Car thief jailed in deaths of two in Madison

Deferred prosecution

WKOW-TV 27 is reporting that 18-year old Khari Sanford was booked into the county jail Friday on the tentative charge of first-degree intentional homicide in the deaths of Madison physician Dr. Beth Potter and her husband Robin Carre. Their bodies were found in Madison’s UW Arboretum.

Sanford is acquainted with a family member of the victims, a source told 27 News.

Khari Sanford

Khari Sanford from his Facebook page

Last April at the age of 17, while he lived on Pike Drive in Madison, Sanford was charged with felony auto theft in Dane County. He was found responsible for the theft after a plea deal was agreed to before Judge Ellen Berz. The charge reduced to a misdemeanor and Sanford was admitted into a deferred prosecution program.

He played football at Madison West high school.Sanford most recently showed a Middleton address. 

What appears to be his Facebook site posts several anti-police threads, including “Police the police” and  “Top 5 videos of kids owning the police,” and “Ten minutes of cops being snowflakes.”

A response posted by a commenter this morning reads, “Police the police bruh you killed someone we need the police to arrest people like you.”

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28 Responses to Car thief jailed in deaths of two in Madison

  1. Awww, he was just a teen engaging in normal teenage behavior when he stole vehicles, incarceration would be too harsh for a young man so into a progressively acceptable deferred prosecution program, that’ll teach him not to break the law; what could possibly go wrong?

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  2. Eric Z says:

    Ellen Berz is a blight on this city. She should be arrested for a feeble attempt at impersonating a judge. No deferred sentence!

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  3. Sprocket says:

    I think we can all agree that this is a small price to pay, that our more enlightened citizens can enjoy some smug self-satisfaction.


  4. Scott says:

    “ [SNOWBOY]
    Hear ye, Her ye!
    In the opinion of this court
    This child is depraved
    On account he ain’t had a normal home

    Hey, I’m depraved on account I’m deprived!”


  5. anon says:

    From snooping around on the perp’s facebook page I was able to determine that the perp had been dating the victims’ daughter.

    Also from snooping around on the perp’s facebook page, I was able to determine that the perp’s mother is a Ronetta Sanford, who goes by Ronnie Savage on facebook. She had a bench warrant put out for her arrest earlier this month due to her failure to appear in court on two counts of battery. This was not the first bench warrant for failure to appear in that case, either. As a condition of bond, she is not to “threaten or direct any acts of physical violence towards SL or KOS.”

    Four years ago, Ronetta (the perp’s mother) and the perp (who would have been only 14 at the time) were the subject of civil forfeiture proceedings, meaning that law enforcement had seized assets (in that case money) that were the fruits of, or used in, crime.

    Based on Ronetta’s age, she would have been a mere 15 years old when she gave birth to Khari and would have gotten pregnant at age 14. Apparently she gave birth to Khari in Chicago. She has had at least two kids in Wisconsin since then. She apparently digs men who are covered in tats and who flash signs on facebook.

    On March 26 on Facebook, she tagged a man who is not named as a respondent in either of her Wisconsin paternity cases and said: “James Brown Send me some Money baby daddy. I’m finna be at Walmart in 2 minutes and my cash app is $CashMeOutsideRonnie”

    Five minutes before that, she had posted: “Finna put all my baby daddy’s in a group text and ask “Is yawl [n-word]s working?” 💁🏾‍♀️ cause my child support ain’t increased this week! Yawl jobs essentials to these children that I have to now home school!”

    The father of one of Ronetta’s children is a Mark Edward Hampton with his own sorry record here in Dane County. In one case where he was convicted of child neglect (Dane County Case No. 11CM347), a condition of Hampton’s bail was “Defendant shall have no unsupervised contact with SL (07/02/2002) and SS (01/15/2009) unless it has been approved in writing by Dane County Social Services.”

    In Ronetta’s paternity case with Hampton (Dane County Case No. 2011PA000227PJ), a note from 6-9-2011 on CCAP says “Paternity Judgment entered. Mother sole custody (see 11CM347), mother primary placement, father periods of placement as agreed upon; father to pay child support weekly beginning 6/17/11.”

    So this is the sort of chaos the perp was raised in.

    It also appears, based on the criminal cases of Ronetta and Mark, that SL was both a victim of Mark’s neglect and Ronetta’s battery.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      Assuming that’s all on the level, all The Gotch can muster is an astonished HeyZeus Alou!

      “Finna put all my baby daddy’s in a group text and ask…”

      Righty’s lost the Culture War?

      The Gotch


      • Sprocket says:

        For a taste of the culture war, visit his facebook page. The number of people leaving messages of love and support for this piece of garbage is stomach churning. It makes it clear we have a cancer growing in our society that needs a healthy dose of radiation.


  6. WashCoRepub says:

    Great example of that ‘non-violent’ 50% you want to spring, right Governor Evers? Heck, let’s build some subsidized ‘societal re-entry’ housing right next to the Governor’s Mansion, so you and your family can have some one-on-one experience with how well it works out.

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  7. Time says:

    The couple killed were far left politically, which describes most of Madison, Wisconsin. The husband wrote a letter to the editor last week, railing about Republicans and the court system. The dead couple had open borders signs in their yard, and promoted Black Lives Matter. I wonder how they felt about that at 6:28 am the day they were killed? Anyway, give this time. The “activists” in Madison will make this kid to be a victim, and demand “more funding” to fight system-wide inequality and racial injustice. Guaranteed. The two dead people will be forgotten.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Be Woke. Get smoked.


    • Sprocket says:

      At least it was some advocates of these asinine policies that suffered the consequences of their beliefs instead of some innocent parties. I do have some sympathy though. I can’t imagine any people less equipped to handle these little savages than suburban Madison lefties. It must have been quite the unpleasant shock when reality came to visit.

      All the happy-clappy yard signs in world won’t save you when homie decides to **** you up. A subcompact 9mm with some quality hollow-points however? Yeah experience has proven that quite effective.


      • “Yeah experience has proven that quite effective.”

        Another experience that’s proven quite effective? Lefty escaping a brush with what you describe unscathed, but…um…moved by the encounter.

        The Gotch would LUV to see the figures for Lefty converting to Righty (ala Paul Kersey) after someone whose needs haven’t been met is finna get aw’up in they $#!t, yo!

        The Gotch


  8. George's Son says:

    Anon, Thanks for the details, it helps us stop some serious head-scratchin’. I’m thinkin’ from his last address in Middleton, ($417K assessment) that some one took him under their wing. Not sure what failed him, RE: homelife vs. a school system/court system that teaches that “restorative justice” will always be an option for anti-social behavior. Sad, so really sad.


    • Stephanie says:

      Thank you for bringing up restorative justice particularly as it relates to anti-social behavior. Many people I know who advocate for restorative justice do not understand human psychology particularly anti-social personality disorder. Restorative focuses on offenders hearing the impact they had on their victims. For this to work to achieve rehabilitation, an offender needs to possess empathy. But people with anti-social personality disorder do not feel empathy for their victims. Hearing the pain they caused does not result in the offender engaging in perspective-taking or feeling shame for their crimes nor does it motivate them to change. It just makes them feel powerful. This is why serious offenses should involve serious consequences that are unpleasant enough to help deter future criminal behavior.

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  9. Jason Oleston says:

    Let’s look on the bright side here: this is 3 less votes for Biden in the fall.


  10. George Rockwell says:

    A black guy, I’m shocked! Some people don’t like blacks OR cops.


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  12. Batman says:

    “does it have a translation function for those that don’t speak/understand illiterate Ghettoese?”

    That function does exist Gotch.
    There is an icon labeled richie lesiak, bottom left of each user page.
    You’re welcome.

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  13. Balboa says:

    Jill karofsky says kids will be kids. Release without bail. He spent a night in jail he probably learned his lesson.


  14. George's Son says:

    Yep, the comments on this obviously mis-guided youth’s FB page were legion. Mostly sayin’ he didn’t do it & “a party to the crime isn’t nuthin'” and “innocent until…” Scarier yet, the comments from those barely understandable folks were centered around: “Ima get yo ass” and “Down make me come see ya”. Not just a few… MOST ! Yoiks… I believe the FB page is down now. At any rate, we live among these folks.


  15. George's Son says:

    We need edkashion, RE Anon: “Finna put all my baby daddy’s in a group text and ask “Is yawls working?”

    I finally looked up the meaning (was a revelation to most of us).

    “Finna” is an abbreviation for the phrase “fixing to.” It is essentially used in place of the more common (and the more easily understandable) “gonna,” which is short for “going to.” If you’re finna do something, you’re going to or planning on doing it


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      “Finna put ALL my baby daddy’s…” (bold/caps mine)

      This a cultural/generational problem of signature significance, a Ripple Effect (insert much needed Fred Sanford rejoinder) gone horribly wrong, and which shows no signs of abating; quite the opposite, it would appear.

      While The Gotch is no handicapper, he’d would put the Over/Under on how old Ronetta was when she started…um…accumulating baby daddies @14.

      If she’s cranked out any X-Chromosomal Units, whaddya bet they’re traveling the same life arc/making the same life choices, as Dear Mother, as in being fruitful and multiplying?

      Cautioning of the harshly unrelenting pitfalls of kids having kids was a sermon delivered early on, and with an unequivocally clear and present emphasis, by my Dear late Father.

      He was a career probation/parole specialist who saw the results of a poor start to life in real time.

      It was way bad well before he retired 35 years ago; you think it’s gotten better, stayed the same, or gotten worse?

      The Gotch


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