Hey white boy, admit your guilt if you want to pass this course

Girls just want to have fun but conservatives just want to
disrupt public universities and create tension on campus.

If you wonder why conservative speakers get shouted down at university campuses — putatively places where inquiry should be free and open to all ideas — consider that students are force-fed a steady diet of Leftist agit-prop.

LaughingLenin SMALL

Free speech? Yeah, right!

Our public universities (and most of the privates) teach identity politics. They grade you on your awareness of victimization. They test your Marxist/Leninist acumen. And when you’re done with all that you still can’t write a proper English sentence — much less defend your tiresome cant and piffle — because you’ve never been confronted with a contrary notion.

The good folks at the MacIver Institute are doing the journalism that the mainstream institutions fear. Criticizing — indeed, merely questioning the university is more declassé than swilling beer with the Deplorables at the monster truck show. Insisting that all voices be heard is doing the work of the Koch Brothers. (Today’s assignment: walk up the hill to Bascom Hall wearing a “Make America Great Again” cap.)

MacIver presents actual syllabi from The Top Five Wasteful UW Classes.

Considering the UW System’s never-ending cycle of demands for more state funding, one would hope that they are responsibly spending your tax dollars before they ask for more.


Uttering the phrase “Make America Great Again” is a transgression akin to police brutality and “not believing the experiences of POC (people of color).”

The favorite among the white lab coats here at the Policy Werkes is Exploring White Privilege. It’s taught at UW-Platteville to the factory farm operators of tomorrow. This tendentious consciousness-raiser is a doppelganger for UW-Madison’s The Problem with Whiteness. “It operates under the assumption that all white people are racist, but most just haven’t realized it yet.”

Required and recommended readings include “White Man’s Guilt,” “Overt vs. Covert White Supremacy Pyramid,” “Hey White Guys,” and “Conservative Money Front is Behind Princeton’s ‘White Privilege’ Guy.”

MacIver’s favorite is Class, State, and Ideology, ”An Introduction to Social Science in the Marxist Tradition,” taught at UW-Madison “by the infamous Dr. Erik Olin Wright.” He being the major domo at the sociology department’s Havens Center.

The syllabus “details how capitalism is evil …

Students are taught that the point of Marxism is to “transform the world in ways that increase the possibility of human emancipation.” Is that why people desperately flee socialist and communist countries to the safe haven of their capitalist counterparts? Topics to be covered include the “analysis of gender relations and male domination,” “socialism and emancipation,” and Marxist class analysis.

Conservatives are trying to provoke? GOOD!

Rather than demand a fair hearing for all sides of a subject, apologists for the anti-capitalist monoculture on our campuses conjure conspiracies involving, usually, various Koch Brothers.

Consider this from Sunday’s New York Times. Describing a heckler’s veto shutting down an invited speaker on a typical campus, the Times alerts its bien pensant readers to the Great Conservative Conspiracy:

The event appeared to follow a familiar script, in which a large contingent of liberals muzzles a provocative speaker invited by a small conservative student club. But the propelling force behind the event — and a number of recent heat-seeking speeches on college campuses — was a national conservative group that is well funded, highly organized and on a mission …. — “The Conservative force behind speeches roiling college campuses.”

Beware of national conservative groups that are well funded, highly organized AND ON A MISSION!

“Protesters,” the NY Times notes high up in the story, “have questioned whether such events are cynically intended to provoke reactions.”

“It’s part of a larger systematic and extremely well-funded effort to disrupt public universities and create tension among student groups on campus,” said Alexandra Prince, a doctoral student at Buffalo who circulated a petition to block [a speaker].

If so, the flies are jumping right onto the fly paper. Encouraged by the likes of UW-Madison emeritus professor Daniel W. Bromley, who gives a passing grade to the hecklers and faults, instead:

“A certain group of speakers, often sponsored by strategic political agents, who seek to harness the abundant tolerance of a college setting in the service of provocation and the escalation of yet more divisive thought and action. Many such speakers appear on campus under the banner of free speech, when in fact what is on offer is a campaign rally by another name.” — Bromley in the Wisconsin State Journal.

And yet, one would think campaign rallies might be the very sort of speech the Founders wanted to protect. Remember Barack Obama’s rallies on the UW-Madison campus? Should Obama have been disrupted because his appearance was sponsored by “strategic political agents”?

(BTW: About wearing that Make America Great cap on the UW-Madison campus. It’s just a joke! We don’t want anyone to get hurt.)

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4 Responses to Hey white boy, admit your guilt if you want to pass this course

  1. Dan B. says:

    How about this: If you want to engage in debate on a UW campus, you should be admitted first. If you wanna be a Badger, etc.


  2. Balboa says:


    Don’t worry all they have to is give Barrack Hussein Obama an honorary degree and then he can speak of course. This would get around those pesky rules proposed by Dan B.


  3. Tom Paine says:

    How are “Indian” casinos “not racist” since only those of a special blood quantum, regardless of reservation residence, receive casino profits? Should society only allow beer and pizza licenses to those of Italian heritage?
    How does Eurocentric “math” differ from 3rd-world math? How do African-American jet planes differ from those of the white boys? What type of math and checkbook accounting takes place at African-American banks? Do Chinese banks use Chinese math for better accounting?
    Are Muslim bombs chemically different from those made by Kim Il Givya Sum?
    Is it hiring discrimination to employ HS graduates who, while POC, still count on their hands and toes to make change for retail purchases?


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