Ali Muldrow: Do as I say, not as I do

Teachers union endorsement member quits
after picking Muldrow for school board

We are missing the “Movement Against Anti-Hip Hop Racism in Madison” this Saturday afternoon (02-09-19) at the downtown Madison Library. More precisely, we’re not going because we cannot waste God’s precious hours, so we don’t actually miss it. 

But it is yet another example of how Madison flagellates itself over matters skin deep with more fury than the passion players at Oberammergau.

Madison has a long history of anti hip hop racism. Folks who have lived here for a long time know that the police and the city bureaucracy stays finding ways to single out and persecute venues that host hip hop in Madison. 

Mayor Paul and Council President Samba Baldeh — repent your racist sins!

More choices in Madison’s educational marketplace

Is that so evil? Three more private voucher schools were created in Madison this past week. (Story here.) The State of Wisconsin wants an educated population but trusts its citizenry to choose for themselves, as befits a market-economy democracy. The state’s investment in education follows the student. In the case of high school students, it’s $8,600 annually.

The members of GRumps — a who’s who of retired Madison school board members — are death on school choice. If Anne Arnesen and Ed Hughes had their way, students at Abundant Life and High Point Christian School would be frog-marched back to La Follette high school. The GRumps share their top-down, command-and-control philosophy with Madison Teachers Inc., which infamously deep-sixed Kaleem Caire’s Madison Prep Academy eight years ago.

Ali Muldrow


Do as she says, not as she does

School board candidate Ali Muldrow has been sniffing Madison’s prevailing political winds. So she told the teachers union what its candidate endorsement committee wanted to hear. 

“I am not a supporter of private charter schools, school vouchers, or any form of privatizing public education.”

Except, of course, when it suits her needs. Ali Muldrow not only supports private charter schools, she sends her children to them. Not only does she send her children to private charter schools, she started one!

After being turned down by the Madison school board, Muldrow went to Scott Walker to get state approval for her independent charter school, Isthmus Montessori. She sends her own children to that school. But Ali Muldrow doesn’t think other parents should be able to make the same choice. 

Can you say “dishonest”? According to the State Journal:

“Muldrow declined to say whether she would support other parents’ choices to send their children to independent charter schools if they deemed those schools the best ones for their children.”

Was the FIX … like, IN?

Muldrow’s opponent, Laila Borokhim, complains that Muldrow’s male partner serves on MTI Voters Committee, although he refrained from voting on an endorsement.

“There’s more to the story. Her husband/partner was in the room questioning myself and all other candidates, though he was not allowed to vote,” Borokhim writes on Facebook.

A Borokhim supporter chimes in, “I am so disgusted. That is terrible if they were afraid if they didn’t endorse her.”

According to Borokhim’s Facebook page, Kati Walsh, member of the MTI Voters — “a committee of which I have served on for the last five years,” said this:  

“I resigned immediately after the vote for seat #4.”

Blaska is also running for Seat #4 but — unlike Ali Muldrow — at least he’s honest. We support the right of every Wisconsin citizen— including Ali Muldrow — to choose the school that best fits the needs of her children. Visit my Facebook page.

Today in the school-to-prison pipeline 

Juvenile Arrest – 4:08 p.m. Friday, 02-08-19: Following a fight at East High School, threats were made by the suspect (15 year-old AAM) to harm a staff member. The suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and conveyed to JRC.

Stolen Auto – 12:57 a.m. 02-09-19: Officers recognized a stolen vehicle in the 4500 block of Verona Road. The driver/suspect (17 year-old AAM) attempted to flee, but was unable to get far due to the slick road conditions. Suspect was arrested and taken to jail. 

Blaska’s Bottom Line: It is a matter of time before some terribly “woke” candidate for Madison school board demands driver’s ed classes for the growing number of teenaged car thieves who know how to jack a car but not drive in winter.


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4 Responses to Ali Muldrow: Do as I say, not as I do

  1. You really don’t expect progressives to follow their own rules, do you?

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    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @Zolter Speaks!;

      It’s time for Righties to take a page from Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals:

      # 4–“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

      Lefty’ll crumble like the fragile ruins of their failed ideology!

      The Gotch

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  2. Bill Everley says:

    Ali Muldrow is no progressive. She’s a wackjob who doesn’t know if she’s coming or going and espouses several rather radical points of view. Might need to ask her partner on that one…i can’t believe MTI allowed him to question her opponents in their candidate interviews, and good for Kati Walsh to resign ASAP from that committee…MTI is no longer the union that John Matthews presided over.


  3. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    I wish I’d known about that anti-racist hip-hop meeting at the library. I’d have attended for the sheer entertainment value. No one excels at self-parody like Madison liberals. Instead, I did my civic duty and voted for our gracious host as well as for Amos Roe. Who could have predicted that not one but TWO candidates on a Madison ballot would offer a clear alternative to the liberal echo chamber that constitutes this town’s political scene. The first sign of hope that at least some citizens are coming to their senses and realizing that putting their kids’ lives in danger is not a price they’re willing to pay to maintain an ethically bankrupt status quo? One can only hope.

    Speaking of entertainment, I’ve been gleefully savoring the unfolding farce in Virginia. I’ve never been a strong believer in karma, but I’m having second thoughts as I watch the blackfaced baby-killer get his comeuppance (to say nothing of the serial rapist and blackface no. 2). If they were Republicans, they’d have been hounded out of office hours after their antics were made public. Dave, you can bet the staff of your opponents are diligently combing through copies of your high school yearbook.


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