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‘History will hold Donald Trump accountable’

— Mike Pence 03-11-23 Even if Tucker Carlson won’t. At the annual Gridiron Dinner Saturday in Washington DC, Mike Pence said this: “President Trump was wrong. I had no right to overturn the election and his reckless words endangered my … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders backer doesn’t like Kleefisch

Stop the presses! A bumbling attempt to clear the way for Evers. Blaska’s Rule #23 of political discourse suggests that if you’re going to accuse your political opponents of cynicism don’t practice the trait yourself. Rebecca Kleefisch and Mike Pence are “a … Continue reading

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Liz Cheney stood up, why can’t RNC?

How did you vote?  The Republican National Committee is a clutch of craven cowards. The RNC voted Friday 02-04-22 to formally censure Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger for “actions in their positions as members of the January 6th Select Committee … Continue reading

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One more time, then we’ll move on

If #45 agrees to do the same. If you need targets, you could do worse than pick Kamala Harris. On the anniversary of that thing some people did, Laughing Girl compared January 6 to 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. MAGA hats … Continue reading

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‘No more pigs in our community!’

A record high of 65° predicted for today — mid-December! Madison’s opinion leaders — particularly, the WI State Journal — ought to be calling for Ananda Deacon’s resignation. She sits on the Civilian Police Oversight Board. Unfortunately, Ms. Deacon is … Continue reading

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Hey nut jobs! Book your Washington D.C. hotel room for August!

Back away from the tin foil — and the bamboo While Maricopa County ferrets out the imported bamboo ballots that “defeated” Donald Trump (wink! wink!), hope builds among the RITOS (Republicans in Trump Only) that the fake presidency of Uncle … Continue reading

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