It was not the economy, stupid

Is the Solidarity Sing-along finally over?

The people have spoken, the bastards!

It was not the economy, stupid.

Battered elephantOur state and the nation are at record employment. Wages are up. Taxes are down. University tuition frozen. Scott Walker landed the biggest single employer in history. Shockingly, he went down to defeat. That special Senate election in January up in the Eau Claire area was, indeed the proverbial canary in the coal mine.  (Walker was not alone as neighboring Michigan and Illinois traded down for Democrats in the governor’s mansions.)

Just as shocking is Brad Schimel’s loss to Josh Kaul for attorney general. 

Even so, the GOP won 57 of 66 contested seats in the Assembly and 9 of 13 in the Senate, increasing their advantage by one to 19-14. Democrat cookie lady Kris Marion was supposed to unseat State Sen. Howard Marklein in southwest Wisconsin. Not really close, at 54-46%. 

On the national level, Trump has foreign terrorists on the run. North Korea is behaving itself. The Russia investigation seems to have petered out. NAFTA has been renegotiated. But voters on the ground rewarded Nancy Pelosi’s party. They did put up good candidates, not the usual assortment of flower children.

Except in Wisconsin. Randy Bryce was once the Iron Stache, darling of the Chelsea Handler crowd. In the close scrutiny of an election he became Mr. Probation Hold and lost to Paul Ryan’s protege, Bryan Steil, 55-42%. Not even close. 

Down in Florida, former UW-Madison chancellor and Clinton camp follower Donna Shalala was supposed to lose to a much more engaging Cuban-American. Instead, she won.

Was Speaker Ryan clairvoyant in stepping down while on top? Now he returns the gavel to the Democrat from San Francisco after accepting it from her two years ago.

But the U.S. Senate was a different story. Beto O’Rourke, defeated in Texas to new Trump convert, Ted Cruz. Democrat incumbents in North Dakota, Indiana, Missouri — defeated. And poised (as of this writing) to take Florida  while potentially losing Dean Heller in Nevada. That’s a net gain of three seats, which would make the upper body 54-46 Republican. Mike Pence can turn off his cell phone.

Another day-after election lesson: friends come and go but enemies accumulate. The massive government employee voting bloc never forgave Act 10. Suburban professionals were put off by Trump’s crass language and general louche behavior. Mike Pence is looking better all the time. Mitt Romney is tanned, rested, and a U.S. Senator.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Notice something? The usual suspects are not complaining of voter suppression, not with Tony Evers elected. In fact, Wisconsin recorded the highest voter turn-out in the nation. Voter I.D. lives!


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16 Responses to It was not the economy, stupid

  1. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!!! says:

    Nothing last forever except the cold November Rain. Axl Rose

    It is very nice that assembly and senate remain for the next 2 years in Republican controls. Big whoop State Treasurer – she signs checks for things she is told to sign. Secretary of State another big whoop. Baldwin was not going to be beaten by Vukmir. Schimel hurts a little but helped clear the plate of all the backlogged rape kits that sat for 20 years and won praises from the DOJ for those efforts. Kaul hopefully will not mess things up too much but he is a Madison lawyer so I expect nothing less of him.
    Walker thank you for all you efforts you ran out of gas thank you for all you accomplished and straightened out here in Wisconsin. The effort level to sway voters dane and milwuakee counties was the worst efforts I have ever seen but a sitting Governor. Oh well. You will leave the state at a much much better place. Ever’s will now choose to work with legislature and actually accomplish and keep Wisconsin on this path of success with some tweaks or take us in reverse. He won, it happened, he is my governor. Now if I disagree with him does that make me reverse Racist.


    • Batman says:

      “He won, it happened, he is my governor. Now if I disagree with him does that make me reverse Racist.”
      That depends.

      If you’re white (and verbally engaged) regardless of what’s in your heart, you will be labeled a racist at some point. You will receive an avalanche of horrible epithets if daring to challenge or question a POC on virtually anything.

      Now you should be fine if you are a POC. Lefty will wink and nod if you denigrate anything perceived as privileged and white regardless of legitimacy or accuracy. However, express anything divergent from Lefty orthodoxy and you will experience a torrent of disgusting epithets.

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  2. coolkevs says:

    Well, I was wrong on “electoral extinction”. *Poof*
    Congrats to Bob and Lazy-ack.
    Funny that Wis Senate margin actually increased – Wisconsin is a strange state. Tony will have to compromise if he hopes to get anything done for at least the next 2 years. The budget fight should be fun.

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    • Marcus says:

      Evers will get nothing done. He will become the ribbon cutter/shovel turner-in-chief. Good Luck with that.


      • Paula Fitz says:

        Marcus, true. Politicians are not voted in by ability or accomplishment, but rather by public perception. With the media on your side and a good PR team, you can be the biggest screwup and moron, yet still win the hearts of voters.

        I think the Republicans lost an opportunity by failing to paint liberals for the far left radicals they’ve become.


    • AnonyBob says:

      A man of his word.


  3. Bill Everley says:

    Time to rebuild the DNR and DOA and DHS and DOC 🙂


  4. Marge Bils says:

    The Left wants to turn Wisconsin into Illinois; things are going so well there…not!😝
    Chicago (my home town ) is falling apart;public schools are in bad shape, crime is crazy,& taxes are terrible . Only the rich & corrupt doing well.
    Have fun Progessives; you reap what you sow!

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    • FoodForThought says:

      No, they want to turn us into Minnesota. Which I’m totally okay with – budget surpluses and actual enforcement of environmental protections (and liquor stores are even open until 10 there).
      Coincidentally Blaska is wrong about our voter turnout being the best in the nation on Tuesday. Wisconsin had 60%, Minnesota had 64%.


      • White Hills says:

        25,000 Somalis and counting. 70% of them on the dole. Some of them are multi generational receipts. They’ll never get off. They can’t speak the native tongue well enough to participate in society. I do hear artisanal goat hearding is in fashion.


        • FoodForThought says:

          Lol, what a pot of stereotypes, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.
          Take a trip to Minnesota and see for yourself, they’re working in all sectors of the economy and attending colleges all across the metro and state. I used to live there a block from the Cedar Riverside plaza. Some were my classmates, teammates, and friends. They speak English fine and the younger generation is assimilating as expected.
          Have there been some integration issues? Of course, only to be anticipated with that many uneducated impoverished refugees in a such a short period of time.

          And all of that is one big deflection by the way, you didn’t refute a single of the positive attributes I mentioned. We should be so lucky
          to have their surpluses, education, environmental policies, and voter turnout levels.


  5. Paula Fitz says:

    Reasons to hope:

    What happened yesterday is what historically happens during a midterm election, so no big surprises there. Considering the non-stop hate originating from liberal media and that the Dems were expecting a blue wave (both in Wisconsin and across the county), however, yesterday’s results actually aren’t too shabby.

    I’m most disappointed about Schimel, but I’m still holding out hope until he officially concedes. He could still run again next time, as could Walker.

    We all expected Dems to control the US House, so no surprises there. But Republicans EXPANDED senate seats. Every US senator that voted against Kavanaugh lost. Districts in which Trump campaigned did very well.

    The Wisconsin Senate also expanded its reach.

    I also look at movements like #walkaway and #blexit, and see definite signs that people are fed up with the radicalism, socialism, political correctness, and identity politics of the far left. Maybe these movements didn’t expand as far this time, but they are still in their infancy. #Walkaway consists of people like me, former Democrats fed up with the party.

    I believe Tucker Carlson alluded to the fact that Americans are abandoning the radical left; that maybe we won’t see results this election or next, but that eventually the pendulum will swing.

    Yes, pendulums swing.


  6. dad29 says:

    *Cough*….I noted that it’s not only the economy a few days ago. Walker’s campaign sucked.

    I’m sure you noticed that most of the (R) losers were NeverTrump types. They have their principles, and unemployment checks will be next.


  7. Paula Fitz says:

    Dad29, very true on both counts.

    Candidates who stuck with Trump did exceedingly well.

    And yes, Walker’s campaign sucked. I mentioned that they would do well by mentioning the radicalism of the left, including not disavowing Antifa. But they decided to take the “high road.” They didn’t fight hard enough.

    Actually, the Republicans in general could have done better with campaigning. I registered to volunteer on several occasions but nobody ever even took the time to call or write me back.


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Sometimes Wisconsinites are as dumb as their f***king cows. With apologies to Holsteins everywhere.


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