WHO is why …

America comes first!

Donald Trump was elected President (well, he WAS!) due in great part to  America’s growing distrust of The Establishment, business as usual, so-called experts, and international one-world organizations.

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The Wall Street Journal indicts one such, the World Health Organization, no less, for “bowing to Beijing.”

WHO’s bows to Beijing have harmed the global response
to the pandemic

The rot at WHO goes beyond canoodling with Beijing, but that’s a good place to start. … On Jan. 22-23 a WHO emergency committee debated whether to declare Covid-19 a “public health emergency of international concern.”

The virus already had spread to several countries, and making such a declaration would have better prepared the world. It should have been an easy decision, despite Beijing’s objections. Yet director-general Tedros Ghebreyesus declined and instead traveled to China.

He finally made the declaration on January 30 — losing a week of precious time — and his rhetoric suggests the trip to Beijing was more about politics than public health.…

“If foreign-policy elites want to know why so many Americans mistrust international institutions, WHO is it.

We’ve got a little Abbott and Costello going here. 

WHO is it!

Well, who IS it?


That’s what I want to know. Who?

Yes, WHO is it.

Aaarghh! That’s what I’m asking! Who …

Take that, Deep State coronavirus conspirers!


The Fitchburg Guards manning the ramparts at Blaska Stately Manor in their traditional, colorful uniforms are on high alert for the super-patriots indignant that their “liberties” are being stripped from them by the Deep State under the direction of George Soros who, somehow, has assumed the physiognomy of Donald Trump. (Excuse the long sentence but our copy editors in the Republic of Korea are off-line this morning.)

“We fought a Revolution for this?” they cry. (Yeah, like you fought anything tougher than the common cold.) To which the Guards say:

“That’s right, Paul Revere. Next time the county highway department puts up a “Bridge Is Out” sign, we want you to plow right through screaming: “We fought the British at Bunker Hill.”

Who was that masked manAfter all the s – – – we did in the ’60s, would be a shame if we died because we touched our face.

Who wrote the Book of Love?

and why isn’t it in the Bible?

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