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Who was that unmasked woman?

Follow the politics What do we really know about Canada and the people who live there? Why do they sometimes speak a form of English (“about” comes out “a-boot”) then begin jabbering in something that sounds like an art house … Continue reading

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Blaska reveals shameful photograph

Cultural appropriation? Blackface once was an entertainment industry trope. Al Jolson’s Jazz Singer is the most notable example.  Not that many decades after the old minstrel shows, Fred Astaire (in Swing Time), Shirley Temple, and Judy Garland went black, too. … Continue reading

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News flash: college freshmen act like college freshmen

at least, before social justice warriors enforced purdah Years ago as an ink-stained wretch, the proprietor of the Policy Werkes vetted a news story involving a certain word that could not be committed to print in a general circulation newspaper. The … Continue reading

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