They’re not bad people, they just shoot each other; give them jobs

This is what liberal entitlement looks like, my friends.

A large group of men in the 20s shoot each other up in the wee hours of Sunday morning morning at a gas station near East Towne Mall. Four men are hit. Police find more than 20 shell casings from at least three different weapons.

The dispute began in Dodge County, we are told, but found its way to Madison. Madison Police suspect the shootings are gang related. The gas station, the State Journal reports, was “overwhelmed” with up to 70 people at once. Three of the shooting victims are Madison residents. Not known if they were also the shooters. The Werkes never presumes race or motive.

But the usual special pleaders are out in force today. It’s the cops’ fault. The shooters? They’re victims! We S*** you not. (Our official motto here at the Werkes.)

“Community members” held a press conference at UW Hospital. (Always a bad sign.) Their message is familiar:

• How dare the police and the news media draw connections to gang violence!

• Police did not do enough to assist families of victims.

• The City of Madison hasn’t spent enough money. Hasn’t built enough neighborhood centers. Hasn’t implemented enough programs.

• We’ve got to give these people jobs.

“You wanna take guns off the streets? Give these young men jobs,” said Michael Johnson of the Boys and Girls Club of Dane County. (WKOW-TV 27 reports.)

Never mind the plethora of Help Wanted/Now Hiring! signs on nearly every retail store and restaurant in town.

Any more ‘loving’ and we’re all screwed

Perhaps the application process is too taxing. Maybe too demeaning. You got to actually apply? Man, I want to be given a job! Like toys under the Christmas tree. Because I sure do want to work.

When will Madison implement its 15-Point* Violence Prevention Plan. The City plowed $400,000 (a familiar number) into this attempt at social engineering but no one seems to know how to actually make it work, high-placed sources tell this blog. Alds. Matt Phair and Maurice Cheeks were sponsors. (* As a rule of thumb, the more “points” in a policy, the more squishy the product. What it amounts to is a lot of “peer” mentoring and counseling. More here.)

As any Madison community leader of whatever race called on the gas station rioters to cooperate with police? (Nobody knows nothin’ and aren’t talking if they did.) Where is the press conference urging that folks obey the law? Respect human life? Quit shooting each other? Take responsibility rather than blaming The Man? Escaped our notice.

One more thing for all you haters out there. These aren’t bad people.

“These are fathers, they take care of their children, and they’re providers for their whole family, they’re loving people,” said Shirley Norman-Johnson, the sister of a shooting victim.

They’re loving people … who shoot each other.


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9 Responses to They’re not bad people, they just shoot each other; give them jobs

  1. Scott F says:

    We slip further and further down the rabbit hole. This will not end well…..


  2. “They need jobs” is the first thing I heard.
    Trades in need of a able body, reliable men / women;
    CNC Machining
    Concrete Industry
    Linemen / and Line women
    Many,many entry level jobs EVERYWHERE!
    There ARE good paying jobs available. Eliminate 95% of human subsides. No phone , No EBT. Recipients shall submit A WRITTEN PLAN with a photo, signature / date while they are receiving benefits
    to secure employment within 30 days.


  3. Batman Lives says:


    From Taleeb Starkes. Mr. Starkes is a Black American filmmaker, activist, social worker, mentor, and author.

    “What are the five biggest issues facing blacks in America?

    Problem #5. The Victim Mentality

    Nothing holds someone back more than seeing himself as a victim. Why? Because a victim is not responsible for his situation. Everything is someone else’s fault. And the victim sees little chance of improving his life. How can he get ahead if someone is holding him back? All this makes the victim unhappy, frustrated and angry. … I call it victimology. … the NAACP and other black grievance groups fundraise on it.

    Problem #4. Lack of Diversity

    Blacks repeatedly demand an “honest dialogue or debate about race.” But how can there ever be an honest dialogue about race between blacks and whites when there is virtually no honest dialogue between blacks and blacks? It’s hypocritical. And if a black doesn’t think, “whites are ultimately responsible for black people’s problems,” they’re labeled a “sell-out,” “Uncle Tom,” or “race-traitor.” …

    Problem #3. Urban Terrorism

    … in majority black cities, violent black on black crime is rampant. A Department of Justice study from 1980-2008 revealed that blacks accounted for almost half of the nation’s homicide victims (47.4%) and more than half of the offenders (52.4%) all while only being 13% of America’s population. …

    Problem #2. Proliferation of Baby Mamas

    The disintegration of the nuclear family has led to an astronomical increase of single-mother households. … the out of wedlock birth rate is nearly 75%.

    To be clear, Baby Daddies share this responsibility with Baby Mamas. Yet, while Baby Daddies are blamed and rarely shown compassion, Baby Mamas are rarely blamed and receive both compassion and support. …

    Problem #1. Unquestioning Allegiance to so-called Progressive Policies

    … Progressivism is the common thread that binds predominately black cities where single-parent homes, failing schools, rampant poverty and crime predominate [in] cities like Detroit, Philadelphia and Baltimore. They’ve been run by progressive Democrats for decades. If their liberal policies were at all effective, these cities should have become models of economic growth and prosperity. Instead, they’re models of dysfunction. …

    Does racism exist? Sure. But there are other problems far more serious. And waiting until there are no more racists will mean waiting, and making excuses, forever


  4. Patricko says:

    As to the complaint that the police did not do enough to “reach out” to the victims and their families, I have a question. Did the victims call the police? Since the Chief described them as “less than forthcoming,” and they arrived separately at hospitals, my guess is no.


  5. madisonexpat says:

    Gang privilege?


  6. Dave, not B says:

    Dane County is going to need a much bigger jail before it needs a smaller one. Catch and release of these thugs is not working. The city is responsible for keeping the peace, and is doing a poor job of it. The city attacks the police, not the thugs. What could go wrong with such a plan? I guess that’s what happens when liberals suffer from lack of critical thinking skills. They only can see to the first bend in the road, not the long stretch where they need to be looking.


  7. The Puritanical Hippie says:

    Hi David Blaska. I didn’t know you had your own blog. Bookmarked. See you soon.


  8. Kevin Wymore says:

    Woodman’s STILL has full-time jobs available within walking distance of 2 separate shooting incidents on Jacobs Way in SW Madison in the last month. (Instead of blaming police, let’s blame Jacob and his incorrigible ways.)

    Seriously, some act as if the answer is an employment center in the SW corner of Madison. That will make side-by-side community centers, and –count ’em — 4 different community centers in our ‘hood.

    Police aren’t the problem. Lack of jobs aren’t the problem. People need to quit making excuses, and make themselves and their families better.


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