What’s the matter with the Left? (Hint: socialism, identity politics, and arrogance)

It was said of France’s generals that they were always fighting the previous war.

For my old comrade, John Nichols, it is always the Act 10 occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol in February-March 2011 or (as the Policy Werkes calls it) the intifada. Bullhorns, posters with Hitler references, Hollywood celebs, illegal teacher walk-out, intimidation, and national media attention. It’s 1968 again only with cable TV coverage!

On the evening of the Walker recall election a year later, Wisconsin voters proved what Democracy really looks like when they stuck a Wayne Larivee-style dagger into the bleeding heart of the Left.

Obama’s team cautioned Wisconsin Dems not to go for recall but Nichols and the Hugo Chavez contingent believed their own hype: that Madison’s mad pity party resonated in Mauston and Marinette.

The Nation and Socialism

Cuban communists: heroes?!

The shocking election of the anti-christ last November has bestowed the radical cause with a renewed sense of fear and loathing and that, comrades, is ready tinder for the revolutionaries. New tallow for that sputtering candle of socialism. Put on your pussy hats, grab your black Antifa masks. Game on!

Those are the animal spirits animating the first Fighting Bob Fest of the Trump era. The fulminating begins at 7 p.m. Friday at Madison’s Barrymore Theatre. (The actual BobFest is moving out of the Madison bubble to Milwaukee and La Crosse, two traditionally Democrat(ic) strongholds.)

Cue Citizen Nichols to mobilize the English language and send it to the picket line with “What’s the matter with Wisconsin”:

When the Wisconsin uprising arose in 2011, as hundreds of thousands of citizens raised an outcry against Gov. Scott Walker’s assault on labor rights and the underpinnings of civil society, one of the nation’s ablest social commentators came to the state to observe what he recognized as an essential struggle.

Walker “assaulted the underpinnings of civil society?” Not Segway Jeremy, Thistle, and Hippie Bongstocking? Not the disruption of the Special Olympics award ceremony? Not the flight to Rockford, Illinois of the Democrat(ic) state senate? Not the mob shutdown of the M&I Bank on the Square? Not the threat to gut and field dress the governor’s wife like a deer?

As for that ablest of social commentators, he would be one Thomas Frank, most noted for his 2004 book, What’s the Matter with Kansas?, which posited that citizens who voted Republican were voting against their own economic interests. To a Marxist, everything is economics (not that he got that right either, as this review notes).

Nichols writes that:

… the political dynamics playing out in the Badger State are not so different from those that transformed his native Kansas from a populist hotbed into a reliably Republican state where working-class men and women regularly vote against their own economic interests and enrich people like the Koch brothers.

Thank you for that lab specimen of typical liberal-progressive-socialist arrogance. Those deplorable ingrates! Don’t they know what’s in their own best interests?

If socialism can work in Venezuela …

What Nichols/Frank still don’t understand is that conservatives, libertarians, and tea partiers don’t begrudge the Koch Brothers for the good-paying jobs they created. Nor do Joe and Jane Lunchbucket lust after someone else’s Stoli when a police officer defends himself against attack. Their values transcend the almighty dollar. They value things called self-regard, personal achievement, independence. They didn’t wait for government to enlist the Cajun Navy, for the most recent example of the Great Unwashed in action.

Nation and Antifa

Big on Bernie (and raised fists). Author of the Antifa primer has a motto: “by any means necessary!”

As for the “anti-labor extremism of its governor,” now thrice elected by the voters of Wisconsin — a majority of the 50 states now have right to work laws on the books.

No, if you want extremism, if you want to assault the underpinnings of civil society, try reading The Nation magazine, where John Nichols is national affairs correspondent.

The Nation is hawking a book of political pornography that advocates for Antifa’s black-masked street thuggery. The magazine regularly gives cover to Antifa; most recently, “Why Berkeley’s Battle Against White Supremacy Is Not About Free Speech.” (No speech is free when Progressives disapprove of that speech.)

Like the Left in general, The Nation promotes identity politics and white shaming. “On White Identity Politics and American Terrorism,” another broadside claims “We cannot move forward until white citizens claim their history.” That history, of course, being of the nefarious kind. (Note the linkage between “white identity” and “terrorism.”)

Nichols-Frank, the Nation, and BobFest still believe in income redistribution. That’s why they are all agog over Bernie Sanders. Single-payer, a euphemism for socialized medicine (as is “Medicare for all”) is now the official party line.

National Review boils it down to this: “Bernie Sanders wants all Americans to enjoy the speedy, compassionate care that our men and women in uniform enjoyed from the Phoenix offices of the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

There’s no way for Democrats to tout their current bold promises about affordable health care without acknowledging their failure to keep their last round of bold promises about affordable health care.

Here in Wisconsin, the party defenestrates its leader for voting for jobs in his Assembly district? The cost? Foregoing the tax revenue that Wisconsin wouldn’t get in the first place if Foxconn doesn’t build here.

One might ask, what’s the matter with the Left? How about (for starters) socialism, identity politics, and arrogance?

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9 Responses to What’s the matter with the Left? (Hint: socialism, identity politics, and arrogance)

  1. madisonexpat says:

    Chairman Nichols looks at the political landscape and channels Theoden at Helm’s Deep looking at an army of 10,000 orcs,
    “How did it come to this?”


  2. old baldy says:

    “To a Marxist, everything is economics”
    It isn’t only limited to what you call Marxists, but to all political stripes when in need of a boost at the polls. To wit: Foxconn, trump’s MAGA whole pitch to blue collar workers, and now the internal spat with the R’s over the state budget. The examples are limitless…..


  3. Patrick M O'Loughlin says:

    Considering the left’s obsession with the great wealth of people like the Koch brothers or Donald Trump, or for that matter, anybody who has more money than they do, you would think they would be consumed with how that wealth was achieved. But you’d be wrong. They have no interest in how the wealth was accumulated. Their only interest is in how to confiscate and redistribute it. They will say things like, “in a country this rich, we should be able to have health care for all,” never giving a thought to how that wealth came to be in the first place, or in whose bank account it is currently residing.


  4. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Isn’t it time we made the date of Walker’s recall election victory an official state holiday? The one day out of the year when the state’s Democrats–in particular Madison liberals–could pause to reflect on their self-indulgent (and self-destructive) arrogance and the general error of their ways.

    The condescending title of Frank’s book is more telling than he realizes about the liberal mindset. Conservatives think liberals are ordinary people who have made the wrong choices; liberals think conservatives have something “the matter” with them–some fundamental flaw in their DNA–that prevents them from seeing the revealed truth of liberalism (you know, the one with science on its side).


  5. Balboa says:

    Will Walker be the first 5 time elected governor? not if Cross Plains Woman has her way.


    • Gary L. Krieweald says:

      Cross Plains Woman: Wisconsin’s contribution to the pantheon of superheroes/heroines. Except this one gets handed her head by Scott Walker–Wisconsin’s other contribution to the pantheon.


  6. Ron Burgandy says:

    You stay Classy Madison


  7. coolkevs says:

    Gotta love that Foxconn deal being signed – did I hear someone talking about a GOP-budget spat?
    I wonder if Cross Plains woman will tout that Foxconn will not be coming to her fair hamlet?


    • Gary L. Kriewald says:

      She’s too busy tearing down all the Confederate monuments in Cross Plains–a sure way to prove her allegiance to Democrat principles.


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