Blaska to be run out of town

Ultra-woke progressive issues fatwa

Could it at least be to somewhere warm?

The election for Madison school board, mayor, and alders on April 2 is over four weeks off. But this candidate for Seat #4 on the Madison Board of Education (visit my website, please) is counting down to March 12 when early voting begins. And doing so nervously. 

(Who is that that just pulled up in front of the Stately Manor? Who could that be now?)


Because a Madison progressive has vowed to run Blaska out of town!

Furthermore, this threat was posted on social media, which suggests that a posse is being recruited for this vigilante action. One Robert Lynn shared this post:

So, who else is getting David Blaska-sponsored propaganda? Notice at the end where our all [ sic ] comes back to “The Incident!” Where Mr. Blaska had his PRIVILEGES challenged? … It’s time we start running folks out of town again. I got a list, Blaska’s on it.

Robert Lynn

Robert Lynn run folks out


Oddly (and apparently without irony) Robert Lynn objects to my suggestion that “The Incident” at Whitehorse middle school may be more about behavior than race — bad behavior either on the part of the faculty member or on the 11-year-old student, or on BOTH. (Because we do NOT have all the facts.)

In a subsequent post, Mr. Lynn called Blaska a “jerk.” Even if true, does that warrant being driven from hearth and home to the gulag of, say, Waunakee? Where Blaska would no longer be eligible to serve on the Madison school board? (Although I could still sign Torianna Pettaway’s nomination petition for mayor of Madison, apparently.)

Before you run me out of town, Robert Lynn, I’d like to know who you have run out of town previously? Because you did write “It’s time we start running folks out of town AGAIN.” Is this like Argentina under the junta? A class of people known as “The Disappeared”?

You also write that you have “a list.” Who else is on it? Police Chief Koval? The remaining conservative professor at the University of Wisconsin? Practicing Catholics?

Does Blaska have pride of first place on your list? Or is he — more insult to injury — well down the list?

Won’t you be my neighbor?

This is what happens when you run for elective office here in The Emerald City. People with the “Everyone Is Welcome Here” signs on their front lawn (in multiple languages!) threaten to run you out of town unless you swear allegiance to the One True Party line. Diversity, for the good Madison progressive, is only skin deep.

Robert Lynn, you identify yourself as president, board of directors of Mach OneHealth, which gets grant money from the City of Madison. Since you propose to make my housing “insecure,” Mr. Lynn, would Blaska be eligible for your health services “to people experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity in the Madison Area.”

More questions, would Blaska actually have to RUN out of town? Snow is pretty deep out there. Might I be allowed call Uber? Or must it be Union Cab? One way, of course.

Finally, are pitchforks involved? At least, Blaska need not worry about hot tar. Carbon-based, doncha know.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: In my upcoming exile, if you can’t visit me personally you can still see me on Facebook.

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12 Responses to Blaska to be run out of town

  1. Jon Burack says:

    Blaska is a hoot – as well as absolutely right. I cannot believe Madison will deprive itself of the chance not only for Blaska’s sense and insight at its Board of Ed meetings, but for some HUMOR as well. Or is Ann Althouse truly right, especially about Madison, that this is “THE AGE OF THAT’S NOT FUNNY.” If so, how sad.

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  2. Lars says:

    Usually, you have already lost the argument, once Nazism, and Hitler are invoked, but does anyone still wonder how the “Third Reich” was so easily able to rise?
    Madison, Progressives, AOC, IIhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Robert Lynn,
    need I write more?

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  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The 77 Square Miles Surrounded By Sea Of Reality is ALL IN on diversity.

    Just not of the ideological variety.

    Two things happen when Lefties (most, not all) encounter the Founding Principle of Dissent/discover someone doesn’t see the world the WAY they should:
    1- They assume the heretical Dissenters are wrong, and
    2- They feel threatened.

    Small wonder they react they way they do.

    The Gotch

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  4. Fritzderkat says:

    Give ’em hell, Dave.

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  5. Cheech says:

    On Target Firearms in Brodhead has a good inventory of 9’s for self defense. Best get chu one or two. Ruger, Sig, or Beretta might save ya in a tough situation.

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  6. madisonexpat says:

    Robert Lynn is a class of bully we derided in high school. I guess if they have to grow up they could do worse than this doofus.
    Well played and sorry Althouse, it IS funny.


  7. Sprocket says:

    I wonder what our career parasite was in prison for? The only court records that seem to fit are for a child molester, same guy?


  8. Larsen E. Whipsnade says:

    This “Lynn” character sounds like the spineless bully who needs to call in his punk buddies to intimidate the class nerd/clown. Punch ’em in the nose, Dave!


  9. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    You do realize that this is just the opening salvo. With weeks left until the election,. the designated heretic–aka our gracious host–will have plenty more threats hurled at him. Lynn’s position is the typical “love it or leave it” variety, as in “If you don’t like how liberals are running this town, your only option is to get out (not to suggest an alternative).” It’s a variation on the old “America, love it or leave ti” slogan that was so prominent in the Nixon era (and roundly condemned by liberals back then). As the election approaches, prepare for the Great Unmasking as Madison’s tolerant , welcoming, inclusive liberals begin to show their true colors … whatever the colors of hypocrisy might be.

    On a related note, a few days ago, one of the organizations that settles “refugees” in the Madison area folded tis tent. Why? The cost of living–especially housing–is so astronomical they couldn’t afford to settle any of their clients here. Despite all the pious little sermons on the evils of income inequality one hears from Madison’s liberal elites, charity apparently doesn’t start at home. As one of our regular commentators aptly observes, “Liberals–so much hypocrisy, so little time.”

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Gary L. Kriewald;

      I prefer an open choke on my rhetorical shotgun and use the all-encompassing term Lefty; I wouldn’t want Proggies & democrats to think they’re not being equitably considered…

      But you’re right about this being the beginning; Lefties (most, not all) are staggering hypocrites, a reality of which they’re cluelessly-n-blissfully unaware.

      The Gotch


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