Car thief jailed in deaths of two in Madison

Deferred prosecution

WKOW-TV 27 is reporting that 18-year old Khari Sanford was booked into the county jail Friday on the tentative charge of first-degree intentional homicide in the deaths of Madison physician Dr. Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre. Their bodies were found in Madison’s UW Arboretum.

Sanford is acquainted with a family member of the victims, a source told 27 News.

Khari Sanford

Khari Sanford from his Facebook page

Last April at the age of 17, while he lived on Pike Drive in Madison, Sanford was charged with felony auto theft in Dane County. He was found responsible for the theft after a plea deal was agreed to before Judge Ellen Berz. The charge reduced to a misdemeanor and Sanford was admitted into a deferred prosecution program.

He played football at Madison West high school.Sanford most recently showed a Middleton address. 

What appears to be his Facebook site posts several anti-police threads, including “Police the police” and  “Top 5 videos of kids owning the police,” and “Ten minutes of cops being snowflakes.”

A response posted by a commenter this morning reads, “Police the police bruh you killed someone we need the police to arrest people like you.”

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