They enforce the law in Dodge County

Remember that mini-riot at the gas station across from East Towne Mall at 3 o’clock Sunday morning this past week? Four people wounded, 20 shell casings found from at least three weapons, 50 people outside and another 20 inside the small convenience store. (We recounted it here.)

We’ve got an update — a prequel, really.

The situation room at the Policy Werkes had ears up when it was reported that the shootout at the BP Corral was a continuation of trouble that began in Dodge County. Dodge County?? Beaver Dam, to be precise.

Let’s just say the police do things a little different in Republican counties. According to The Fond du Lac Reporter, 11 squads from the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office, three police dogs, and something called “the Sheriff’s Criminal Interdiction Team” spent six hours Saturday evening patrolling a burger joint there “that was the scene of multiple fights.” And that’s not counting the Beaver Dam Police who responded.

Dodge County Sheriff Dale Schmidt stated:

Due to past incidents at this establishment that have led to previous disturbances and criminal activity and the fact that those incidents have spilled outside the City of Beaver Dam and into the county, the sheriff’s office criminal interdiction team was deployed in a proactive effort to maintain order and uphold the law in that area.

Try THAT in Madison!

Interdiction = prevention

The cops’ take:

•23 traffic stops
•21 warnings
•12 citations (for speeding, disorderly conduct, drug and drug paraphernalia possession, operating after suspension and operating after revocation, among others)
•2 misdemeanor drug arrests
•2 felony drug arrests
•2 misdemeanor drug busts
•1 warrant arrest

The Beaver Dam Police Department also arrested two individuals for resisting/obstructing an officer and conducted other arrests for possession of a firearm by a felon, carrying a concealed weapon and bail jumping.

Sheriff Schmidt  vowed to “continue our proactive efforts.”

“It is the position of both the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office and the Beaver Dam Police Department that we will proactively enforce the law through criminal interdiction as we did Saturday evening.”

Who knows how many lives they saved. The sheriff’s office said it cannot confirm a connection to the shootings that took place in the City of Madison, “however we are working with law enforcement from Madison in any way that would assist them in their investigation.”

Meanwhile in Madison, nobody knows nuttin’. After the shoot-out on East Washington Avenue, Michael Johnson of the Girls and Boys Club does a news conference lambasting — who else? Madison Police!

• How dare the police and the news media draw connections to gang violence!

• Police did not do enough to assist families of victims.

• The City of Madison hasn’t spent enough money. Hasn’t built enough neighborhood centers. Hasn’t implemented enough programs.

• We’ve got to give these people jobs.

But no exhortation from Mr. Johnson of, People! Tell what you know! Say what you saw! Help the police! Bodies are hitting the floor! Nope. Omerta.

We’ll be talking about this on Derrell Connor’s show 6:30 p.m. next Wednesday (03-01-17).


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3 Responses to They enforce the law in Dodge County

  1. Carmine says:

    Maybe Mr. Johnson can give them a job at the boys and girls club.


  2. Dave, not B says:

    Gee, weren’t they going to have some new downtown market that was going to solve all Madistan’s problems? And here in Dodge, we like our deputies when they go after bad guys. To quote the great Tuco from the greatest spaghetti western ever, “When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk!”


  3. madisonexpat says:

    Dear Gangbangers:
    Break the law in Beaver Dam, get busted. Do time.
    Break the law in Madison, get job offers and programs.
    Attack a cop here and your family could get millions.

    Because…… Madison!

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