And another thing, a ring

lost-my-ringI don’t know what to make of this except that it can’t be good. One day last week I awoke with a throbbing finger. The finger was badly swollen. The ring worn on that finger was cutting off circulation. I attempted to loosen the ring and it broke apart.

It was just a ring washer — the kind with an overlapping end designed to push back against the nut, pre-Loctite. I found it on a sidewalk in Oshkosh WI in September 1969 as I walked the night streets on my first date with the lovely girl who would become my wife. Stuck it on my finger then and had worn it ever since — 47 years for those of you keeping score at home.

Is this a signal? Some kind of message? Hoping it portends nothing.

But is it equitable?

Proving that nothing is beyond the reach of government fussbudgets, the People’s Republic is launching a full-scale investigation into music clubs. Dope, underage drinking?  Nope. What kind of music they’re playing.

As The Capital Times notes, “Madison’s local music scene may be vibrant for some, a new task force will set out to determine if it’s equitable.” Say hello to the ad hoc Task Force on Equity in Music and Entertainment. Oh, this important stuff. “Addressing equal access to hear and play music is important to make Madison a better music city.” Doing so will require addressing “stereotypes about specific music genres.”

That would be hip hop. Except that the stereotypes in this case are true. The article recites a litany of shootings and fights that have accompanied hip hop performances in a variety of venues. Besides life and limb, music club impresarios worry about a little thing called “liability.”


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3 Responses to And another thing, a ring

  1. Carmine says:

    Menards Save 11% ! 🙂


  2. Batman Lives says:

    David, It portends nothing; you two appear to be happy and the only thing it may signal is that it’s time for a new ring. Make it a bonding ceremony. carry on -james ________________________________________


  3. madisonexpat says:



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