‘Do Something’ about school shootings? Here is that Something:

Signs do nothing but deter law-abiding citizens
from defending themselves.

Donald Trump, an undisciplined mind, once fatuously said he preferred heroes who had not been captured.

The Squire, having been taught better manners by the Sisters of Notre Dame, prefers his heroes to remain alive. We’ll honor the dead ones, but we’d rather they survive, if it’s all the same.

Or, as General Patton told his troops, I don’t want the good guys to die for their country, I want them to kill the bad guys.

f7167So, hats off and head bowed for Aaron Feis, the football coach who put his large body between the gunman and innocent students at that high school in Florida Wednesday (02-14-18). He was one of two faculty members who responded. May they rest in peace and something be named in their honor.

The indentured servants at the Stately Manor would rather Coach Feis have put a 9 mm. Glock semi-automatic between those students and the attacker. Might the toll have been fewer than the 17 lives ultimately claimed and the 14 injured?

The Blaska Policy Werkes is sincere about ending the mass murders in American schools. Twelve such horrors have been visited since April 1999 at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, where 13 were shot dead and 26 wounded (not counting the shooters). Virginia Tech suffered the most casualties, 32 dead, 17 wounded, on April 16, 2007. The most heartbreaking were the 26 first graders killed at Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012.

We are guessing that Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. has the proper warning signs affixed to the entrances, the ones that say “Firearms Not Permitted on These Premises.” Probably in English and español. Maybe the gunman was illiterate. So we know signs don’t do anything but deter law-abiding citizens from defending themselves.

The art of the Deal

Located in northeast Colorado

To state the obvious, killing unarmed students at their school is already illegal. Is it not also obvious that prohibiting their guns are equally fatuous? But some grand political bargain is required to break the log jam between the gun confiscators like Hillary Clinton and the absolutists like Wayne Lapierre. A modern day Missouri Compromise, not that it prevented the Civil War 40 years later. But some give and take to, at least, show some political response beyond prayer and tears.

Here is the Blaska proposal: Banning AR-15 type rifles is a non-starter. Too many of them in circulation. If you want to rile the Deplorables, validate their fears of government confiscation. In any event, they are no different than any semi-automatic hunting rifle, except cosmetics. Indeed, they are used by hunters. The Wall Street Journal reports they have been used in fewer than 10% of the active-shooter attacks (school and non-school) since 2000.

Instead, let’s ban “high-capacity” magazines. Let’s be honest about this. A skilled marksman can swap magazines in a matter of seconds, but at some small delay. But the Left, Middle, and Moderate Right — honest citizens —  demand Something Be Done. This would be something. Of course, the devil is in the details. What is a “high-capacity” magazine?

The nut case in the 2011 Gabby Gifford shooting in Tucson stopped firing to change magazines. His Glock carried 31 rounds. In the 2012 Aurora shooting, a 100-round drum magazine used by the shooter jammed. Can we settle on 15 to 18 rounds, which is a more typical offering in the market? Existing weapons to be grandfathered?

Armed school defenders

That’s the give. Now here’s what we get in return: Require, encourage or, at least, allow school districts to enroll school defenders, armed and trained, to carry concealed weapons on school premises. We are talking school district personnel, not vigilantes. Teachers, principals, custodians who, presumably, have already been vetted. Yeah, the lunch counter lady, too.

  • On a voluntary basis and minimally compensated for their effort.
  • Licensed to carry concealed (having passed their criminal background checks).
  • Trained in an active shooter situation. (Courses need to be developed.)
  • Instructed that they are not expected to go John Wayne at Iwo Jima but that if confronted, they can do more than throw erasers
  • Certified by the AG’s office (same as CCW)
  • Registered with the AG, school district and local police but their identities remain confidential to everyone else
  • Remove liability for those who have been certified as School Defenders.

Think about it: These troubled cowards don’t shoot up police stations. They don’t enlist in the Marine Corps. They choose unarmed victims where guns are prohibited. If, instead, they had reason to suspect that, say, a dozen adults were ready and willing to return fire, how brave do you think they would be?

If they come shooting anyway, they will be stopped that much sooner.

Call it the Aaron Feis law.

And yes, Cops In Schools!

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25 Responses to ‘Do Something’ about school shootings? Here is that Something:

  1. Larry says:

    Schools need to be built with double entry ways, with bullet proof glass, and at least some armed protection to respond to attempts at gaining entrance by unauthorized people into the building.
    Solid metal doors to class rooms etc.
    Schools could be fortified, and new ones built with preventing easy entrance in mind. harden the schools.
    All this is good. But not enough.
    We have to change the culture of death that is in full control now.
    Fatherless children, has to be remedied. The worldview must be changed.
    When I was in H.S. in the 70’s kids would bring their new guns that they received for Christmas or B-day etc. in their cars, and would show them off. No one was shocked, or scared, even those kids like myself who didn’t hunt or own a gun or even have a single gun in the home.
    Hunter safety should be a mandatory course for all freshmen. Teach them to respect, and use a gun like the tool it is.
    They won’t fear them, they will respond to shots fired, more quickly and not think it is fireworks etc. but will know to take cover and not freeze.
    There are so many things that could be done, but they seem to not happen once the next big thing takes over the news cycle.
    Moms against guns ,and the like, try to take guns away from law abiding people, and bash the NRA and anyone else they can think of.
    How about they raise money to prep schools, hire armed guards, train teachers who volunteer to be armed, and put in metal detectors, and video surveillance, etc. etc. tangible things not just whine and complain.


  2. AnonyBob says:

    Dave, you and I grew up with .22’s and shotguns. Do you really think guys should be out in the woods hunting with military hardware? The country banned owning submachine guns when gangsters killed too many cops. Ban AR-15s? That’d be a good start.


  3. madisonexpat says:

    ABob we’re talking about schools here so yes, up close a .22 long is as lethal as a .223 and a 9mm or a .40 pistol round is more lethal than either.


  4. AnonyBob says:

    I suppose if you’re just comparing up-close-brain-shot to up-close-brain-shot, you MIGHT be right. Walking down a hallway shooting at terrified fleeing kids, shooting thru classroom doors and windows…well, there’s a reason they choose AR-15s over .22s. Your statement is still just stupid. You understand the difference between a .22 and a .223 is more than just a .003 diameter measurement, right?


    • David Blaska says:

      Bob, AR-15s come in calibers too numerous to count, including .22. Again, AR-15s differ from any other semi-auto rifle only in cosmetics, accessorizing, etc. So your statement that “there’s a reason they choose AR-15s over .22s” makes no sense.


      • AnonyBob says:

        True, they come in all calibers. .223 is the most common and that’s what the military uses to kill people, not shoot rabbits. It does a lot of damage. That’s why school shooters use it instead the 10 round .22LR semi-automatic rifle you and I shot squirrels with. School shooters could use a small game weapon, but the body count would go down. It’s more than “cosmetics.” Who needs a 30 round .223 to hunt with? A bad shot and a guy who gets his rocks off thinking he’s Rambo. Either get rid of them or highly restrict them, like other sane counties do that don’t have mass shootings. You know…every other advanced country in the world.


      • madisonexpat says:

        Anyone else beginning to feel like this isn’t about AR 15’s?


    • madisonexpat says:

      “I might be right” per ABob but the statement is “stupid”.
      Because Democrats say so.


  5. Batman says:

    “Anyone else beginning to feel like this isn’t about AR 15’s?”

    No shit Sherlock!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. old baldy says:

    For the factually challenged (“they are no different than any semi-automatic hunting rifle, except cosmetics”):

    AR15/M16 can be altered to full auto by anyone with rudimentary machining skills. You can probably still find parts and instructions on-line. Can’t do that with with a Winchester 100 or a Remington or Browning deer rifle. And you can’t get a bump-stock for a Remington 81. Get real here, dave.

    Ballistics (at the muzzle) for common loads in the calibers mentioned:
    .22 LR 40 gr RN 1255 fps, 140 ft/lbs
    .223 50 gr PSP 3240 fps 1208 ft/lbs
    9MM 115 FMJ 1190 fps 362 ft/lbs
    .40 S&W 180 gr FMJ 990 fps 390 ft/lbs

    splat: you really blew this one.

    “AR-15s come in calibers too numerous to count”. Really? That makes absolutely no sense. Or maybe in your case it does. Can you play cribbage, or are you numerically challenged?


  7. madisonexpat says:

    Captain Literal please relate foot pounds to lethality. What was the approximate range between the shooter and his victims. Stay on topic.


    • old baldy says:

      “A .22 long round rifle has a ten round clip and costs a hundred bucks. It is 90% as lethal as an AR 15” I suspect you meant a .22 LR, but if you really meant a .22L then you are even more wrong.

      A discussion of the ft/lbs comparison of the various rounds would require a rudimentary grasp of some physics which you obviously don’t have. Suffice to say that a .22L is not in any universe 90% as lethal as a .223. If you want to argue that point see my comparison above.


  8. madisonexpat says:

    Captain Fatuous. You’ve been demoted.
    “Well cap’n the three rounds he stopped didn’t do him any good but it was them foot pounds that ruint him.”


    • old baldy says:

      I offer you the information and the opportunity to learn from it and all you do is deflect. Not much going for ya, splat.


    • AnonyBob says:

      Splat, I can’t believe how little you understand this. Those fps (feet per second) and ft/lbs (amount of force) stats Baldy provided have everything to do with lethality. When a high velocity rifle round hits a body it has so much force (because of its speed) that it transmits a shock wave through the body that often causes the fatality. In wartime, rifle wounds to parts of the body that wouldn’t normally be fatal, are. Slower moving pistol rounds and, yes, .22 rounds, don’t have the same shock wave effect. Add to this that .223 rounds begin tumbling after they enter a body, causing great damage and leaving exit wounds the size of a fist. .22LR rounds (by the way, that stands for Long Rifle) don’t do that.
      I can’t believe you gun nuts…excuse me, “2nd Amendment Enthusiasts,” have to be schooled on this by liberals, but there you go. Facts is facts, and you ain’t got ‘em. Again.


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