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Trump is President! Democrats are losing! The system is broke!

“Is Dis a System?”  What do our liberal, progressive, and socialist acquaintances do when they lose? They cry “No Fair!” and vow to Change The System, of course! Like the Trump Resistance everywhere, the New York Times insists the System Ain’t … Continue reading

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Andrew Yang, come on down!

Quit obsessing over impeachment and fix America, he says Of course, PBS had to ask Andrew Yang how it felt to be the only “person of color” among seven Democrats on the debate stage tonight (Thursday 12-19-19). And he ran with … Continue reading

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News flash: college freshmen act like college freshmen

at least, before social justice warriors enforced purdah Years ago as an ink-stained wretch, the proprietor of the Policy Werkes vetted a news story involving a certain word that could not be committed to print in a general circulation newspaper. The … Continue reading

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Hell yes these Democrats are boring!

Hell no once again to any American flags on the debate stage two days after 9/11 Blaska is an especially cheeky chappie this morning. Yes, he watched some of the Democrat(ic) presidential debate Live From Texas Thursday evening (09-12-19) in … Continue reading

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