Hey you white racists, go in for your bias cleansing

Do you identify as white?

Then you need ‘experiential activities to create self-awareness of whiteness and white privilege!’

wonder breadCheck out this great upcoming opportunity for a *free* white ally/racial bias awareness training! Please contact the organizer with questions or to register (maliajones@gmail.com).

Are you a white ally? If you are, or if you want to be one, you are invited to participate in our next session of racial bias awareness training. This 11-session workshop will help you create an anti-racism practice at home, work, and in our community! We will meet at Van Hise Elementary on Tuesday evenings 6:30 – 9pm beginning on Sept 18th. Enrollment is free. Email maliajones@gmail.com to enroll or with your questions.

Witnessing whiteness

White ally/racial bias awareness training (Tuesday evenings 6:30-9pm beginning Sept. 18th) at Van Hise Elementary School.

Taken verbatim from a Madison on-line neighborhood social networking site.

‘Sounding white as possible’

One satisfied customer reports:

So on the evening of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I tried to be a witness. The local news gave six or seven minutes to MLK events, but five of those minutes went to a demonstration by 10 protesters at a local college who delayed the opening of a program by 15 minutes. Nobody was arrested. There weren’t even news cameras to catch the protest. But the banner proclaiming the protest covered pictures of thousands marching and of hundreds working at a homeless shelter. The protest was the hot topic.

So I called the newsroom and tried to sound as white as possible, complaining about the distorted coverage. It was a very small action, but I think it’s what Tochluk means by witnessing.


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11 Responses to Hey you white racists, go in for your bias cleansing

  1. Kevin Wymore says:

    Eleven sessions worth? This appears to be moving toward full employment for the bias awareness industry.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      They’ll never have to worry about being out of work as long as there are enough virtue-signaling white liberals in Madison eager to buy their snake-oil.


  2. westsidesue says:

    I notice there is no link for Facebook here. Sorry, I’m writing while being white. 11 sessions – Kevin is spot-on…it’s an industry, making hundreds and thousands of dollars and wasting hours of precious time we will never get back. At least the sessions forced on university profs. are only a couple hours long – at least for now. Money that could go toward helping victims of the hurricanado or water for the Puerto Ricans who aren’t dead of thirst. God help us!


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    All I gotta say is: You gotta be EFFING kidding me!

    The Gotch


  4. BOOM CHAKA LAKA!!!!! says:

    I will not be labelled, I always check the other box and fill in Norwegian American. This time of year I am mostly tan with some paleness.


  5. madisonexpat says:

    I’m white. I’m sorry. Whip me, beat me, make we pay reparations.


  6. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    The backlash commences:

    University announces “White Awake” safe space for white students


    I don’t know about the rest of you’s, but I’m not burdened by one wit of guilt.

    And I’m starting to feel guilty about it…

    The Gotch


  7. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    If the Dems were in charge, this exercise in self-loathing would be mandatory in every school, college, and workplace.


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