Trump’s lawyers killed it!

It’s all about credibility

After the delightfully brisk and bracing presentation by the President’s legal team at this Saturday’s (01-24-2020) Impeachment, the Series, the white lab coats of Blaska Policy Werkes tuned their b&w Philco to MSNBC for commentary. Brian Williams (who has his own credibility issues) led off by “reporting” that Trump’s suspicion of Ukrainian interference had been debunked. After that, former Democratic senator Claire McCaskill, now employed by the cable “news” outlet, dominated the proceedings by commiserating with her old colleagues. 

Who would MSNBC interview? Democrats — one after another, even breaking away as Jim Jordan and House Republicans stepped up to the microphone in the Senate lobby so as to cover the entirety of Adam Schiff and his team, then a lengthy Q&A with Chuck Schumer. Even poor Patty Murray of Washington state.

Simultaneously on Fox News, host Neil Cavuto was interviewing Republicans AND Democrats. Among the latter: Debbie Stabenow, Chris Coons, Bob Casey, and Chuck Schumer. They also broke in and out of the lengthy (what else?) Schiff & Co. press conference. And they asked tough questions of the Republicans they interviewed, such as Rick Scott.

The Florida senator said, perhaps too colorfully, “Adam Schiff got knee capped.”

Whose head on a pike?

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-MO, is readying subpoenas for both Bidens and Adam Schiff! With those in his pocket, will Democrats insist on witnesses? More here.

Aside from the undeniable fact that Ukraine got the money (the quid) without any “pro”, the President’s team made the excellent point that Ukraine was unaware of any pause in delivery of military aid. Hard to blackmail someone when they don’t know they are being blackmailed.

They also noted that President Trump runs foreign policy, not the hired help. That the FISA abuses (no proper predication for spying on his campaign after all) justify Trump’s suspicions of the Intelligence establishment. 

(Consider the enormity of this: Hillary Clinton’s campaign contracted with Fusion GPS who hired Christopher Steele who soaked up Russian disinformation used by James Comey’s FBI as the basis to spy on the Trump presidential election campaign — even lying that whether campaign adviser Carter Page was not keeping the CIA informed about his Russian contacts. In other words, Hillary, the Democrat(ic) party, and our own Federal Bureau of Investigation disseminated Russian misinformation to undermine a presidential election.)

The President’s legal team noted that Zelensky said he could meet in Poland, which Trump scheduled until a devastating hurricane intervened. The vice president went instead. They went after credibility: Schiff’s lie that he or his office did not walk the so-called whistle blower through the complaint process. And Schiff’s furthering of the Russian collusion hoax, which took a $32 million investigation to shoot down.

We do not want to hear any more nonsense about “Faux News.”

Blaska’s Bottom Line: This impeachment is an object lesson in the importance of cross examination and fair play. Would only that our news media do the same.

What do YOU think?

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11 Responses to Trump’s lawyers killed it!

  1. The Gotch thinks that Lefty Inc should have established a Plan B, ’cause now they’ve shot their wad, painted themselves into a corner, and in the infamous words of Teddy Duchamp (Corey Feldman in Stand By Me) screwed the pooch!

    ‘Course my pal geo_ will say it only LOOKS bad, and wouldn’t if Madison had a better rapid transit system…

    The Gotch

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  2. geo_ says:

    Didn’t Bush the shrub admit to FISA abuses? Every republican senator knows diss on trump and he’ll make sure you lose the trump cult vote, no loss for any real American.


  3. Mark Porter says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re Judges not Jurors. Yup. That’s my takeaway. 😊


  4. Anne R. says:

    I think his lawyers are hacks. But he has the Senate GOP majority, so he is in no danger of being removed. Stained? yes. Dinged? Sure. Triggered? On a daily basis. But in no danger of being removed. We need an actual Conservative, not a post-Dem faux Republican, running this country.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      ”I think his lawyers are hacks.”

      They shredded Lefty’s pie-in-the-sky bogus efforts and you can sense Lefty’s crippling fear of the inevitable, but state your case.

      “We need an actual Conservative, not a post-Dem faux Republican, running this country.”

      Don’t disagree, but The Gotch doesn’t see that happening.

      There’s an ever-expanding underclass that is either unwilling or unable (or both) to tend themselves; and there’s a lively throng telling them that that’s O.K.

      As a result, they’ll be voting for a living rather than working for it; I sincerely hope I’m long gone by the time they’re in the majority!

      The Gotch


    • madisonexpat says:

      Name one. Please.


    • Batman says:

      Recent polls indicate the majority of people admit that President Trump is twice the man and three times the President The Great Divider in Chief was (in three years not eight) all while being subjected to the most intense comprehensive ongoing assault (soft coup) waged upon any President in the history of Presidents.

      Perhaps even more remarkable however is that President Trump has not succumbed to the 100% fatal Arkansas flu despite humiliating Hilldog and her cohorts.

      Let us pray


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Plus his enemies can’t avoid stepping on their own dicks. Name one of his opponents then tell me what their message is.


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