More chaos at the school board

Go figure. The Madison school board ONCE AGAIN retreats behind locked doors. Because it cannot keep order at its own meetings

To do what? To fine-tune its cadaverous Behavior Education Plan! Oh, the irony!

The school board can’t even control its own meetings! No wonder it cannot keep the classrooms from erupting in chaos. (More here.)

Come out to East high school, 2222 E. Washington Ave., tonight at 7 p.m. (03-19-19) for a school board candidate debate.

You’re going to be hearing more from Blaska.

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9 Responses to More chaos at the school board

  1. Batman says:

    Word on the street is these loudmouth bullying anti-first amendment activists do not want even a single cop in a school of 1200+ students because they are lousy parents unable to raise civilized well adjusted children and are therefore frightened of the school to prison pipeline along with being selfish and indifferent towards the majority of students who genuinely want to learn but cannot because of the incorrigible, defiant, and often violent miscreants these activists champion.

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  2. WashCoRepub says:

    I admit to being completely mystified as to why these protestors aren’t arrested, removed, and charged with Disorderly Conduct. Not allowing a city government body to function in a public meeting through repeated disruptive behavior is the very case that the Disorderly Conduct charge was created for.


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