenfranchised the black voting bloc to fight off a pretty good campaign run by his black, female, opponent. Just another case of Southern Democrat election tactics moved North only 70 years later.



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