Navy Seal widow Carryn Owens is a victim — OF DONALD TRUMP!

Some might think ISIS is the enemy. Or radical Islam. But our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances have bigger fish to fry: Donald J. Trump.

carryn-owensMost of America — public opinion polls show this — were favorably impressed by President Trump’s address to Congress Tuesday. The speech was highlighted by the President’s homage to Carryn Owens, the widow of the Navy Seal who looked heavenward as the Congress (with some notable exceptions) rose to applaud.

Van Jones, once President Obama’s house radical, famously told CNN viewers that Trump became presidential Tuesday night.

But the Never Enders afflicted with PTDS (President Trump Derangement Syndrome) will have none of it. Carryn Owens was used — USED! — by that master manipulator, Trump. Herewith is a social network colloquy begun by influential Madison liberal Nino Amato. We reprint it here to illustrate how our acquaintances on the Left are determined to elect still more Republicans.

Nino AmatoThis is classic Donald Trump and his White House Staff – when he shamelessly exploited the widow of the Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owen, who was killed in combat, during Trump’s botched Yemen raid – while giving his political propaganda speech before Congress on Tuesday evening (2-28-17).

It was quite a “Machiavellian” and politically manipulative distraction from questions, as to whether Trump’s own reckless decision, caused needless death, injury and destruction in the Yemen raid.

David Blaska — Please ask Carryn Owens if she feels she was “shamelessly exploited.”

Susan Julian — Whether or not she felt it — I doubt she felt anything but overwhelming grief in that moment — she was shamelessly exploited. Ask anybody who has been violated, and they will tell you it takes a while for the shock to wear off before they feel angry or indignant.

David Blaska — Honored by the President of the United States and the Congress (at least, most of them), the widow of a soldier who enlisted of his own free will for hazardous duty is … VIOLATED? Oh my poor, dear snowflake. Her sacrifice was honored. Honored! Unless you really think the fight against ISIS is immoral. Is that the lesson you want to give? Unbelievable.

Susan Julian — David, you need to get your head out of your wherever. There’s no logical connection between the exploitation of Ms. Owens and calling the fight against ISIS immoral. No one here said anything of the kind, but you’ve already asked the question, answered it yourself, and then judged it “unbelievable.” Deal with the issue at hand instead of making up reasons for your misplaced outrage.

David Blaska — You and your friends say Carryn Owens allowed herself to be used. Will you please tell us when Mrs. Owens comes to her senses and appears on Rachel Maddow to recant? For funsies (and extra credit) can you predict when that will be? One month, two months, three … ? I can wait.

Susan Julian — When my father died, I went into a low-level emotional shock that lasted for quite a while. And in the days following his death, I did and said a few things that I could only describe later as “not thinking straight.” I do not claim to know Carryn Owens’ thoughts that day. And in no way do I blame her or infer that she “allowed herself” to be used. Once again – your “made up” assumptions. She was taken advantage of. No matter how you spin it, that much is true.

David Blaska — When MY father died, Gov. Tommy Thompson called me and brother Mike-boy personally and sent a cabinet official to represent him at dad’s funeral. Did we feel “used?” Or “taken advantage of?” No, we felt honored. President Trump and the Congress (except for Pelosi and Ellison) honored the sacrifice Ryan and Carryn Owens made for their country in our shared fight against Radical Islamic terrorism.

Mary Mullen — Regardless of whether Carryn Owens felt exploited, I felt she WAS exploited – (1) in order for Mr. Trump to feel expiated for his part in the decision to OK the Yemen raid, (2) in order to recruit young people into the military so that they too can get a martyr’s acclaim – akin, I think, to that of suicide bombers, and 3) in general to aggrandize the military and soften us up for highly increased spending on the military at the expense of domestic programs. I also felt he was using the young lady who was disabled but saved from death as a child by her father’s work to get helpful drugs for her. Behind that choice was Mr. Trump’s plan for deregulation of drugs and every other area where rules have been developed to either to protect the consumer or the environment. And his third choice – those women whose relatives had been victimized by an undocumented immigrant – is the same. I’m willing to bet that more crime is perpetrated relatively by the native-born than by the undocumented, but he is using these people simply to vilify immigrants and make us want to spend millions on a wall. The audience clapped in sympathy for all these people, but the larger significance is the purpose of those choices. Really, who is dumb enough to be taken in by this?

Steve Burns — The biggest applause of the night was Trump pointing to the widow of a soldier he got killed in a botched raid. Given what an applause-addict Trump is, I suppose he’ll take that as a cue to get MORE soldiers killed.

“Recruit young people to the military so they can become suicide bombers!”

“Take that as a cue to get more soldiers killed!”

And the Left wonders how it lost Middle America!


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14 Responses to Navy Seal widow Carryn Owens is a victim — OF DONALD TRUMP!

  1. madisonexpat says:

    ‘I’m even a bigger victim than everyone else and we are all victims of Trump.’
    Bet she has a pink pussy hat.


  2. TdawgMeister says:

    I do not get it. If he is a master manipulator with his fingers in secret dealings and helped rig the election. How can he also be the least intelligent person also at the same time? So on the one hand he is a complete evil mastermind with all the skill and cunningness of Hitler, Stalin and all the worst despots combined but at the same time be bumbling, unintelligent idiot at the same time.

    Something is not right with either argument so I am going to claim Shenanigans!!!! Farva.


  3. coolkevs says:

    So, I guess we can no longer bring guests to point out to Presidential speeches or for that matter Governor speeches. I’m pretty sure Obama had quite a few of these guests. But his Presidency has already been memory-holed, one month in. Agree with Tdawg, how can somebody be an evil mastermind Hitler after being in office for a month?? Even Hitler needed 5 or so years before WWII started.


  4. Eddie C. says:

    It is sad to know that “Tiny Hands” Trump got the Navy Seals killed and Ms. Owens a widow by sending Mr Owens to a senseless war for oil, not fighting terrorism like the President claims. Now, Trump is spending more on the military, instead of allocating money to education, jobs, the environment and healthcare. He is doing the same as his predecessors, like Obama, Bush and Clinton.


  5. Batman says:

    To Steve Burns,
    “Botched raid” you say-
    What a truly ignorant and asinine comment you make. You are profoundly clueless about the nature of war, the Yemen raid, and our struggle in the Middle East against terrorists who have but one life goal, and that is to destroy the USA and Israel by any means necessary.
    And BTW; the applause was not because Trump POINTED to Carryn Owens as you state but rather FOR Carryn Owens as a nearly unanimous expression of support for her and her terribly painful situation.

    The Yemen raid was planned and greenlighted by Obama and Company but required a moonless night. The next moonless night occurred after Obama left office. Would you have written such a prejudiced comment if Owens had died while Obama was still in office?

    Please take the time to educate yourself before spouting your nonsense. Read the article by David French (2/09/2017) on the Yemen raid. French is an attorney, a staff writer at National Review, and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I hope the link provided works, but if not you should still be able to locate the article.


  6. Batman says:

    My comment directed to Steve Burns is also directed to Nino Amato. I apologize for the oversight.
    Again; the Yemen raid originated with Obama & Co.
    Trump & Co. simply carried out that raid on the next moonless night.
    Nino; read the article from the link I provide. Perhaps you will be less prejudiced after doing so.


  7. Batman says:

    For Carryn Owens-
    I recognize that my greatest service to you during your intense grieving is to offer Love and prayer.

    I know that to characterize you as a victim of some dark act of manipulation will be of no positive service to you. To learn of accusations that you were used by President Trump to appease his guilty conscience or for political cover must severely sting and give you pause. A pause that can only entertain the darkest of considerations…

    Only you will know if what occurred in the House Chamber will help you heal or not. It was a transcendent moment for all but the most jaded to experience. Try to focus on that and block the intrusion of negative energy from entering your heart and mind. End of letter.

    The negative commentary regarding Trump’s motive will find its way into Mrs. Owens consciousness causing pain and festering doubt.


  8. AnonyBob says:

    The “Presidential Trump” sure didn’t last long. The “Unpresidential Crazy-A** Tweeter-in-Chief” is back. Guess which one is the REAL Trump, all you flag-waving denialists?


  9. Dan B. says:

    The funniest part of this is where you ID Nino Amato as influential. Perhaps he influences you to respond to his rant, but I doubt he influences much else. I think he ran for mayor once like a million years ago. Aside from that, please show how he is influential.


  10. David Blaska says:

    Dan B.:

    Did your Grandmother in Northern Wisconsin chair the Mayor’s Task Force on Race Relations? Teach criminal justice at UW-Platteville? Serve as president and executive director of the Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups? Serve as a member of the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents? Chair the Wisconsin Technical College System Board? Get elected an alderman on the Madison Common Council? Run for Mayor of Madison? Serve as president of Forward Wisconsin? Direct UW technology transfer and business outreach? Write a book called “Today’s Hidden Racism: A Polite Apartheid”?

    Have we confused Nino Amato with your grandmother from northern Wisconsin?


  11. Batman says:

    To Mary Mullen,
    You write that because more crime is committed by native-born than by the undocumented we should therefore not build a wall (or some effective barrier) and Trump’s ulterior motive is to vilify illegals. You finish with a condescending statement that anyone unable to discern Trump’s nefarious motives is dumb.

    Enforcing immigration law that is already on the books does not indicate vilification (or racism) but instead sends the message that the USA is no longer a country where virtually anyone crafty enough can plug into our generous social services and break the law with impunity.

    The cost of the wall, or whatever form the barrier takes, will be recovered in excess by reducing the influx of illegals and drugs. The wall is just one tool among many to help gain control over our southern border so we can effectively monitor who and what is entering this great land.
    Illegals commit murder, rape, kidnapping, hostage taking, car-jacking, drug trafficking, money laundering, exporting arms/munitions, and more in significant numbers.

    People argue the statistics but if you are a victim (likeKateSteinle) I doubt you would care about numbers but instead be furious to learn how often illegals are repeatedly captured and exported only to re-enter and harm American citizens.

    What exactly is your core objection to an effective southern barrier?


  12. Batman says:

    Mary Mullen above writes: I’m willing to bet that more crime is perpetrated relatively by the native-born than by the undocumented, but he is using these people simply to vilify immigrants and make us want to spend millions on a wall. The audience clapped in sympathy for all these people, but the larger significance is the purpose of those choices. Really, who is dumb enough to be taken in by this?

    Well Mary, obviously not you because none of your loved ones has been murdered, maimed, raped, kidnapped, or carjacked by one of these little darlings who has traveled back and forth across our sieve of a border after being detained and deported multiple times. All because Obama saw virtue in open borders. Just look at Europe and see how well that philosophy is working out.

    Here is another stark example (URL below), among many, of how a weak border affects American citizens. This dude was deported fifteen times and managed to return fifteen times. In Mary’s world; the desire to regain control over our southern border is nothing more than vilification of immigrants. I sincerely hope you do not have to experience what this family did, to begin to grasp how practical it is to secure our southern border. There are countless stories just like this one.
    Do you lock your doors at night Mary?


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