Dane County Board election promises more of the same

Candidates are final except for District 15; only 4 contested

Some familiar faces are leaving the Dane County Board of Supervisors but don’t expect its far-Left tilt to level out. Conservatives and moderates remain in the wilderness here in Dane County.


Ronn Ferrell

Today, the second of only two reliable conservatives on the 37-member county board announced his retirement; that would be Ronn Ferrell in District 15. (And just when I was learning to spell his name!)

Ronn got on the board from the far southwest corner of the city of Madison 10 years ago. He has been the fiscal watchdog of the board.

The only declared candidate to succeed Ronn is Brent Renteria, who is also a Town of Middleton trustee. A good man. The county clerk’s door closed on candidacies at 5 this afternoon (01-02-18). But because Ferrell announced his non-candidacy only today, the deadline will be extended another three days until Friday at 5 p.m.

All 37 seats are up for the April 4 election. But only four seats are contested, a real shame. Four (4) out of 37 (unless someone else files in District 15).

Jacob Luginbuhl

Jacob Luginbühl

Mike Willett

Mike Willett

Contested race #1: The other reliable conservative is Mike Willett of Verona. Mike announced that he would not seek re-election a few weeks ago. That’s a real loss to the County Board, especially on law enforcement issues. The first to file in District 32 was one Jason Knoll. This guy is “ultra-ultra Left” Progressive Dane. [UPDATE:] Jacob Luginbühl filed at noon today. He’s 26 years old, a lifetime Verona resident, and a small business owner known for  restoring barns. Willett is Jacob’s treasurer.

In the southwest corner of Dane County longtime liberal incumbent Patrick Downing may will not be challenged by Jerry O’Brien of rural Belleville. Jerry would have been an improvement but as of noon today, had did not file the documents needed to get on the ballot.

safe-spaceContested race #2: Another big name leaving the board is John Hendrick, who has represented the Willy Street neighborhood of Madison since 1994 — the Squire’s first year in harness. Hendrick is Progressive Dane all the way. He voted with the Derail the Jail nuts in November.

His departure set off a scramble of four candidates to succeed him.

[UPDATES:] One of them is Pam Porter, an ally of cop-hater Amelia Royko Maurer. Another is Britt Cudabeck, a law student who works for State Rep. Melissa Sargent, D-Madison. Heather Driscoll describes herself as a “mom, environmentalist, and social justice advocate.” She has an impressive list of political friends on Facebook. Yogesh Chawla, the lone male, is Facebook friends with a frightening list of the usual suspects, including Royko-Maurer, Marsha Rummel, Brenda Konkel, Jenni Dye, Andy Heidt, Dace Zeps.

The Blaska Policy Werkes has no dossiers on any of them but they will be Far-Left if they want to win in that district. Primary would be February 20.

The departure of Dennis O’Loughlin has already been noted with a fawning Capital Times article. Dennis could be either liberal or conservative, depending on the prevailing winds. As of this morning, no candidate had filed to replace him in the Deforest area. [UPDATE:] Julie Schwellenbach of rural Sun Prairie has filed. Don’t know much about her but her Facebook page suggests a liberal.

Contested race #3: In Monona, Robin Schmidt is retiring [UPDATE:] Two candidates are vying to succeed her: Tanya Buckingham, a university researcher, and Anna Gouker, who works with adults with disabilities.  Neither has an especially high profile in local politics.

Erik Paulson may be is not challenging Jamie Kuhn on the far east side of Madison. Kuhn was elected in June to fill a vacancy but had served a full term back a few years when your Squire served. She was a nut case then and we expect she is no better now. She was doing Colin Kaepernick before Colin Kaepernick.

Contested race #4: Kelly Danner and Nancy Bogue are challenging incumbent Al Matano in the Westmorland, Sunset Village, and Hill Farms area on Madison’s west side. Nice guy but Matano is another Derail the Jailer. Progressive Dane. He’s been on the board forever. I hear Danner could be very good. [UPDATE:] She appears to be a standard-issue Madison liberal — chairs the local Democrat(ic) party’s resolutions committee. But that’s a step up from Progressive Dane. City Alder Shiva Bidar-Sielaff is her treasurer. Works at Epic. Danner already has a very sharp website up and literature out. Even campaign T-shirts. 

In all, six incumbents not seeking re-election, including Nick Zweifel in Sun Prairie.

Some things never change; Dave Ripp is seeking re-election, unopposed in the Town of Springfield area north of Middleton. He’s been on the county board since forever. What he knows about county facilities and infrastructure cannot be duplicated. His politics is libertarian.

County Board chair Sharon Corrigan of Middleton is unopposed.

Watch the county clerk’s candidate roster for updates.

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6 Responses to Dane County Board election promises more of the same

  1. old baldy says:

    It sure is a shame (and telling of the squire) when a board member or candidate is called “ultra-ultra left”, or a “nut-case”, or “far left” when they are of differing opinions than his, but “reliable” if of the same view. Since members of the County Board are elected by the voters in their respective districts, why not call the voters those same names? The squire is just a disgruntled minority with a terminal case of sour grapes that would rather snipe at winners than run himself. Why not put your name on the ballot again?


    • Cornelius Gotchberg says:

      @old baldy;

      “Since members of the County Board are elected by the voters in their respective districts, why not call the voters those same names?”

      O.K., Willy Street/Isthmus voters are, by and large, career Lefties (with deep pockets and short fingers) that firmly believe that Democracy has no room for wide-spread difference of opinion; differing from theirs leastways.

      They likely see the Lefty’s appealing to ALL those self-styled Victim Groups as juuuust peachy, am I right?

      To wit:
      “Scroll down the Democrats’ home page and you’ll find a dull party platform with 93 bullet points and a list of links entitled ‘People.’

      ”Each link leads to a subgroup: Women. Hispanics. LGBT people.

      “ ‘Ethnic Americans.’ There are 17 different groups, and a different message tailored for each.”


      Whoa Nellie, that’s a whole laughably fractured strategery, am I right? Unsure if any one of those groups is earmarked for the shiny pate/follically challenged demographic.

      “The squire is just a disgruntled minority”

      Don’t be too quick to reject this on its face, Dave, the possibilities for an entitled existence beckon.

      You may in line for a “safe space,” soothing hot cocoa, plush, cuddly stuffed animals, & enabling grief counselors…gratis!

      And just look at what having nice things (provided with OPM) has done for folks like @old baldy.

      The Gotch


  2. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Dave, why waste your time following elections in Dane County, where the outcomes are a foregone conclusion? Elections in NoKo, Iran or Cuba would be real cliffhangers by comparison.
    I must profess myself shocked–shocked, I tells ya!–to see OB use the phrase “disgruntled minority.” If someone were to apply that epithet to the Black Lives Matter crowd, lefties would be wailing “RACISM” from the rooftops. (Sorry, I forgot–not all minorities are created equal.)


  3. Cornelius Gotchberg says:

    Too bad about Ferrell, a veritable Lily in a Sea of Lefty Weeds, he’ll be missed!

    I met him ~ 8 1/2 years ago at the home of my favorite former Alder (District 20) Thuy Pham-Remmele.

    The Gotch


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