Socialism sounds good until it hits the voting booth

Good job Middleton Police, Dane County Sheriff’s department and all the first responders for saving lives by responding quickly, going in early to an active shooter situation, and dropping the shooter.

Good guys with guns saved lives. 

Next time you hear the canard that Republicans are only for the rich, remind them of this:

Who are the prime beneficiaries of surging incomes at the top? Simple answer: predominately high-income Democratic professionals in technology, finance and law who now outnumber Republicans in presidential voting in the top income brackets.

That was noted political scientist Thomas B. Edsall in the New York Times.

Alexandri Ocasio-CortezWhich bodes ill for the socialist redistributionists who parade the Democrat(ic) party fashion runway these days. Remember the next time Comrade Nichols, et al. diss Leah Vukmir or Bryan Steil in the coming elections. They are pushing the socialist agenda.

The Comrade’s magazine, The Nation, damns the foundational document of this bright and shining hill called the U.S.A.:

The roots of an anti-redistribution, market-protecting Constitution are older than today’s conservative legal movement. 

God Bless America! The Nation magazine essay uses the word “redistribution” (or variants thereof) six times. 

Someone tell our Comrade that not even liberal Democrats are not on board with socialism once they hit the voting booth. Not when it socializes their stock portfolio. Take schools, for instance.

New York City mayor DeBlasio wants to make the identity politics numbers work. He’s got eight gifted student magnet schools in the Big Apple and, of course, quotas.

The prestigious gifted high schools offer 5,000 admissions yet, this year just 172 black students and 298 Latino students received offers. In a city where two out of every three eighth-graders in our public schools are Latino or black.

De Blasio would replace the entry tests to diminish potential and favor identity instead. De Blasio is pole-axed that Asian students make up 16% of public school enrollment but 62% of the students in the eight elite high schools. Whites are 15% of total enrollment, but 24% of the students in these schools. Like the Madison school board: Got To Make the Numbers Work!

Edsall writes that “many of the white and Asian parents in reliably liberal New York (or suburban Washington D.C.’s Montgomery County) are not prepared to compromise the education of their own children, as they see it, in support of a social goal, no matter how laudable.”N Korean stamp

Nor are well-to-do Democratic homeowners from the West Coast to Westchester County willing to risk a decline in property values by opening their communities to affordable housing.

The “my gain is your loss” problems of the Democratic Party are further complicated by research showing that as inequality has grown, support for liberal redistribution policies has declined.

In other words, conservatism wins. Edsall, again:

When inequality rises, both the rich and the poor respond by asking for less government,” the political scientists Nathan Kelly and Peter Enns wrote in their 2010 paper, “Inequality and the Dynamics of Public Opinion: the self-reinforcing link between economic inequality and mass preferences.”

Blaska’s Bottom LineNow throw schoolhouse crime into the mix and see how liberal your voters are in the sanctity of the voting booth.

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9 Responses to Socialism sounds good until it hits the voting booth

  1. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    And who do you think got the dirty end of the stick in the Republican Tax reform? Why that would be the high income liberals in Silicon Valley and New York City. Those guys have been poo-pooing their respective state’s income tax hikes because they could always count on a large personal deduction on their 1040. But no more. The rest of us are not subsidizing hi tax states anymore. Look for sudden moves to Texas, Florida, Nevada and even South Dakota, by those people who can choose to live wherever they want.


  2. madisonexpat says:

    All variants of “redistribution” must start with confiscation and coercion.
    Obamacare comes to mind.


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    #MeToo phonies like Mark Cuban have been doing pretty well too…until getting mugged for $10 mill because he’s a Lefty Pervert (forgive the redundancy)

    Mark Cuban will make $10M donation after Mavericks investigation reveals ‘disturbing, heartbreaking’ findings

    And be dissin’ the electrifying democrat Socialist Mensan Brain Trustee Alexandria “Two-State-Solution/Everyone’s Working-Two-Jobs/I-Don’t-Know-Where-The-~$41-Trillion’s-Going-To-Come-From/I’m-An-Effin’-Idiot” Ocasio-Cortez at you’s peril.

    That’s @richard lesiak’s new squeeze.

    Why? She’s promising more More MORE high quality/quantity free S#!T.

    Let’s just say that idea…um…appeals to him.

    The Gotch


    • richard lesiak says:

      You have no idea what appeals to me you fraud. Trump added 1.5 TRILLION to our deficit giving tax breaks to zillionaires. What about that Mr. Conservative.


  4. richard lesiak says:

    Let’s watch a man die of thirst in a Milw jail and then give his family millions. That’s really being responsible with taxpayer money. Let’s watch a woman die in child birth from lack of medical care and give that family millions. Wonder why your roads suck?? Huhh????


  5. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    In the spirit of fairness-balance, the Socialista Way’s one strong suit deserves mention.

    It has superbly facilitated population control everywhere it’s been tried.

    “When one dies, it is a tragedy. When a million die, it is a statistic.” Joseph Stalin.

    Gosh Uncle Joe (which is what FDR called Stalin before he gutlessly surrendered Eastern Europe to the him), what is it when 100 million die?

    Why FDR Loved Uncle Joe

    Hmmm, that’d make FDR an accessory before the fact, am I right?

    It does in my book, leastways.

    The Gotch


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    “many of the white and Asian parents in reliably liberal New York (or suburban Washington D.C.’s Montgomery County) are not prepared to compromise the education of their own children, as they see it, in support of a social goal, no matter how laudable.”

    Anyone recall the reception that the bedrock Conservative Sunset Hills and Westmorland neighborhoods gave the possibility of Madison Prep being sited at the Mt. Olive Lutheran Church?

    Does not a good fit come to mind?

    ”Nor are well-to-do Democratic homeowners from the West Coast to Westchester County willing to risk a decline in property values by opening their communities to affordable housing.”

    Heck, look no further than just north of the 3000 to 6000 block of University Avenue for an example of that.

    Shorewood Hills accused of racial bias in rejection of low-income apartments

    Anyone trying to pitch Shorewood Hills as some sort of Righty enclave, you’s recall seeing any Trump yard signs there?

    I don’t.

    The Gotch


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      And yet yard signs for Bernie the Socialist proliferated on the well manicured lawns of Shorewood Hills during the last election. Madison liberals are expert at living in the best of both worlds: one the one hand, they exercise every ounce of their upper-middle-class privilege (including the exclusion of anyone who doesn’t fit their demographic profile from their neighborhoods); on the other hand, they enjoy the frisson of voting for a REAL LIVE SOCIALIST. To borrow a phrase: “Ah, Lefty, so much hypocrisy, so little time.”


      • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

        @Gary L. Kriewald;

        IMHO, so long as they pay lip service to the Socialista Cabal, Madison Lefties specifically, and Lefties generally, honestly believe that after the Revolution they’ll be installed, at best, as Kallipolis’ Philosopher Kings, at worst their Minions, and charged with meting out social-engineering policy for the great unwashed while reeducating/squashing dissidents.

        Talk about yer wrong people in charge!

        The Gotch


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