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Trump is President! Democrats are losing! The system is broke!

“Is Dis a System?”  What do our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances do when they lose? They cry “No Fair!” and vow to Change The System, of course! Like the Trump Resistance everywhere, the New York Times insists the System Ain’t … Continue reading

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Y’ mean, T-t-t-trump might still win?

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my! 2018 Dem congressional sweep may have been ephemeral The 24/7 Hate Trump cable TV channel MSNBC carries a program hosted by Pajama Boy called “All In.” The Resistance media has been all-in on … Continue reading

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Or we could boycott the N.Y. Times

More than mere opinion, the NY Times espouses political action for partisan gain without having to report their in-kind political campaign contribution! If there’s one thing the mainstream news media fears more than paying news paper deliverers a living wage, … Continue reading

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