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G.O.P. does not stand for Get Out and Purge

‘Nothing can stop what is coming.’ That’s the dire warning some of our MAGA acquaintances are posting on social media. They posted the same apocalyptic claptrap before the January 6 assault on the nation’s electoral process. No winning hearts and … Continue reading

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‘Finish the wall or the next Trump will!’

We’ll drink to that (but no Coke, pls) Twenty-five illegal Mexican immigrants crammed into a single SUV runs a stoplight; 13 are killed. Never Trumper Bret Stephens reacts in the New York Times: (Clutches heart; I’m coming, Elizabeth!). Those 13 people … Continue reading

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Leftist law profs helped Trump

 American law schools are notoriously Leftist The Never-Trump Resistance is fretting that the Jerry Nadler Show on Wednesday (12-04-19) didn’t sell any laundry detergent. That’s because the three law profs called by the Democrats were entirely partisan and unsympathetic. The … Continue reading

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