Why Italy?

Unfortunately, Italy is getting younger because of COVID-19

Why so many fatalities in Italy from COVID-19? More than China, even?

The tinfoil hats say that China has burrowed its way into Italia. No doubt George Soros is involved, somehow. But two factors make more sense.

The first is that the Italian population is older than most and thus, more susceptible. About one quarter of the population (23%) is over age 65 — some 14 million. Got to be that Mediterranean diet. (Only Japan has a greater percentage, 28%. Sushi and seaweed? The U.S. is 16%.)


The second reason is that, more than any other country in Europe, grandma and grandpa are living with the kids and grandkids. Nearly one-quarter (also 23%) live in multi-generational households as once did in the U.S. (Good night, John Boy.)


Old folks

Or parents living with adult children

The death rate for Italy’s seniors is 16% among those who have tested positive. Any age can get it, but older folks are less likely to survive. That’s why one sees the heart-tugging photos of the American grandkids serenading grandma from outside the nursing home window.

Puts one in mind of that magical movie Moonstruck with Cher and Olympia Dukakis and the marvelous Vincent Gardenia, as the philandering plumbing jobber.

Asked why he’s crying when Cher declares for Nicolas Cage over Danny Aeillo (RIP), Grandpa explains “I’m confused.”

Blaska’s sobering final thought: Prince Charles and Sen. Rand Paul have tested positive. At some point, a really famous person will die of it and become the Rock Hudson of the coronavirus.

What do YOU think?

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7 Responses to Why Italy?

  1. dad29 says:

    China has burrowed its way into Italia.

    Which 300,000 Chinese in N. Italy are NOT there? Which Italian leather and fabric producers owned by Chinese interests are NOT owned by Chinese interests?

    Inquiring minds, and all that.

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  2. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Age wasn’t the all of it.

    Italian Virologist (Dr. Giorgio Palù) Says Political Correctness Doomed His Country’s Coronavirus Response

    Then there was that catastrophically imbecilic Hug A Chinese Day, held AFTER President Trump launched RAYcist travel restrictions.

    Italy’s Politically Correct approach held its hands back and begged to get pasted, and PASTED it got!

    The Gotch


  3. A Party of One says:

    Here’s a good view from across the pond:


    • madisonexpat says:

      Excellent info on the link. Thanks.


    • Batman says:

      Comment of day goes to Party of One!
      Fabulous article and it explains Batman’s perspective quite well but people are so whipped into a fear based frenzied panic that no major political leader can seriously posit the idea of the cure being worse than the disease because by doing so any deviation from (near) total shutdown makes any following COVID-19 death too much of a political liability.
      The comments are as good as the article.


  4. dad29 says:

    Apparently Fauci has joined the tinfoil hats who state that China has burrowed its way into Italy. He claims it’s “tourism”…….but definitely Chinese.


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