Great news! Tell A.O.C. the Green New Deal is here!

Carbon emissions are down!

All it took was shutting down one-quarter of the U.S. economy!

The  Eisenhower-era mainframe computer at Blaska Policy Werkes blew a fuse awhile back when it reported a decrease in political partisanship. If anything, the partisanship today is more virulent than the coronavirus itself. 


Thanks for reminding us, John Nichols

Cry me a freaking river!

Thin Man blows smokeAside from the usual kvetching that Trump should-a, would-a, and could-a done this or that sooner, better, or not at all — La Resistance is now comparing the orange ogre in the White House to Nosferatu and his undead buddies.

For Exhibit A in how the La Resistance news media unwittingly manufactures Trump voters, Ann of Althouse dissects a column by Frank Bruni in (of course) the New York Times headlined, “Has Anyone Found Trump’s Soul? Anyone?” 

Bloggeuresse extraordinaire Ann writes: 

How sanctimonious and simultaneously blind! Do you need to be to proclaim the soullessness of another human being? The sub-headline on that Bruni piece is — I am not kidding — “He’s not rising to the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic. He’s shriveling into nothingness.

[Bruni continues:] “In Trump’s predecessors, for all their imperfections, I could sense the beat of a heart and see the glimmer of a soul. In him I can’t, and that fills me with a sorrow and a rage that I quite frankly don’t know what to do with.”

Ann plays her tiny violin: 

liberal tearsI could sense… I can’t… me with a sorrow and a rage… I quite frankly don’t know…” I see Bruni stumbling through the canyons of his mind. There’s an outpost up ahead… your next stop — the Trump Hotel. Columnists check in. But they never check out. 

The white lab coats here at the Werkes concede that Donald Trump doesn’t bite his upper lip and tear up on command like good ol’ Bubba Clinton but sheesh! and double-SHEESH! Neither did Eisenhower!

Babylon Bee reports that Nancy Pelosi wants to flatten the rising curve of Trump’s support.

Has the CDC recommended smearing lamb’s blood
on the doorposts yet?



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5 Responses to Great news! Tell A.O.C. the Green New Deal is here!

  1. Balboa says:

    According to Joe Biden if you loose your job, just learn to Code software, because according to him that is super super easy to do and if everyone just learns to code we won’t need other jobs that require cheap and plentiful energy resources. I mean technology runs on pixie dust and unicorn farts.


  2. westsidesue says:

    I wish that cheesecake cutie would dry up and blow away…she should be getting Oscars for her acting. She is so much like the screaming mimis kissing the ring of Harvey Weinstein, I don’t know why she hasn’t moved to Hollywood where she can give CA their fair share of grief. Ohhhh I’m fullah vitriol and not a little teeth-grinding GRRRRness today.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    0CRAZY0-Cortez (“We Need To Invent Technology That’s Never Been Invented Yet”) sez there’s too much division in our country; addition and subtraction are hard enough…

    Single-handedly orchestrates the extinction of Dumb Blond Jokes:

    “Am I this Stupid Because I’m A Socialist, Or Am I A Socialist Because I’m This Dumb?”

    “Under Capitalism, Man Oppresses Man. Under Socialism, It’s The Other Way Around.”

    Just keep a hot mic in front of her puss; this $#!t is gold!

    The Gotch


  4. Balboa says:

    sorry off topic but suddenly Governor (N)evers now has the ability to postpone elections wait I thought he didn’t have that ability, he said so for the last month while all the while proposing suspending laws. I wanted this suspended a month ago and this should have been done a month ago. Now I know the absentee ballot I cast will be somehow lost. Way to go, what a strong leader in the governor mansions. This has turned into a total F.U.B.A.R! This should have had way more urgency than in the eleventh hour bullcrap.


  5. George's Son says:

    Althouse Commenters:

    –Mike Sylwester said…

    “Frank Bruni sure is smart. He’s a NYT columnist, and you are mere readers.

    4/6/20, 7:43 AM

    –Leland said…

    60% of the population think Trump is doing well with this crisis. It’s nearly the reverse for the media. And if we want to cherry pick moments; I’ll never forget Obama stopping his golf game for a minute to talk to the press about an American journalist being beheaded and then getting back to his game. RIP James Foley.

    4/6/20, 7:48 AM

    The arrogance/ignorance of the NYT and the constant Blame Game by partisans never stops. How does that help in these anxious times?


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