Abortion purity is a loser

Politics is the art of the possible.

Hope you are having a Good Friday. Forgive us our sins if we keep harping on Tuesday’s Republican washout but we’re not tired of winning and would like to do so some time again. If we want to quit losing we’ve got to learn lessons, not wallow in Stolen Election conspiracies.

The faceless bureaucrats at Blaska Policy Werkes believe life begins … at the beginning. But facts is facts. Wisconsin’s ban on the procedure — that 1849 law — buried Daniel Kelly. The conservative state supreme court candidate could speak in code but victor Janet Protasiewicz played her cards face up. 

Dan Kelly was always swimming upstream. A commanding two-thirds of Wisconsin voters supported Roe v Wade, overturned last year by the U.S. Supreme Court in its Dobbs v Jackson Health decision. That’s according to the gold-standard Marquette Law School poll taken in mid-March. A tiny 6% support a total ban.   

A spawning salmon would be daunted by those numbers.

The court election was a statewide referendum and abortion won.

For it is written

In mid-March, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos tried to triangulate that issue with legislation to allow the procedure only for rape or incest and then only up to the twelfth week of pregnancy. Not enough, as it transpired. Likely for the same reason, Democrat Jodi Sinykin Habush nearly turned Alberta Darling’s old north shore senate seat blue.

“If Republicans can’t win in Mequon [and Thiensville, Cedarburg, etc.], their legislative majorities will soon be imperiled, and you can move Wisconsin out of the swing-state column for the Presidency in 2024.” So warns the Wall Street Journal.

Republicans “had ample warning from results last year in Michigan and Kentucky, where abortion drove Democratic turnout,” the WSJ argues.

State Republicans need to issue a get-out-of-jail-free card to allow abortion for the first … pick a number … of weeks. 

Other factors were at play

Tr•mp worshipers are killing us! Found this hideous and sacrilegious image on Maundy Thursday. Then again, Jesus did forgive sinners.

Never thought Daniel Kelly was such a bad candidate. Gives a great stump speech. Humble and thoughtful. But he did lose by double digits in his first court race. 

Wisconsin’s open primary may have been a factor. We’ll never know how many Democrats crossed over to sink Judge Jennifer Dorow in the primary by voting Kelly. Was Dorow more electable? Democrat(ic) front groups blasted Dorow, who won plaudits for handling the Waukesha Christmas Parade trial. Kelly questioned Dorow’s conservative purity.

There’s also the stain on the party. Milwaukee radio’s Dan O’Donnell “goes there.” Democrats, he notes, played the Tr•mp card by linking Kelly to Election Denial. 

Any tie to [Trump] is immediately used against candidates like Kelly — who helped him bring his 2020 lawsuit in Wisconsin — as a way of turning off independent voters.  … Trump was a consequential president whose legacy is sacrosanct, but … the longer he is the face of the GOP and the conservative movement, the longer the party will suffer losses in ostensibly swing states like Wisconsin. …

It is almost certainly not a coincidence that Republicans started consistently losing statewide races after Trump won Wisconsin in 2016.  

— “Why conservatives keep losing …”

Donald Tr•mp brays that Kelly lost because he did not lick his boots. But Tim Michels did get your endorsement and he still lost! Thoroughly delusional! Republicans in the WOW counties surrounding Milwaukee, lest we forget, chose Ted Cruz — the last candidate standing in the way of Donald Tr•mp in the 2016 primary.

Blaska’s Bottom Line: We conservatives have long said the contentious issue should be decided at the ballot box, not by judicial fiat as in Roe v Wade. We had in mind legislative races but Protasiewicz left no doubt where she stood and was elected by the will of the people — a solid majority of them, anyway. 

Will an abortion compromise
save more babies than an over-ruled total ban?


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16 Responses to Abortion purity is a loser

  1. One Eye says:

    “Criminal defendant Donald Tr•mp”

    Alvin Bragg brown nose alert!


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      Yes, if anybody criticizes Trump, they really wanted Hillary. If they attack him, they are “very bad people,” because no criticism of Trump is ever warranted. After all, every phone call he makes is “perfect.” Throw some shade on Trump, and you’re obviously trying to suck up to a NY District Attorney that nobody ever heard of before last week? I guess that makes sense to some people. They’re called sycophants.

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  2. One Eye says:

    Yeah because all criticism of Trump is warranted, and it’s especially warranted if it’s a political prosecution and it’s a good thing because it’s that nasty Trump and nothing like that could ever happen to me, a law abiding citizen and obedient sheeple.


    • Rollie says:

      Good point about the fact that it can happen to anyone. Literally every day innocent people are criminally charged and a terrible proportion of those innocent people end up in jail.

      Even though I’m very anti-Trump, I’m not impressed with these criminal charges. But hey, it happens to plenty of people, why not Trump? Being a politician shouldn’t provide any special benefits. He’ll just have to beat the charges like anyone else, and he probably will.

      At least he has wealth and connections – when this happens to normal people they get stuck with an overworked and underpaid public defender and they have little chance of proving their innocence against the vast power and resources of the government prosecution. And they’ll often have to sit in jail for ever waiting for their court date, already ruining their life before even going to trial – innocent until proven guilty my ear. Rich people have access to a completely different tier of our legal system.


      • One Eye says:

        Yup most of the J6 rioters fall into that camp. Don’t take that as me thinking they’re innocent but they were little kites in a hurricane for those prosecutions.

        And my original comment was pulling Blaska’s chain for his adding “criminal defendent” to Trump’s name. Bullshit persuasion tactic. I doubt he will add “wrongfully accused” when Trump walks.


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      “Yeah because all criticism of Trump is warranted”

      A sarcastic retort using the exact same logic. No, all criticism of Trump is NOT warranted, but that doesn’t mean none of it is. I don’t want Trump to run again because I don’t want to keep on LOSING, not because I want Joe Biden. Polls now show 60% of the populace do not like Donald Trump, and do not want him to be President again. But sycophants are convinced that he will right all the wrongs (like a stolen election that only 30% believe in,) and win those voters back, right?

      Yes, this prosecution is political. He committed no crime in paying those women off to keep silent. Yes, Stormy Daniels extorted him. It may seem ludicrous to charge him with a crime for being so cheap that he paid them with campaign money, but that was his STUPID choice. And by the way that IS a crime, whether you think it deserves prosecution or not. If campaign money had not been used, there is no crime. So, don’t hold your breath waiting on that exoneration.

      And the legal experts all agree that this is the weakest of all the prosecutions he is going to face.


      • One Eye says:

        As I said in my other comment this was a tit for tat with Blaska… about his TDS (not the phone company) and bullshit persuasion tactic. Funny as he supported election denier Dan Kelly.

        This morning saw Ann Coulter thinks the Trump prosecution was arranged by Dems to ensure he will be the nominee. Could be true especially since they propped up election denier Dan Kelly in Supreme court primary.


        • patrickmoloughlin says:

          In the words of the sainted Antoine Scalise, “Pure applesauce.”

          The original “derangement syndrome” was BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome, identified and coined by Harvard MD and Psychiatrist, Charles Krauthammer because the hatred for W was unreasonable. It simply doesn’t apply to Trump. He is deserving all the scorn he gets.

          And Blaska, like myself, voted for election denier, Kelly because he was better than the alternative. Who did you vote for, Protasewich?


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  4. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    OT, but April 7th is National Beer Day!

    This afternoon/evening, The Gotch will pay…um…considerable homage to the only alcoholic beverage (‘ceptin’ a li’l champagne on New Year’s Eve) that passes his lips, tonight, with one of his Dear Gunnison, CO nieces in town.

    Hope the rest of you’s celebrate as you’s see fit!

    Beer; Water’s Leap Toward Immortality


    The Gotch


    • One Eye says:

      Enjoy yourself Gotch! Uh, it’s not Bud Light right?

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      • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

        Enjoy yourself Gotch!

        Rightbackatcha! Called my 88 year-old neighbor to alert him to today’s…um…significance AND that The Gotch’d be hoisting one in his honor.

        Uh, it’s not Bud Light right?

        Good Lawdy, no; Kid Rock ain’t playing, neither…

        The Gotch


  5. Gary L. Kriewald says:

    So Wisconsin voters, mirroring the nation at large, are more concerned about a woman’s “right” to kill her child or a child’s “right” to change his/her sex than they are about getting assaulted, robbed, killed, or run down by some 14-year-old in a stolen car. The inevitable result of Republicans’ surrender to the left in the culture wars decades ago. I, for one, fail to see how that ground can be reclaimed.


  6. old baldy says:

    “Humble and thoughtful.” Hmmm, can’t be the same Dan Kelly, as he came across as an angry mysogynistic name-caller when he spoke up here. Turned off every woman in the room and most of the men. And if that wasn’t enough to convince people not to vote for him his religious fanaticism did.


  7. Michael Leger says:

    One Eye had it right on a previous blog:

    Find common ground on abortion and weed.

    Right now the WI Republican party is made up of almost dead white guys who are as au courant as a 50’s ducktail do. And their appeal doesn’t extend much farther.


  8. Bob Dohnal says:

    Do ntot lak bortion but talk babies and family with picures


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