Hillary weaponized the FBI against her rival

‘One of the dirtiest political tricks in American history.’

Fair usage excerpts from National Review (not exactly a Trump-loving publication) on special counsel John Durham’s final report on the FBI‘s “Operation Crossfire:”

The FBI, doing the bidding of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party, portrayed Donald Trump as a clandestine agent of Russia. … there is strong evidence that headquarters harbored political and personal disdain for Trump. Although professional investigators are obligated to check their politics at the door in carrying out their duties, it is clear that the Trump campaign became an FBI obsession.

The FBI’s then-deputy director Andrew McCabe ordered one of the bureau’s top counterintelligence officials, Peter Strzok, to open a full-blown foreign intelligence investigation targeting the Trump campaign. No assessment, no preliminary inquiry, no comparing notes with other American intelligence agencies or closely allied foreign intelligence services — the FBI took none of the steps it would ordinarily take before such a momentous action in a sensitive investigative matter that could intrude into the American political process.

'This was one of the dirtiest political tricks in American history. The damage it has done to American trust in the FBI and our intelligence agencies is incalculable.' — National Review.

A few days later, McCabe’s counsel, a distressed Lisa Page, asked Strzok, “[Trump’s] not going to become president, right? Right?”

“No. No, he’s not,” Strzok assured her. “We’ll stop it.”

Durham’s report details the way they went about trying to stop it. Predisposed to believe the worst, to the point of abandoning their duty to corroborate information before using it to seek surveillance authorization from the FISA court, the bureau wittingly allowed itself to be used by the Clinton campaign

Agents accepted the campaign’s opposition research, in the form of the “Steele dossier” — faux intelligence reports compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele, retained by a private intelligence firm (Fusion GPS) that had been hired by Clinton campaign lawyers. Rather than verify the information in Steele’s reporting, the FBI swore to it four separate times, beginning with the first surveillance application approved for presentation to the court by Comey in October 2016 — weeks before the election.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: His acolytes excuse Donald Trump’s latterly depredations against the Constitution due to the undeniable partisan witch hunt to which his presidency was subjected. This is what is meant by “the Deep State.” When will CNN fire Andrew McCabe as its legal “expert”? When will MSNBC quit giving Adam Schiff air time?

When will Congress subpoena Hillary Clinton?


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  1. Normwegian says:

    answer to the Squire’s two questions….never and never

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  2. David… It wasn’t Hillary. It was J. Edgar.


  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Thanks for posting, Blaska; despicable Lefty media are soft-pedaling this something fierce, if mentioning it at all.

    It gets better.

    Disgraced Ex-FBI Agent Peter Strzok Reacts To Durham Report With VICTORY LAP

    Heh! Wait’ll he & the rest of ’em get a whiff of doing some real time and watch ’em start singing like canaries.

    Those squeaking sounds you hear would the sphincters of Brennan, Hillarity, Hopeless Changey, et al, audibly tightening as they fearfully ponder what else they neglected to bury deep enough.

    And the Vox Populi PREPARES for what’s to come.

    The Gotch

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  5. One Eye says:

    This can’t be as Barack Obama himself stated his administration had no scandals.

    Let’s move on and move forward together.

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Just off’n the top of The Gotch’s head:

      *The ACA website rollout?
      *The Secret Service?
      *The multiple defense department sexual harassment scandals?
      *The IRS?
      *The Iran deal?
      *Fast and Furious?
      *The response to the Russian election interference?
      *The botched response to Trayvon Martin?

      Other than those…

      The Gotch

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  6. Bob says:

    When Americans quit questioning their government, all politicians, the news media, and many others we will deserve the tyranny that we will have created. In my time it started with the government lies about Vietnam and was uncovered by the news media. How times have changed.

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  7. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    This just keeps on getting better and better…unless you’re a Lefty.

    To wit: Obama-Biden White House BRIEFED ON CLINTON’S BOGUS PLAN To Link Trump To Putin

    Drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip, drip….DRIP…..

    The Gotch


  8. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    Durham could have discovered letters on official stationery signed by the directors of the FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security saying, “Let’s conduct a witch hunt against Donald Trump” and the media would lead with a story about the latest “hate crime” against some transgendered freak or how hardly anyone is crossing the southern border nowadays. Without their eager collusion, the whole fiasco would never have lasted for most of Trump’s presidency.

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  9. Mark Lemberger says:

    We hear a lot about artificial intelligence but we live in an age of artificial ignorance. All swamp dwellers are working hard to believe impossible and ridiculous charges against Trump and his supporters while getting
    pullitzer prizes for humping Russiagate for three years. Now they labor mightily to bury the Durham report and deny the obvious corruption of Biden Inc.
    Artificial Ignorance.


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