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Cheatham’s Cheatheads blame racist teachers for ‘rotten year’

Teachers called out for their participation in white supremacy culture —  in an action-oriented way Kids roaming the halls aimlessly, F-bombing their teachers when they’re not physically accosting them. Illiterate, arrogant, and headed for prison.  Dylan Brogan ripped the bandage off Jennifer Cheatham’s … Continue reading

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A Madison teacher: ‘If I wrote up students for swearing at me, that’s all I would do.’

What are we teaching our children? A 57-year-old man bicycling in Warner Park falls off his bike. Teenagers are near by. Do they offer assistance? No, they laugh at the man’s misfortune. He asks them to show some respect, they … Continue reading

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Classrooms in chaos? Kids running amok? We want you at Harvard!

Who says the Behavior Education Plan is a failure? Its author ascends to the ivory tower You, too, can join the faculty at our nation’s leading schools of education if you play identity politics. Too many kids of the wrong … Continue reading

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Whitehorse positive behavior coach is a man betrayed & hunted

Changing his appearance because of tolerant Madison’s hate Kudos to the Madison Capital Times for getting Whitehorse middle school positive behavior coach Rob Mueller-Owens on the record. “Mr. Rob”had already e-mailed Blaska for Safer Schools on Tuesday: Thank you for … Continue reading

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Stu Levitan, you’re making me cry

When the WI State Journal’s remarkable cartoonist, Phil Hands, draws the prototypical Madison liberal, it sure looks like Stu Levitan. Which is only fair because Stu IS the prototypical Madison liberal. A reliable Democrat, progressive propagandist, city government insider, and … Continue reading

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Make Madison schools (and school board meetings) safe again

Hooray for Phil Hands of the Wisconsin State Journal! Blaska does not know where he will be sitting at the April meeting of the Madison Board of Education. The Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, it will be on … Continue reading

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