Bernie Sanders’ scorched earth campaign

‘Harassment and pernicious litmus tests’

Back when Blaska was an ink-stained scribbler for The Capital Times, he hopped on over to Iowa City — that state’s most Democratic enclave (home, as it is, to the liberal state university) for the 1988 caucus that eventually produced Mike Dukakis as the nominee. Wisconsin Democrats briefly experimented with the caucus that same year (I believe), to no better result. 

But no one knows Iowa like a native Hawkeye. It was genius of the New York Times to contract with a small-town Iowa radio news reporter for his impressions. He reaches much the same conclusions as have the white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes. (“Voters may decide next President”). The Iowa journalist writes:

  • The Ukraine scandal will hurt Joe Biden, and he won’t be able to go toe to toe with President Trump.

  • Ms. Klobuchar is indeed the “girl next door,” and we trust her. Northern Iowa loves her, and her appeal has grown as she has toured our 99 counties. The first time I saw her, she impressed a small crowd in a brewery. The last time, everyone who wanted to see her couldn’t get in.

  • The Iowan’s final point is that Bernie Sanders is a redistributionist totalitarian at heart — doomed to lose to Donald Trump or — worse for the Republic — take us to Venezuela if he wins. Which is why the DNC is doing best to undermine the cranky old Soviet Union honeymooner.

The small-town Iowa radio guy writes:

Bernie Sanders’s scorched-earth campaign in 2016 continues today and will hurt not only him but us all. Most of his supporters are good, well-meaning people, but the “Bernie Bros” are real, pernicious and legion. They carry their litmus tests everywhere they go and harass non-Sanders supporters in real life (and at the events of other candidates), on social media, in their phone calls, and in texts.

Litmus tests — not even a tilt

Indeed, The Nation magazine — torn between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — decry any compromise among their true believers in any attempt to win over some 9 million former Obama supporters, nationwide, who voted Trump in 2016. “Can Democrats Win Back Trump VotersWithout Compromising Their Soul?” and “without tilting to the center.

Pernicious? The Bernie/Warren publication issues this fatwah against pro-lifers; headline: “The Long History of the Anti-Abortion Movement’s Links to White Supremacists.” Get it? If you believe life begins at conception, you must be a cross burner.

“Defeating Trump and the ultra-right in 2020 means
moving the electorate to the left.
The most effective force doing that is the Sanders campaign,
which we should become fully immersed in.”
Communist Party of the USA, 12-10-2019.

Following up his fawning “Sanders’s Iowa Campaign Has Killer Ground Game,”  John Nichols writes: “The DNC’s Move to Accommodate Bloomberg Stirs Outrage in Iowa.” His lede sentence:

Grinnell, IowaMichael Moore could barely contain his fury.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: That’s a chronic problem for Michael Moore and Bernie’s true believers. They can barely contain their fury — like totalitarians everywhere. Which is why Blaska Policy Werkes is seeking the 4 by 8-foot plywood concession for Downtown Milwaukee this August. (all those storefront windows!) Most Democrats understand that if Trump can’t draw Biden as his opponent he’d love to face Bernie Sanders.

What do YOU think?

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9 Responses to Bernie Sanders’ scorched earth campaign

  1. patrickmoloughlin says:

    Since Bernie seems hell bent on destroying the Democratic party, you’d think they might make him at least become a dues paying member first. How the hell do you hand the car keys to a guy who won’t even wear the team name on his racing jacket?


  2. Deborah Ann Moore says:

    Bernie Sanders believes he has a winning strategy. He never said a single word when Obama injected $7.4 trillion in to the federal reserve in 2014 in QE1, QE2 and QE3. That is how the top 1% got so darn rich. Sanders is banking on his followers remaining ignorant while we sit back and watch this bad Michael Moore movie.

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  3. geo_ says:

    Can’t help but wonder if Bernie will rip children from their parents grasp to fill his gulags? Bet he won’t be paying $700.00 per night for each person to a big campaign donor either.

    Isn’t tRump a redistribution totalitarian? We have proof that his policies benefitted the wealthy and there’s no doubt about his totalitarianism.


    • madisonexpat says:

      Once again geo demonstrates his understanding of “proof”.
      Muellar, Kavanaugh, Impeachment and whatever BS they’ll invent next.
      Tell us how Putin hacked, whacked and stacked the Iowa caucus. Because when election results don’t go as the DNC wishes………. Russia!
      Keep up the good work Dems.

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      • dad29 says:

        Here’s a nightmare for you: what if Geo_ is a middle-school civics teacher? Yes, his understanding is approximately that of a 4th-grader, but that’s no bar to obtaining an education license in Wisconsin (see, e.g., Tokin’Tony Evers).


  4. White Hills says:

    The amusing thing shaping-up here is, we’ll have an old Jewish socialist as the favorite to win the nomination. The party will then turn to one of the two Jewish billionaires to stop him. It’s becoming harder and harder to not notice how American politics really works.


  5. dad29 says:

    So Trump followed Obama’s lead in “caging” the chilluns, and you STILL don’t understand why?

    Because child-traffickers and “refugee” frauds kidnap children for their own purposes. The US attempts to determine actual parent-child relationships. Then they are allowed to continue–or not.

    If your middle initial is “N” for “NAIVE”, it fits.


  6. George's Son says:

    Geo_ “You guys are right, I’m wrong”… That’s the 1st semblance of reality you have posted. EVER.
    Just as true as Adam Sandler in a 16 second clip. Review this every AM.


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