Amy’s got pluck; do we like pluck?

Is Midwest nice a political force?

Who will defend our super-sized Squishees?

The talking heads were saying it all night Tuesday (02-11-2020) from New Hampshire. Did you ever imagine that Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren’s vote totals would be short of Amy Klobuchar’s numbers? It’s going to be that kind of Presidential campaign year. Expect the unexpected.

Say it ain't JoePoor old Joe got run through the wringer and not just on Fox for leaving the scene of the accident for his electoral bunker in South Carolina. Given his crash and fifth-place burn in the snowy Yankee woods it was the best option he had — to pivot and pander like crazy for the black vote in the birthplace of the Confederacy. Then again, South Carolina, 27% black, does not look like America (12% black), either. (Nothing looks like America except a Las Vegas convenience store.)

Pandering is not a good look

Turns out that boasting electability as a virtue requires actually winning an election. (There’s always a catch.) Joe’s still trying to ride coattails that left the White House 3½ years ago and seems farther away from endorsing his old running mate than ever, now that the buzzards are circling.

Face it: Joni Ernst was correct. The Burisma Bidens were the first casualty of the Schiff and Nancy Show. The Bidens managed to monetize the vice presidency for millions of dollars and America sees it clear as day. Hillary must be green with envy.

So last night (02-11-2020) Old Joe was cozening up to the supposedly monolithic Black Voter in the Palmetto State, furiously pandering like a barroom tap dancer to Black Bart’s blazing six shooter. Singing some Harriet Tubman. Race carding his own party in a state that voted for Donald Trump and put a conservative black Republican in the U.S. Senate. 

The heads talking into the Werkes’ b&w Philco Tuesday were jabbering about the inevitability of Bernie versus the Billionaire and wouldn’t THAT be a debate! As for Mayor Pete (we’re still too lazy to look up the spelling of his last name), the guy is making the indentured servants nostalgic for Martin O’Malley. Mayor Pete has been described as a political bot — a walking, more-or-less human Alexa with all the answers even if we keep asking the wrong questions.

Amy-Klobuchar- of the snow

Our Lady of the Snow

Amy Klobuchar is said to have no organization and no money to survive Super Tuesday but here is the thing — she’s got that winning smile and that pluck! 

She is impervious to 2 A.M. Trump tweets. She is one of the Little Women, the one who ran for school board on a platform of toll house cookies warming on the wood-burning stove. She is the anti-Warren — no five-year plan for hectors. Unlike Hillary,  there is no sense about Amy that shit is about to get real. (Though she did once yell at her staff.)

Amy’s mother is from Milwaukee! Gramps took Granny’s lunch bucket down to the iron mines in the Mesabi Range!

Amy Tyler Moore

Who can turn the world on …?

Oh, Mister Grant!

The lady from the Twin Cities should toss her tam o’shanter into the air. She’s got PLUCK! Mr. Grant may not have liked Pluck but Murray sure had a crush on it! Mebbe that’s why she calls it “Grit!” instead of Pluck!

Just a strange feeling that Democrats somehow will find their way to plucky Mizz Grit after tiring of Bernie’s post-doctoral Marxism lectures and the little mayor’s plastic ono band.

As for Michael Bloomberg, what is there behind all the billion$? The man has no program, no personality, no personal following. He’s not a disrupter like Bernie and The Donald; he’s not soothing warm milk at tuck-me into bedtime like Our Mizz Amy. Lack’s Pistol Pete’s gay gene or any trace of melanin. He’s already apologizing for being an effective mayor of Gotham. 

What’s left is just oodles and scads of sweaty money, ostentatiously trying to buy up all the property on Pennsylvania Avenue. To do what, other than beat Trump and confiscate our super-sized Kwik-E-Mart Squishees? 

Blaska’s Bottom LineBloomberg IS doing to the Democrat(ic) party what Reagan did to Gorbachev, spend the Soviet Union into dissolution, into multiple third parties warring each other, not Republicans.

What do YOU think?

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9 Responses to Amy’s got pluck; do we like pluck?

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious (so obvious you’ll never hear it from the MSM), namely that SC is every bit as “unrepresentative” of America as NH or Iowa. Also for pointing out that Pete Bootyjudge (close enough), assiduously cooed over by said MSM for being so “articulate” is nothing but a platitude-generator whose idea of leisure wear is removing the tie from his Calvin Klein dress shirt. Try as I might, I can’t generate sympathy for Quid Pro Joe. Everyone calls him a “nice guy”; all I’ve ever seen is a craven old blowhard beholden to the special interests of the left … and a shameless plagiarist into the bargain. I’ve imagined many scenarios for the demise of the Democrat Party, but none so delicious as the one that’s unfolding daily.


  2. patrickmoloughlin says:

    I’ve noticed that Bernie has stopped hectoring “millionaires and billionaires” ever since he obtained millionaire status. Now it’s only billionaires that draw his ire. He claims that Mayor Pete is a bad person because he is supported by some “40 billionaires.” In Bernie’s world, billionaires are about ten times worse than millionaires.


    • Kevin S Wymore says:

      I, too, have reported to the DNC that the “million-ehs” have gone missing from Inspector Bernard Javert’s stump screed. Methinks it’s that so many “million-ehs” have been minted in the Trump economy that it has become impolitic to castigate them all.


  3. Balboa says:

    Don’t fall for a wolf in sheeps clothing. She is die-hard leftist progressive that would sign every single progressive socialist totalitarianism bill a democratically led house and senate sent to her. Being nice and pleasant is not in my top ten when looking for President. Republicans had both Bushes who were pleasant people Bush 41 one Termed and 43 a complete disaster. 40 is a rare exception to the rule, he had cross over appeal but when cornered he would stick to his guns and shoot straight and not always in a pleasant manner. I would rather have someone who is Short and Frank with their message than someone who has to wordsmith their way through tough questions every day of the week. Every Single one of those DEM candidates are for some sort of leftist takeover of our Healthcare, believes in the falsehood that somehow mandating $15 \hour will be the answer low income workers. They believe the Green New Deal will somehow fix America and the planet. They believe in open immigration with full benefits and sanctuary cities. Not sure why but Democrats are not as supportive of Israel. None of them have come out hard on China and what it practices and it’s gulags. None would stand up to them when push came to shove. Heck even previous republicans talk a big talk on China but roll over and play nice at the end of the day. Stately, Nice and Polished is not what we need. Give me “Orange Man Bad” for 4 more years.


  4. Mark Porter says:

    Buttigieg. Yw. 😊


  5. madisonexpat says:

    SC is loaded with deplorable, church going bitter clingers yet has the long time head of the Cong. Black Caucus, one black senator, one probably gay senator and until recently, Trey Gowdy. All of whom are very collegial. SC doesn’t strive for “various skin tones, sexual preferences etc.
    You are going to see a substantial black vote going to president Trump. Bernie will get some, Biden none (Obama has no coat tails), Steyer none, Bloomie none, Amy very few, Mayor Pete very few.


  6. George's Son says:

    Welp, true to form, the voters in this precinct take a wrong turn. IS there a winning candidate? A winning platform? A consensus? One can only giggle, thus far.


  7. Good Dog,Happy Man says:

    Klobuchar tried to separate herself from the poor-choice, pro-abort proglibocrats Butt/Bern.
    No one rely believes her, though. She may welcome pro-Lifers to stay, but for what? A front-row seat to the party’s national campaign for infanticide? Bills, like the one she just co-sponsored, that take away states’ rights to limit abortion, … limits that 60% of Democrats want?

    Klobuchar may say pro-Lifers are welcome, but her views certainly won’t make them feel that way.

    Klobuchar has a 100% rating from NARAL, has vowed to reverse Trump’s abortion policies in her first 100 days, promised to never nominate a person to the bench who isn’t sold-out to Roe v. Wade and when people suggest that late-term abortion is radical, she fires back, “I’m okay with it.”

    She wants Planned unParenthood to run our country’s sex ed, force taxpayers to write checks for birth day abortion and calls any restriction on killing the unborn a “violation of civil rights.”

    She’s just as bad as the #HumanChopShop at Planned unParenthood, where they not only steal that little baby girl’s life but then go and sell her baby body parts for profit. That’s just evil.

    EVILSLIVE @Planned unParenthood. Babies don’t.


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Does anyone seriously believe that if one of the so-called Dem “moderates” were elected president he or she wouldn’t cave to every one of the progressives’ demands in short order? Luckily, as long as the Dems keep campaigning while perched on their wobbly three-legged stool of identity politics, class warfare and climate hysteria, they’ll fall on their faces in the 2020 election.


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