Think we’ll just stay home today

Panicked or prudent?

Got everything we need here

Moose out front should have told you.

Man walks into bank wearing a mask and everyone panics until he announces, “I’m not sick. This is just a stick-up.”

I would tell you a joke about Corona virus but you probably won’t get it.

Parents worried they’ll have to raise their own children as schools shut down. — Babylon Bee. 

Was Blessed Eusebius of Esztergom, the 13th century Hungarian, onto something when he founded the religious order of “Saint Paul the First Hermit?” Then why did Herman’s Hermits give concerts?


Is the Coronavirus, COVID-19, aka the Wuhan Woo Woo going to mark one of those unintentional pivot points? Will the pandemic hasten retreat from the public square? Why engage with other people when they’ll just make you sick? Physically, as well as psychologically.

We can remember Mom and Dad getting a babysitter so they could go into town to watch Uncle Miltie on the TV at the local tavern, where they could meet friends and hoist a few Schlitzes. Dad belonged to VFW, American Legion, Lions Club, Catholic Foresters, Holy Name Society, Farmers Union, Dane County Democrat(ic) party — all of which had meetings, get-togethers. Civic clubs are shriveling away and we’re poorer for it.

After the raucous presidential debate hosted by CBS February 25 in Charleston S.C., pundits demanded live audiences be done away with (prepositional ending of sentence be damned!). Bernie and Biden will go at it Sunday in the studio, thanks to the Wuhan thing. (Then again, the three JFK-Nixon debates were conducted without a live audience.)

⇒ Still hoping for a canned laugh track at Sunday’s Democrat(ic) debate.

Woodman’s supermarket west side of Madison WI 03-13-2020

The world will come to you

Why go out to eat when GrubHub will bring the food to you? Why go shopping when Amazon and FedEx deliver?  Woodman’s and Pick n’ Save will deliver your groceries. No need for movie theaters with NetFlix, Hulu and 54-inch, high-definition screens. Martin Scorsese’s latest movie went almost directly to subscription TV. Download your books. Do the U.S. Census on-line. Banking, too.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is falling back to on-line learning as a result of the latest pandemic. Madison Civic Center is cancelling shows.

Will public transportation recover? Will our churches shut their doors? Even Donald Trump has canceled the Catholics for Trump rally in Milwaukee next week. Mayor Tom Barrett insists the Democrat(ic) national convention will carry on five months from now. Lot could change in five months. In the meantime, stay away from Chinese and Italians.

Two more cases in Dane County

Spanish flu 1918-19

Skepticism has curdled into cynicism

It is a mark of how little the news media is trusted that many of my conservative friends are pooh-pooing the risk involved.  Indeed, COVID-19 may peter out. (Let’s hope.). Our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances attach the word “crisis” to every micro-aggression. They fanned the Russian conspiracy hoax, after all.

It should be remembered that the 1918-19 “Spanish Flu” killed more than all the military deaths in World War I and World War II combined. It lasted just 15 months but was the deadliest disease outbreak in human history, killing between 50 million and 100 million people worldwide — 670,000 in America when the nation’s population was 106 million — less than one-third of today’s. My aunt Evelyn (born 1910) told of being sent to the neighbors’ farm to live.

Blaska’s bottom line: If you want to downplay the risk today, go ahead. Book that cruise, rub elbows. But there’s a reason wildlife experts ban baiting deer — the spread of diseases like chronic wasting chief among them.

What do YOU think?

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64 Responses to Think we’ll just stay home today

  1. dad29 says:

    “…Communist bioweapon coming from China.”

    Just like you have a better plan than Trump executed, and you would have done it FAR faster because of your house-mate’s intimate knowledge of food-truck sanitation, I’m sure you have a FAR better understanding of how a Wuhan bio-weapons lab run by the Chinese Communists has nothing………..NOTHING………to do with a virus which–according to YOU–is the most deadly thing since Spanish or the Plague. Except that it came from Wuhan, in Red China, and Wuhan has thousands of dead, if not 10’s of thousands.

    Go ahead. Tell us all about your theory of origin. Make us laugh; we need it.


    • AnonyBob says:

      C’mon Dad, you have to admit Trump has seriously dropped the ball. One of the morning news shows had a montage of what he’s been saying the past month or so. He’s outright lied about the virus, claimed it was a hoax, downplayed it, came right out and said he didn’t want quarantined cruise ship passengers released because the numbers would make him look bad, would accept no responsibility for the government’s response, etc. It was damning. Every time he opens his mouth in public his staff has to scurry to walk back half of what he says. His habitual lying and lack of credibility has left the public confused and scared when they need solid, reliable information the most. This has been a major, major failure of leadership which, along with a crashed stock market, should doom his chances in November. And that’s now causing the heads of Trumpsters like you to explode with discredited conspiracy theories. Yep, them sneaky Chinese commies killed 10’s of thousands of their citizens to unleash a bioweapon on the world. Good grief, get a grip. (Hint: that’s not how bioweapons are supposed to work.)
      By the way, since you keep bringing it up I have to ask: what’s YOUR wife’s expertise?


      • dad29 says:

        Ah. You have Magical Thinking!! Since you (and a lot of other LeftCranks) THINK that Trump should be out of office, you simply declare that he SHOULD be out of office,

        You probably haven’t absorbed this information, but it is a documented fact that Mao killed around 80 MILLION (that’s a really, really, big number, ya’know) of his own citizens during his reign as Emperor. They were inconvenient, so they are dead. You are a fool if you think Xi won’t do the same. 50,000 is pish-posh to him; pocket change.

        Trump is NOT responsible for policy of CDC and FDA in place before he was elected.

        habitual lying and lack of credibility has left the public confused and scared when they need solid, reliable information the most Yes, that’s a problem. If people stopped paying attention to CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC/MSNBC/Times/Post, they would not be confused and scared. Reliable, truthful information is out there, of course. You’re a big boy. Find it.

        My wife specializes in making me happy.

        Since you are more dense than Copernicium, and I haven’t 30 years to re-form your alleged brain, we’re done here. Buh-Bye


        • AnonyBob says:

          “If people stopped paying attention to CNN/NBC/CBS/ABC/MSNBC/Times/Post, they would not be confused and scared. Reliable, truthful information is out there, of course. You’re a big boy. Find it.”
          Ha, ha! Sorry, Dad, but I’m addicted to responsible, conventional journalism that follows a code of ethics, along with truth and reality. Journalism that doesn’t blatantly lie to protect and prop up Dear Leader. I’m confident if Mao were still alive Trump would embrace him just like he does Xi, Kim, Putin, Duarte, MBS and every other authoritarian thug he so envies and admires. You can enjoy all the crank fringe sites you and the other Trump cultists want; I’ll take a pass. All hail Dear Leader! Ho, ho!
          Your wife should step it up; you haven’t seemed particularly happy in this thread.
          Best wishes!


  2. Batman says:

    Scant coverage of Obama’s multiple visits to China this past year without any publicly declared purpose, despite being spotted a few times in Wuhan. Coincidence?


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Whoa. Been offline walking in the woods the last few days.There must have been lots of fun at the ABob household of late. I imagine two people ranting right past each other. Some observations;
    ** Spring has sprung hereabouts, crocuses (croci?), daffodils are numerous, peach and pear trees blossoming.
    **ABob surprised me by agreeing that anyone using Covid for partisan purposes is contemptible and held on to that principle almost an afternoon before reverting to high fever levels of TDS.
    **ABob’s “addiction” to honest journalism is belied by his knee jerk pearl clutching credulity to anything accusing President Trump of anything. “I find Ballsey Ford,17 intel agencies, anyone who says the president is a Russian agent yada yada yada…. credible.” He demonstrates my point that the further Left are prone to panic and, apparently, exhaustion having been in a swoon since 2015.
    My 401K? Better than it ever was under the previous regime but you go ahead and bail out ABob. Much like your political party, never miss a chance to miss a chance.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Thanks to the Trump Bear Market your 401 is back to where it was under the previous regime. Hope it stays that high. I’d be a little disappointed by all this if I were you.


  4. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    AnonyBob above: “How are your investments,”

    It’s been a brutal six figure bloodbath, but The Gotch (a buy-n-hold kinda a guy who not
    only understands, but accepts the rules of the game) tries to look at it philosophically; he has money to lose.

    If you have a dollar to your name, you’re better off than over half the world’s population, who have -0- to negative net worth.

    Lost a substantially higher % as a result of the Former Serial Sexual Predator In Chief and co-President Hillarity deregulating Wall Street; the FSMA (partial repeal of Glass-Steagall), the CFMA (deregulated freakin’ derivatives!), & Riegle-Neal (deregulated interstate banking and led to a wave of mergers). Not quite sure if any of that led to the Dot.Com bust; you?

    Anywho, lost a substantially higher % 2.0 after Bawney Fwank and his morons savant Franklin Raines & Daniel Mudd (with enabling apologists Greg Meeks & Maxine Waters) ignored the Fannie/Freddie ticking time bomb, which contributed to the democrat caused mortgage meltdown/global recession**.

    **Deserving of mention is the Former Serial Sexual Predator In Chief and co-President Hillarity (assist/AG Reno) morphing the Jimmah Carter democrat voter drive, I mean Community Reinvestment Act, into its final, lethal form, with disastrous, far-reaching implications.

    Mandating lenders give unqualified people mortgages who have no business buying a house; screwing them and their credit. Not unlike the democrat Party rewarding Flint, MI voters by poisoning them, am I right?

    Lefty; always RIGHT THERE when they need you!

    The Gotch


    • dad29 says:

      Ironic, no, that the Lefty–one of those who advocate giving other people lots of YOUR money–is measuring Trump by the status of a 401(k)? The ones who apparently believe that money grows on trees and should be disbursed in large quantities to whoever asks…..have suddenly become money-conscious, since Orange Man Bad is President…

      Betrays the Lefty’s REAL concern: the shape of THEIR wallets.


      • AnonyBob says:

        Nah, Dad, I’m just using the metric Trump-cultists like you and Splat have responded with whenever I point out the many malfeasances of your Revered Leader. “Yeah, but my 401k is doin’ just fine!” doesn’t have much resonance anymore, does it.


        • madisonexpat says:

          As Warren Buffet says “When the market gets greedy…. get scared. When the market gets scared… get greedy.


  5. Batman says:

    Buy gold, from Rosland Capital.
    Yours truly,
    William Devane

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  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Barely one month ago Hopey Changey was slobbering effusively, albeit emptily-n-unconvincingly, that this was HIS economy.

    Funniest thing, haven’t heard a peep out of the former Blamer in Chief on that subject since; you?

    Nothing about his disastrously limp-wristed/bend over approach to J V Team adversaries, either.

    The Gotch


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