Another ‘one of the good ones’ bites the #Me-Too dust

“The latest man to torpedo his own career …”


The Schneiderman

What a great line! Credit Jill Filipovic writing in the New York Times about … the latest man to torpedo his own career. 

That would be Eric Schneiderman, who resigned Monday as attorney general for the State of New York. Before he could bag his biggest game: Donald Trump. The hero of the Left jumped down the memory hole only hours after New Yorker magazine reported that he beat women. That’s a degree beyond anything Donald Trump may have done. More in Bill Clinton territory.

Hitting them, choking them, sexually degrading them, psychologically mistreating them and verbally undermining their work and their sense of self.

Ms. Filipovic is a feminist. (She IS writing for the NY Times, after all.) Which leads to her second bon mot.

“It hurts the most when it’s one of the ‘good’ ones.” 

Yes, Schneiderman was yet another Harvey Weinstein/Charlie Rose/Garrison Keillor/Anthony Weiner/Al Franken/Bill Clinton protegé. Virtue mongerer in public; predator in private. 

Filipovic speculates that “the power he derived from his role in progressive politics was intertwined with his abuse. He seems to have used his feminist-minded political work to advance his own career, to ingratiate himself with the women he would go on to harm, and to cover up his cruelties.”

Liz Peek at Fox News: Asked why she did not press charges after Schneiderman allegedly hit her so hard he left a red welt on her face, [one victim] said, “I thought, he’s a good attorney general, he’s doing good things. I didn’t want to jeopardize that.”  

Did Samantha Bee know when, last fall, her TV show called Schneiderman a “hero who stood up for democracy” because of his attacks on President Trump?“#MeToo champion is new poster-child for the hypocrisy of New York’s liberal elites.”

‘I am the law’

The Wall Street Journal never thought Schneiderman was one of the good ones. It relates the testimony of one of his victims. As she was being yanked across the street, the woman protested: “Jaywalking is against the law.”

She says Mr. Schneiderman replied, “I am the law.” She adds that “if there is a sentence that sums him up, it’s that.”

Like so many power brokers, Schneiderman was burning through the atmosphere on a narcissistic power trip. The WSJ itemizes his offenses:

  • Sat on potentially exculpatory evidence in his civil case against Hank Greenberg, the former AIG CEO.
  • Prosecuted Exxon so as to shut off donations to dissenters on climate change. 
  • Sought to expose the donors of conservative nonprofits. 
  • Harassed private charities to distribute money for Hurricane Sandy relief for which he then took political credit.
  • Sought legislation to allow him to ignore prohibitions against double jeopardy so he could prosecute citizens pardoned by President Trump.

“Like Eliot Spitzer before him, Mr. Schneiderman’s lack of restraint in private life was all too similar to his behavior in public life.” 

Blaska’s Bottom LineDoes Las Vegas have a betting line on who will be the next man to torpedo his own career? Our money is on one of the “good” ones.

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  1. richard lesiak says:

    I going with a trifecta of trump-cohen-nunes.


  2. Kevin Wymore says:

    Growing up, we were taught in Catholic school the concept of “conscience.” The New York AG apparently never got that memo — or was too roaring drunk to have read it.


  3. coolkevs says:

    I can’t believe it Dave – you never once mentioned his party affiliation – are you trying to be like the MSM 🙂


  4. madisonexpat says:

    Bwa ha ha ha ha!


  5. Alan Sheldon says:

    Hopefully Blaska torpedoes career ext!


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