Mayor Soglin proposes $17 city vehicle registration fee

Facing a $5 million budget shortfall, Mayor Paul Soglin is proposing a $17 city vehicle registration fee. Soglin told alders:

Dane County proposed its local vehicle registration fee in their 2018 operating budget. Revenues from the fee will be used for existing transportation purposes in the county budget. Current revenues supporting those transportation costs are being reallocated to close a budget gap so that other programs supported by county general purpose revenues, including human services, can be sustained.

I am considering a similar approach for a City of Madison vehicle registration fee. At this time, I am considering a $17 vehicle registration fee. When combined with the state and county registration fees, vehicle owners in the City of Madison would pay $120 annually ($75 state; $28 county; $17 city).

A $17 fee would raise an estimated $3.3 million annually (approximately 194,000 vehicles registered in the City would be subject to the fee). If enacted, vehicle registration fee revenues would be used for existing transportation purposes (e.g., the City general fund subsidy for transit), with existing general fund revenues for that purpose reallocated to help close the estimated budget gap and maintain and hopefully expand community services programs.

Soglin will introduce the fee at the June 19 Common Council meeting.

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19 Responses to Mayor Soglin proposes $17 city vehicle registration fee

  1. Scott F says:

    What the hell…. Why not enact an employee “head tax” like Seattle? —- Oh yeah…. Tgat didn’t work out so well….


  2. Bend over. Here it comes again. 😦 I have to live within my budget. I expect the city to live within theirs and quit pissing away $ on programs that solve NO problems.


    • Batman says:

      Your budget, your money.
      Their budget, your money.

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    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      You’re generously assuming that there was a problem that needed solving in the first place, as opposed to problems that exist only in the minds of Madison’s pixelated liberals (e.g., rampant racism in the MPD).


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    BUL*S**T!! What a LYCRA load of crap!!! I’m not paying that until I see registration compliance for BIKIES at the same clip as motor vehicles.

    From a Chris Rickert column:

    Madison officials, bicycle advocates eschew city’s mandatory registration program

    “Absent from the list of about 9,700 people who own one or more of the 13,982 currently registered bicycles in Madison are 19 members of the 20-member City Council, Mayor Paul Soglin and both ‘bicycle advocate’ appointees to the city’s Pedestrian/Bicycle/Motor Vehicle Commission, Grant Foster and Aaron Crandall.”

    In other words, the coddled, pampered Cyclistocracy.

    Guess who else is non-compliant? In an absolutely stunning display of hypocrisy (even for career Lefties!) none other than former Mayor BikeShorts himself, a former executive director of the BIKIE advocacy group “Wisconsin Bike Fed.”

    He’s also the Cyclistocrat that ferried our fair city down a 10 year + BIKE REICH Rathole to secure the LAB’s Platinum rating. Though nothing more than a scouting badge, the city can’t/won’t even say how much taxpayer money was pissed away by so doing.

    Bikeshorts & Grumpy Pants were unavailable for comment; freakin’ entitled scofflaw chickens**ts!

    Just because you choose to ride around in goofy looking BIKIE gear doesn’t give you’s carte blanche to be in violation of the law.

    Wait a minute.

    BIKIES don’t obey ANY laws.

    A day of reckoning nears, GOOD will battle EVIL PERSONIFIED, which is BIKIES.

    GOOD will prevail!!


    The Gotch


  4. richard lesiak says:

    Wow…I don’t know how you guys stand it. Schools are a mess, taxes too high, roads are so bad the entire state assembly is calling Dominos Pizza, warnings on eating the fish and the deer and more biting insects than the Amazon jungle. Youse guys should just move. Housing market is strong, youse will get a good price. I hear any of those southern gulf coast states are great choices. Cheerio mates.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @richard lesiak;

      ”I don’t know how you guys stand it.”

      Won’t speak for anyone else, but youse here puts it over the top, for me leastways.

      “Schools are a mess, taxes too high, roads are so bad the entire state assembly is calling Dominos Pizza,”

      Like everywhere else; but we ain’t Milwaukee…yet.

      “warnings on eating the fish and the deer”

      Definitely in the minus column. I’m embarrassed to say I ain’t et local fish in over 21 years. ‘Course I have a generous Kodiak, AK commercial fisherman pal…and Pick-n-Save’s fresh Atlantic Salmon has been marvelous for a longer than usual season this year.

      “and more biting insects than the Amazon jungle.”

      Guess again, and near the Equator insects will be the least of yer concerns!

      “Youse guys should just move. Housing market is strong, youse will get a good price.”

      Youse don’t say?

      “I hear any of those southern gulf coast states are great choices.”

      The Global Warming that’s here and worse than the models predicted means Arkansas, Tennessee, & northwestern North Carolina will soon be southern Gulf Coast States, am I right.

      Hold onto yer high ground Branson condo!

      The Gotch


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      In other words: Madison, love it or leave it. The prevailing mindset of local liberals who simply can’t imagine a place with more wonderfulness in it … well, maybe Portland.


  5. richard lesiak says:

    Settle down. It’s just a proposal. Nothing is chiseled in stone. Be careful about admitting to the belief in global warming. Pruitt will be calling you from his ultra secret bomb proof phone booth and demand you MexicanAmericanGolfAssociation hat be sent back. With rising sea levels those future condos on the North Korean seashore will have to be relocated to the beautiful North Korean mountains.


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @richard lesiak;

      This is the ol’ bait-n-switch. They’ll likely settle on $10, and weenie-whine how that won’t do squat and it’s FOR THE CHILDREN ad infinitum ad nauseum.

      Still four freakin’ times less than what < 10 % of SCOFFLAW BIKIES pay!

      The Gotch


  6. Turd Ferguson says:

    Why stop at $17 dollars per vehicle, how about $100 dollars a vehicle. I mean come on think of all those special programs the idiots running the asylum could think up. Last check 258,951 jobs since January of 2011. I hate winning so much

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  7. madisonexpat says:

    As poor richard has pointed out, it ain’t your money. Send it in and trust them.
    Then sit down and shut up or ABob will call you a racist, knuckle dragging tea bagger.


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    A non-issue for me since I won’t pay it whether it’s $17, $700, or $.70. I have better things to do with my money than subsidise the wastrels in city government. Madison liberals claim to be big fans of civil disobedience; I’m with them on this one.


    • richard lesiak says:

      Read the article. Scary to think that the crushing debt incurred with this Foxconn deal will make repairing our roads impossible for many years.


  9. richard lesiak says:

    Holy smoke…you guys sound like their trying to raise the cost of concealed carry permits.


  10. richard lesiak says:

    Do I need to remind you all of Romans 13 as duly quoted by J.B. Sessions III. “obey the laws of the government because GOD has ordained them for the purpose of order.” And seconded by S. Sanders who is the child of a minister. Be careful where you step my friends to avoid running afoul of the government AND God.


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