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Why do kids protect their killers?

Critical Hate Theory in action? Blaska was on the ground during Tommy Thompson’s welfare reforms 30 years ago. Threatened to slap a sign on our state-issued vehicle reading “Wisconsin Works staff car” as we worked Milwaukee’s inner city. Still remember … Continue reading

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The envelope, please

Or is it the bucket list? Time was when the head groundskeeper at the Manor would rush out to the local cineplex on the day of the awards ceremony to complete watching the list of the best-picture Oscar nominees. Back … Continue reading

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Imagine there’s a Democrat …

… who relates to Joe & Jill Sixpack and doesn’t worship A.O.C.! You may say that I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one SUDDEN INSIGHT! It occurs to this motorcyclist that the putatively pejorative “Deplorable” carries with it the … Continue reading

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A role model who could laugh at himself: Bush #41

Blaska hereby takes his name out of consideration as Donald Trump’s chief of staff. Can refer the White House to a good temp agency. The grand poobah of the Blaska Policy Werkes likes to warn friends, acquaintances, and adversaries alike: … Continue reading

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‘Obama was just too good for us’

We were not worthy; so we replaced him with a rascal Is the worm turning?  • Talks with North Korea are back on. • The job market is the best in 18 years. Wages are up. • Even some Democratic … Continue reading

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