County jail gets COVID-19 blasters

UV germ blasters being tested in Dane County Jail

Where can I get mine!

Fools they are, the indentured servants here at Stately Blaska Manor tossed out the saltwater aquarium cleaning solution well before the novel coronavirus invaded the American Homeland.

But the Dane County Jail has acquired Meditek “Skytron UV Emitters” on loan for testing.

“These devices are typically used in a medical setting to emit germ-deactivating UV energy, and are effective on both contaminated air and surfaces,” says Elise Schaffer of the Sheriff’s Department. “This is a significant step in protecting both inmates, deputies and other staff against the spread of COVID-19.”

Sheriff David Mahoney says he is also” committed to getting as many inmates a possible released from the jail to minimize the risk of COVID-19 to inmates and staff.” As of today (03-25-2020), the Dane County Jail is holding 562 inmates, well down from 746 on March 10. Another 74 are wearing GPS ankle monitors.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Once again, the county jail is safer than a lot of places in Dane County. Come to think of it, aquarium supply stores sell UV emitters to kill ich in fish tanks.

What do YOU think?

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