The answer: ‘We don’t know’

The question: how will City of Madison spend $1.5 million in Zuckerbucks?

At least the Werkes got an answer to a question we asked the City of Madison a week ago. They don’t know the answer, which is an answer of some kind. We asked the Madison public school district if restorative justice was working. Still no answer these 11 months later. (What does that tell you?)

Madison alders voted unanimously 01-18-23 to accept, over the next two years, $1.5 million in what is commonly known as “Zuckerbucks.” Technically, the entity doling out the big grant is called the Center for Technology and Civic Life. In time for the next Presidential election! But the money comes, largely, from the deep pockets of Facebook maven Mark Zuckerberg. In the last Presidential election, Zuckerberg poured $350 million in 47 states to subsidize what in the previous 250 years of American experience has been exclusively a government function: conducting elections!

Especially targeted were Democrat-voting big cities. The Capital Research Center claims that “Despite its claims that the grants were strictly for COVID-19 relief, not partisan advantage, the data show otherwise. Is it only co-inky dink that 85% of Madison voters marked their 2020 presidential ballots for Democrats Joe Biden/Kamala Harris over Donald Tr•mp/Mike Pence?

None of the alders who voted to accept the money claimed to know or (for that matter) care how it would be used. So we asked the City Clerk’s office: for what would this $1.5 million be spent? This answer arrived over the transom Thursday:

Good evening,

The Clerk’s Office has no records responsive to this request. The office has not yet received any monies. We have made no commitments to spending any grant money.

The Clerk’s Office considers this request closed.

Thank you,

Jennifer S. Haar, WCMC
Records Custodian & Office Equity Co-Lead
Pronouns: she/hers

So there! The Clerk’s Office considers this request closed! Pronouns she/hers! End of story! Finito! Next window, please! Check must still be in the mail. When it hits, expect punch, layer cake, noise makers, and party hats at the clerk’s office. Zuckerberg is buying!

“Get out there and vote, Dammit!”

Blaska Policy Werkes calls on all our loyal Platinum+ Subscribers to propose how THEY would spend Mr. Zuckerberg’s $1.5 million. Make no small plans! Sound trucks? Air, water, and light shows? Free juicers for every ten-thousandth voter?

What would YOU spend it on?


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14 Responses to The answer: ‘We don’t know’

  1. Bob says:

    When Janet Protasiewicz gets elected Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice they will have all kinds of things to spend money on. The WSC will put Megan Wolf in charge of election rules. Registering everyone in Madison 18 years of age and older, sending every registered voter a ballot, ballot drop boxes on every corner and “voting in the park” every weekend.


  2. Peter Anderson says:

    You say you’re very upset about the undue influence of big money in politics.

    I agree completely.

    But, if we’re going to really address that undue influence, shouldn’t we start with the far larger and more ferociously partisan Koch Brothers Network, followed by the smaller but equally wrong influence of liberal networks.


    • David Blaska says:

      Blaska is NOT upset about big money in politics and does not think it to be undue. If Mr. Zuckerberg wants to gin up the vote in progressive big cities, that is his First Amendment right. I object to “bearding” that money into government agencies to conduct government business. For the same reason, Blaska opposes taxpayer financed political campaigns. I.E., taxpayer-supported government alone should pay for elections. Private money should pay for campaigns.


    • patrickmoloughlin says:

      By the way, Charlie Koch’s net worth is $60 billion while Zuckerberg’s net worth is $51 billion. Koch gave nothing like $350 million last cycle, and Koch is not nearly as right wing as you think.

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  3. Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

    Sigh; The Gotch wistfully recalls when Lefty claimed to abhor corporations and was convinced that money was a thoroughly corruptive influence on politics.

    What happened?

    All their handlers needed to do was deftly point in the desired direction and say Fetch; obsequiously obedient, despicable Lefty waddled off glassy-eyein’ lock-steppin’ & unquestionin’.

    And that, as we in the business say, is the REST of the story.

    Hypocrisy; thy name is Lefty!

    The Gotch


  4. One Eye says:

    There should be a law against city staff advertising their woke religion when doing city business. Including their pronouns is doing exactly that. No different than including a line that says “Jesus saves”.

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    • Cornelius_Gotchberg says:

      Those who display their PRONOUNS likely wear masks in their cars, outside on windy days, and when they’re home alone.

      Not only that, but The Gotch bets they see no problem whatsoever with Drag Queen Story Hour in Elementary Schools:

      The Gotch


    • David Blaska says:

      Worse than that; advertising their pronouns is REQUIRED!


  5. One Eye says:

    Would not be surprised if some of those Z-bucks go into elevating the “Office Equity Co-Lead” into “Chief Equity Officer”.

    One Eye, ADHM, PSBC
    Nouns: cat, book, hospital


    • Bob says:

      That’s exactly what Madison needs! The council and mayor need to get on this right away. Madison “Chief Equity Officer” starting pay $125,000 salary. Duties, making the city equitable.


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