Indian summer is heating up here in Madison WI

“Key Democrats left in dark”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mainstream Madison showed up!

But whom are we kidding? Progressive Dane, Freedom Inc., YG&B, Community Response Team, assorted socialists and anarchists will flood the zone at these major governmental meetings this week in Madison.
Jason and Jennifer Madison will stay home, then bitch
about why the city is going off the rails.

Monday, October 28
7 p.m. Five alders and Madison police on neighborhood public safety. Olson elementary school, 8701 Redan Drive 

Tuesday, October 29
4:30 p.m. Madison Common Council rushes to enact $40 wheel tax, City-County Bldg, Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Tuesday, October 29
7 p.m. community hearing on new Madison schools superintendent, Memorial High School, 201 South Gammon Road Madison in the Library Media Center

Wednesday, October 30
7 p.m. community hearing on new Madison schools superintendent, La Follette High School, 702 Pflaum Road in the Library Media Center

Tell ya’ what: If you can’t go, send a message:

Tell the city “Safety First!”

Tell the school board to wise up!

This, that and the other thing

Now THIS is Indian Summer. Fall color hereabouts at full peak. Unlettered field hands at the Experimental Work Farm rototilled the feed patch except for second crop of beets. (We’ll see how they do.) Will spread macerated leaves on over everything. Lawn aerated to feed oxygen to the micro organisms and make happy the roots of grass. Wood pile is covered. Storm windows are in place. Port wine on order.

electric-footballThe white lab coats at Blaska Policy Werkes are replacing the piston rings on the Eisenhower-era mainframe known as “Ol Sparky” after its string of Badger football mis-predictions. 

No one is talking Heisman about J. Taylor any more, sad to say. Given that the ground game was bottled up, could QB Jack Coan have thrown more than 17 times? His one TD pass to A.J. Taylor was a thing of beauty, dropped between two defenders close enough to share saliva. That made it 10-7 Buckeyes and we had a game, for awhile. The Squire is old enough to remember when they laughed at Tommy Thompson for predicting Rose Bowls. Now Badger fans expect national championship seedings.

Wm Barr

Who is this man?

The first page of the New York Times Sunday Review section asks “Who is Bill Barr?” The Squire wrote, in black ink right on the page itself: “Attorney general of the United States of America.” Imagine his ire to see the question repeated on Page 4 of that same section, forcing Blaska Policy Werkes to repeat the answer. “The eff-florescing A.G.!”

Comment, respond, what do you thinkBill Barr’s problem, according to a “staff writer for the New York Times Magazine,” is that the A.G. is conservative in politics and Roman Catholic in religious affiliation. A Papist! Not a Nancy Pelosi cafeteria Catholic, either.

The piece accuses A.G. Barr of “subverting the independence of the nation’s top law enforcement agency.”

Golly gee, Beaver, my copy of the U.S. Constitution doesn’t even mention “Department of Justice” but references only “inferior officers … as provided by law.” (Article 2, Section 2) Which is to say the attorney general, as head of the Department of Justice, is NOT a co-equal — and therefore and independent branch of government but is inferior to the chief executive.  

⇒ Put it this way: ya’ think JFK appointed brother Bobby because he wanted an independent attorney general? 

The Times appears dumbfounded that Barr had written that the President “alone is the executive branch.” That’s about right. The buck, one of those chief executives famously said, stops there.

Clean and sober

HappyAvatarThe front section of the Times has a feature story on Mitt Romney, “suddenly relevant” again because he disagrees with Donald Trump. The white lab coats at the Werkes remain big fans of Mitt. No President is above criticism and Mitt’s critique — as opposed to the nattering Nadlers — is more on point. We mention the Romney profile mainly because it reports that the man is “well barbered.” 

Smells good, too, we’re guessing.


Trump is being criticized for using Rudy Giuliani as a go-between with Ukraine. History says JFK used ABC newsman John Scali as a go-between in the Cuban missile crisis. Tom Hanks played a private insurance lawyer (Bridge of Spies, 2015) who acted as go-between in the Francis Gary Powers/Rudolph Abel prisoner exchange with the Soviet Union in East Berlin.

One other cavil. The New York Times claims that the U.S. has a “Deep State” because of civil service. The poster boy for the spoils system has long been U.S. Grant, who was betrayed by many of his grifting cabinet appointees. Two presidents later, James Garfield would inaugurate civil service reform. (Unmentioned in the article.) But cabinet appointees were never civil service. And corruption among cabinet members — always and necessarily political — continued through Harding’s Teapot Dome scandal of the 1920s and Nixon’s A.G. John Mitchell for perjury.

It’s the down in the trenches, the lifers who can throw a monkey wrench into the works. People like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page … 

Off on a tangent

The WI State Journal makes a fair point. “Testing body cameras in Madison would cost less and provide more openness and accountability than the $200,000 city leaders have budgeted for an independent police monitor.”

But it makes that point at the tag end of a lengthy editorial promoting its pet cause for police body cameras that is included in no one’s budget or amendment in this budget cycle. COURAGE, PEOPLE!

Need we say more about news media bias? Here is how CNN headlines the U.S. take-out of ISIS major-domo Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: “Key Democrats left in the dark about US raid.”

What do YOU think?

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5 Responses to Indian summer is heating up here in Madison WI

  1. I’d caution you about mentioning your beet crop, @AnonyBob’ll have you rubbing shoulders with both Boris-n-Natasha and Russkie Borscht wholesalers faster’n you can say ”Nathan Phillips & Jussie are INNOCENT!”

    The marvelous weather enabled The Gotch Organic Gardens & Lefty Conversion Therapy Emporium to inter, commit to the deep if you prefer, next year’s garlic crop; 390 cloves strong!

    Harvest should begin about the same time the laughs-a-plenty democrat Clown Car Caravan Cavalcade commences at thrice-elected Governor Walker built Fiserv Forum, suffocating ignominy notwithstanding.

    “No one is talking Heisman about J. Taylor any more”

    That exploitable niche has been occupied by one Chase Young, one half of the Deuces (OSU’s #’s 2, the other being J.K. Dobbins) Running Wild.

    Defensive penetration stops the run game, IL & OSU did just that (the latter with a vengeance!); IA, et al, have two games of film to ponder.

    OSU has 5 star athletes at all three levels of both offense AND defense; Bucky has none.

    The top 4 defensive recruits In The Known Universe (2017 signing class) were on the field yesterday in Scarlet-n-Grey.

    The Gotch is old enough to have been at the 10/11/1969 UW/IA game when they broke a 23 game losing streak; heck, I delivered the next morning’s Wisconsin State Journal spreadin’ the welcome news.


    The Gotch


  2. Tom Paine says:

    Sorry…typed fast. hit spell check and the return key sent the post before I could edit errors.
    Probably not an issue because so many ga-ga fans will dismiss my observations.

    EDITED -> Fluff ball? Oh yeah, Wisconsin football is smash-mouth style. (As in, they want their mouths smashed by the opposition) No need to belabor the the “Great Pretender” realities of W.
    However, the most distressing outcome of the game were the GRADES that Tom Oates awarded.

    In most cases, Oates was polite. D to D-, just to remain PC. So, question is……Why does the administration pay such egregiously large amounts to the HC for such poor performances?
    In what other profession is compensation so totally divorced from OUTCOMES?

    Where are the ethics of the HC? For HIS poor performance the last two weeks, why doesn’t he voluntarily return his pro-rated pay to the University? I think, that value is about $200,000 per game.

    That W will lose 2 of the next three games is meaningless. They’re aspiring for an invite to the Toilet Bowl. I think they’ll reach their goal.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Tom Paine;

      With all due respect (and apologies for last week’s home cookin’-inspired posting), Chryst has been a success by every measure except winning the Big One

      To wit:

      (bolds mine throughout)
      “A two-time Big Ten Coach of the Year selection, Chryst has guided the Badgers to a 42-12 (.778) record over his first four seasons as head coach at his alma mater, including a 27-8 (.771) mark in Big Ten Conference play. UW ranks fifth nationally in wins and winning percentage over those four seasons, trailing only Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma.

      Chryst is just the third coach in modern Big Ten history to win at least 40 games in his first four seasons as head coach. Only Ohio State’s Urban Meyer (50) recorded more wins through four seasons as a Big Ten head coach than Chryst’s 42.”

      With the other would be the legendary Wolverines HC Fielding Yost, making that some pretty rare air!

      “Why does the administration pay such egregiously large amounts to the HC for such poor performances?”

      FAR/b> better examples/greater disparities of the (IMO) fair metric of salary divided by victories will be found in Champaign, Evanston, East Lansing, & Iowa City; it’s off the freakin’ charts in Ann Arbor.

      FTR; The Gotch bleeds Cardinal in his certified Red Room (replete with all manor of Badger kitsch, including, but limited to, Bucky collectibles galore, a signed 2000 Rose Bowl FB & autographed picture of Elroy “Crazylegs” Hirsch) and does not suffer losses (especially bad ones) easily.

      Expectations are high, and it burns when they aren’t met.

      Like you, I’d hoped this year would be different than last year; playing our way INTO</b< a TOP TEN (or higher) slot rather than playing our way OUT of one, but alas, the greatest plans of mice-n-men…

      The bye week couldn’t come at a better time; lotta season left!


      The Gotch


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Did you look out the window this morning? Shortest Indian summer on record. Is Wisconsin the only effing place on earth that isn’t experiencing global warming? And the one that needs it most?


    • George's Son says:

      Gary, relax…. Indian summer is a ways off -and we’ll get it. That said, maybe DON’T relax -Soon the phrase Indian summer will be offensive to some one some where (Nathan Phillips has many minions, don’cha know)….


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