You might be a racist if you signal you’re O.K.

We are most definitely not O.K.

Badgers pre-season dreams of glory crash and burn at Camp Randall. In their own house! Brewers lose two over the weekend. Can’t that line-up score any runs? Packers fit to be tied after Clay Matthews practically tucks Kirk Cousins into beddie bye and sings him a lullaby.

And now this exercise in race baiting from the ACLU:

ACLU hashtag


Here we thought they were flashing code for the Washington Post. Didn’t know it stood for “white power.” Because the Washington Post is all over it:

In the background of a Coast Guard briefing on MSNBC on Friday evening, in a bustling aid center, a Coast Guard member flashed what some TV viewers …

[ Well, they are MSNBC viewers ]

… claimed was a white-power sign at the camera. In the clip, as an official detailed the efforts underway as Hurricane Florence tore through the Carolinas, a man with a crew cut sitting immediately behind him looked directly at the camera. Then he looked away and shaped his hand into the “okay” sign — a circle between his thumb and pointer finger, the rest raised. …

Or, he could have been indicating that he’s — y’know, like — O.K. Having been in a hurricane and what not. Back to the W.P.:

This comes a little more than a week after Republican operative Zina Bash ignited a Twitter controversy when some viewers thought she flashed the symbol during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. Some considered it a brazen public promotion of white supremacy during a high-profile government preceding,

happyavatarGet it? The Republican operative is the one who “ignited the controversy.” Not the race baiters. This Kavanaugh fellow, we should point out, is a known white man. Not only that, but apparently he was once a teenager at a party.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: Did we say identity politics is making America crazy? And that’s not … oh, you know.


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14 Responses to You might be a racist if you signal you’re O.K.

  1. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Sheesh!!! Lefty’s not only jumped the shark, but gave it a purple herman & an atomic wedgie on the way over.

    The Gotch

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    • richard lesiak says:

      Oh goothchie you know so little and react so predictably. The 3%er movement uses that hand signal. It all started with a few RWNJ’s who believe that only 3% of the colonists fought (and defeated the British) Which is BS, but makes them think that a few can defeat the many). The whole thing was twisted into an anti-Muslim, right-wing load of crap for only one reason. Georgia state senator Williams. Anti-Muslim douche-bag who posed for a pic with more douches who flashed the sign. The whole thing is a pile of used tampons and isn’t worth getting your Alex Jones Super Male Jock-Strap twisted up your crack. So just relax. Monday will be sure to bring another outrage that you can freak out over. Maybe Rush will find sharks in Lake Mendota that are only attacking naked female Druids on the 6th Thursday of every month; or, homeless aliens are invading Madison.


  2. 😦 Unbelievable! Sorry but I’m from a generation that has used the O.K. hand sign for just that, meaning O.K. and I will use it again if I want to express O.K.. and I’m white, so what. God help us all if the Politically correct Dems ever get control again because that’s NOT O.K.

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  3. Scott F says:

    Sane people need to start calling bullshit every time this crap and it’s ilk rears it’s ugly Progressive head. Family intervention is called for here, and failing that, involuntary commitment.


  4. AnonyBob says:

    The WaPo article goes on to note the gesture as a white power salute was begun by the alt right in yet another attempt to punk and discredit the mainstream media as gullible. Looks like it worked. And then the alt right started actually using it as a white power salute. So who are the race baiters of identity politics?


  5. Tom Paine says:

    This entire “you might be a racist” meme has NO LOGIC.

    …………then explain the legal basis for racial SEGREGATION of Indians on RESERVATIONS and special legal rights for Indians that are based on RACE.

    How many footnotes are there to the 14th Amendment? Equal treatment……….well except or unless…………**************************.


  6. Citizen Dave's Remington 700 says:

    Hilarious. This is peak Boomer-posting.

    Blaska, its a joke. (Just like you thinking Madison blacks can coexist with whites, although I think you are slowly realizing they can’t…)

    People continue to fall for it, and it is awesome:


  7. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!! says:

    What will SCUBA divers now use to signal they are O.K. because thumbs up signal mean need to head up to the service. I am wracked white guilt now that wife and I took SCUBA lessons and were taught by a native islander of Jamaica of African descent to use the White Power signal to show we are O.K.

    Perpetually offended and outraged can suck it!!!!


  8. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!! says:

    surface not service dang auto correct.


  9. Madtownguy says:

    Apparently this whole thing started as a prank:

    The ACLU, on Twitter, disavows creating the image, but that makes me wonder who did.

    In any case, it’s the letter ‘f’ in sign language. Will the revisionists now force users of ASL to change their orthography?


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