Parents, you do have a choice

“We don’t have to listen to the police”

Madison’s public schools are producing kids who can say that after trashing a free library and no one (other than a certain failed candidate) cries foul. Blaska is on record saying Madison schools will get worse before they get better. This is not a wish but a sad prediction.

Madison voted against demanding students behave and listen to their teachers. Voters supported a school district administration that undercuts its teachers who try to maintain order. They elected a school board that is poised to kick school resource officers out of the schools, for good measure.

This is a democracy; the majority rules. Madison is entitled to the schools it wants.

No Cops School Oct 29-18 shotdownParents, you do have a choice, thanks to Tommy Thompson, Scott Walker and the Republican legislature.

Low income choice

If you are low-income, you can participate in the WI Parental Choice Program. Your annual household income for a family of three must not exceed $45,716. Application period ends April 20. 

Unfortunately, state law mandates that no more than 4% of the pupil membership of a public school district may participate in the WPCP. The DPI conducts random drawings. 

Apply here for the choice program.

All other parents

The other escape hatch is the WI Open Enrollment Program.  can apply for their children to attend a school district other than the one in which they live. Applications may be submitted to up to three nonresident school districts.

The deadline for next school year is 4 p.m. April 30.

The WI Open Enrollment Program is open to pupils ranging from 5-year-old kindergarten to 12th grade.

There is no tuition cost to parents for participation in open enrollment. Parents of open enrolled pupils may be charged the same fees as resident pupils.

Apply here for Open Enrollment. 

Parochial schools

Sign-up for next school year has begun at St. Maria Goretti elementary school and throughout the diocese.



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  1. sahmpaw says:

    There is even more choice with private schools and home-based private education (aka homeschooling). Parents have a choice, thankfully.


  2. lloyd1927 says:

    The problem lies with the anti-social subculture of a certain ethnic group’s underclass. It is taboo to say this.

    John McWhorter: America Has Never Been Less Racist
    “antiracism” as a new secular religion.


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