The Squire of Blaska Manor will restore order

If they cannot defeat, they destroy.
If they cannot debate, they disrupt.

That is the modus operandi of the hard Left which, if you doubt, has taken over the Democrat(ic) party.

Progressives and full-on socialists take over local government from run-of-the-mill liberals and moderates. Guess what happens. CHAOS!

Think back just a few years. You think brother Mike Blaska would have just sat there when the Derail the Jail crowd was shutting down the Dane County Board? No, he would have had the sheriff clear the chambers.

Yet, last November, chairman Sharon Corrigan just sat there while the mob shouted down the citizens’ elected representatives. Sitting right next to Corrigan that terrible night was one of her predecessors, now-county clerk Scott McDonnel. Scott told me he would have ordered the sheriff to clear the chamber.

Same with the Madison school board. Used to be its seven members included at least one conservative and a couple of moderates. Now, the publicly funded Freedom Inc. and allies in Progressive Dane and the International Socialists feel free to shout down speakers, smash smart phones, jostle and otherwise harass citizens. Intimidation, of course, is the purpose.

The Bolsheviks did it in 1917, the Fascists in 1922, the Nazis in 1932, the Chinese Red Guards in 1967, the Soros-funded mobs in 2018. 

The Madison Board of Education meets 6:30 this Monday evening (10-08-18) to discuss cops in schools but they’re calling it a working session. No public comment. Not certain if Freedom Inc., the International Socialists, BLM or Progressive Dane will attend. The date to post on your calendars is 6 p.m. Monday, October 29, when cops is schools is likely to be an agenda item open for public comment.

Maxine!First, sow chaos

At the heart of the progressive-socialist movement is a profound contempt for citizens who don’t agree with them. The hidden truth of the progressive movement is it places its faith in experts, not in the people. Who are the experts? Progressives!

Thus can Hillary Clinton demean her opponents as “deplorable.” Barack Obama sneer at the hoc polo clinging to their guns and their religion.

Electing progressives only makes matters worse, as Madison proves and ultra-blue Minneapolis is learning.

“New Minneapolis City Council struggles to maintain control of the chamber,” a recent headline reports. “Protesters and others have been heckling, interrupting and derailing meetings.”

Maintaining order in meetings has become a struggle for the new City Council. It has created a dilemma for a council majority brought to power on a progressive wave, putting former activists in the difficult position of having to hush their constituents just to get through the agenda.

Elected officials have been assailed by sometimes vulgar and racially charged insults … those testifying at public hearings have found themselves shouted down while speaking, but council members have hesitated to do more than calling recesses or begging for cooperation.

Tell your perspicacious Squire if this doesn’t sound like Madison:

“They’re afraid of their own shadow,” said Joe Tamburino, chair of the Downtown Minneapolis Neighborhood Association, who was frustrated with the council after being ridiculed while speaking at a public meeting.

In Los Angeles, “A small number of people who show up to speak at city meetings have made vulgar, profane and racist epithets a routine part of the council’s public comment period. Loud outbursts from the audience, or in the hallways of City Hall, are also commonplace.”

The LA city council is considering barring frequent disrupters for a limited, time-specific period, according to the L.A. Times.


Int’l Socialists Org: When your symbol is a fist, what does that say about the democratic process?

Bought and paid for

Just because Donald Trump says it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Trump called Saturday’s disruptions of the U.S. Senate and the hissy fit on the Supreme Court steps “an angry left-wing mob” of “professional protesters who are handed expensive signs” and “paid for by [George] Soros and others.”

“He has a point,” a former Wall Street Journal staff reporter writes for that publication today. 

Saturday’s protests and unlawful disruptions were part of a well-funded, orchestrated network that books buses, hotel rooms and churches for such agitation. … At least 20 of the largest groups that led the Saturday anti-Kavanaugh protests have been [Soros] Open Society grantees.

Among those groups:

  • wrote a guide, “How to Bird Dog”—harass officials in public places—in the spring of 2017,
  • Megaphone Strategies, a public-relations firm founded by former Obama adviser Van Jones, manage interview requests from USA Today and other news outlets. 
  • Center for Popular Democracy field marshals put protesters through a “training” Saturday morning and hands out tickets to the Senate visitors gallery for the express purpose of violating the law. 
  • The Colombia-born woman who cornered Sen. Jeff Flake in a Senate elevator last month is co-executive director of the Center for Popular Democracy. Her salary was listed as $156,333, with a bonus of $21,378.

The reporter links to a detailed spreadsheet to prove her point. 

Partially state-funded

As for Freedom Inc., the WI Dept of Health is listed as a funder. … Explain that to me Scott Walker, Robin Vos, and Scott Fitzgerald. Do not tell me that these agencies are paying for legitimate services and not for political disruption. Money is fungible.  

Repeat after Vice President Mike Pence: 

The sergeant at arms will restore order.
The sergeant at arms will restore order.
The sergeant at arms will restore order.
The sergeant at arms will restore order.    


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10 Responses to The Squire of Blaska Manor will restore order

  1. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    The Democrats on the Judiciary Committee made the fatal mistake of unmasking themselves before rather than after the mid-terms. As a result, the country got to see this pack of rabid hyenas for who they are. And if the Republicans are smart, they’ll hammer the point home every bloody day between now and Nov. 6th. Prior to the Kavanaugh spectacle, the Democrat party had been reduced to three core beliefs: identity politics, class warfare, and socialism-lite. Now they can add a fourth: mob rule.


  2. Balboa says:

    Federal Republicans are toast, still time to save it from our very own leftist kooks if walker and republicans would take them on. Christine Taylor’s agenda is what they will try and implement if voters allow them to. They always run as moderates but almost never vote that way. They are always about taxing more, taking more, punishing achievers more. They are anti-business unless they can micromanage things to a the point of frustration or futility. When walker brings one most technologically advanced companies to the state with the help of TAX CREDITS. Those tax credits do not get to be applied unless they actually meet the number of jobs. no jobs no credits. To help revolutionize manufacturing in the midwest and america. We have exported our manufacturing jobs over seas to have our technology stolen and plundered. It is high time we build those plants here and steal their ideas as well. Democrats balk at the that too.

    But democrats will tell you with a smile on their face and belief in their brain that unemployment insurance is good economic stimulus aka Pelosi.

    The democrats will stop at nothing to bring down this president, I can guarantee if they take back the house they will do whatever they can to slow the economy to a crawl and collapse like they did under Bush 43. They sat complicit as market bubble warnings were extolled on them by Bush himself. They sat on their hands and let the collapse happen so they could take control of all the levers. To implement their misery for all policies.

    Urge people to go out and vote and vote republican. Make sure you spouses vote, if they have question answer them. If you want level headed judges like Kavanaugh, Barrett vote. If you want to keep economy moving forward vote. If you do not want your taxes increased by billions in the state vote. If you like your properties largely stagnant vote. If you like kids in college tuition kept frozen vote.

    I the last 8 years the legislature made some bold reforms that have helped turn the tide in this state. There are bigger reforms out there if they are willing to take them head on. Like finally cleaning up the DOT and getting it working as efficiently as the DNR and other agencies. Prison System Reforms. As well as finally moving to legalize marijuana to help pay for things. States that have legalized are states that do not have much water they are mostly deserts. Wisconsin could be a leader. I hate pot and all that it stands for but like gay marriage, republicans make it legal and start benefiting from the tax base.

    Lastly, address the failing schools Madison and Milwaukee, make that district the most agile schools in america. The old ways will not work anymore, stop kicking the can down the road, Tony Evers oh yeah he has done a bang up job with them!!


    • Tom Paine says:

      Conservatives, libertarians, and others from the non-radical collective have ceded control of public square to the LEFT: Wisconsin Public Radio — hegemonic voice of socialists, including periodic visits by John Nichols; and, the two major newspapers in the state.

      The conservative agenda and conservative achievements are rarely discussed or presented to the public, either on Public Radio ( & TV), or the conventional press. For years, all social and political issues are framed by left-wing journalists and personalities. Citizens have been censored; issues and people who present unflattering images of the left are banned from discussion. The Gosnell murders was never covered by WPR or WPTV.

      Since the Fifth Estate has become the monopolistic voice of the Left, the only hope is for Republican control of a major newspaper or a band of commercial TV stations. Conservatives and Republicans must retake control over WPR and WPTV.


      • Fred Milverstedt says:



      • Gary L. Kriewald says:

        RE-take? Were conservatives ever in charge of WPR or WPTV?


        • Tom Paine says:

          Well, the Wisc Educ.Comm. Board in theory should be a-political. In my communications with them about their philosophy, methodologies, and practices, they maintain they are not biased. Of course, they never have to defend that false assertion in a public venue, or to the legislature. They are the example of the “deep liberal state” of Wisconsin’s bureaucracy that constantly promotes Left-wing ideology. The power of state radio network is a powerful weapon for Democrats. For years, the Republican legislators have ignored its impact, primarily from fear and apathy.

          Legislators care not about left-wing content of the massive state-wide radio broadcast system. Yet this force, each day, presents a direct challenge to Republicans, conservatives, and libertarians.


        • AnonyBob says:

          Left wing content to you is just middle of the road stuff to most people. Public media shouldn’t push the right wing (or left wing) propaganda you think is normal. You have plenty of biased rwnj media to listen to.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    If ABob thinks something is middle of the road its socialism.
    The rest of the haters insist we find Ms. Ford credible but NOT Ms. Keyser? because the ends justify the means.
    Hate is all the Left has.
    And karma.


  4. Tom Paine says:

    What do I think about AnonBob’s comments? Total BS. Here’s why:
    Diversity of views should be the practice of WPR. Yet, they do not even inventory the topics or speakers for balance. Often, they have only one point of view for a topic. Two come to immediate memory: UW -Green Bay prof arguing that anyone who did not agree with the Al Gore crowd about Global Warming should be imprisoned. Second case, on one program, onlyChief BetterThan-WhiteFolks presented his views about the virtues and wisdom of the pipeline protestors in North Dakota.
    Finally, in any state-owned and taxpayer funded radio station, the practices must be fair, balanced and not the hegemony of any interest or party. As we all know, the Dims control WPR.
    The next Governor should execute a purge.


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